A Bwogger at the beach.

A Bwogger at the beach.

In this new series, Bwog travels to nearby exotic locations to save our sanity and burst out of the MoHi bubble. First stop: Port Jefferson, Long Island. Pretty beaches, vegan food, and stars (visible w/out going to the top floor of Pupin). What more could you ask for?

Getting there

The LIRR, or the Long Island Railroad, is your gateway to freedom. You can find the LIRR and its associated ticket booths at Penn Station. Yeah, Penn Station is gross, but it’s soo worth it!  Round trip ticket to Port Jefferson was $28.50 (traveling at non-peak time), and it took about two hours.

Where to stay

Bwog stayed at our friend’s house. It’s important to make friends with students from Long Island. However, if you’re an antisocial recluse, a quick airbnb search showed us many available options in/near PJ, including this private room in an eco-friendly Victorian house for $88/night, and this “Romantic weekend in wine country” cottage for $379/night.

Things to do (for free!)

Go to the beach: McAllister County Park is apparently a “beach bar,” according to TripAdvisor. Whatever the f**k that means, there’s basically an arm of land that reaches out into the ocean. The sunset it beautiful. The dunes are amazing.

Go to the park: Avalon Park has a cool name and tons of dogs!

Take a bath: In your airbnb. When will you get another chance? And whoever else has used this bath tub, it is probably far more clean than any of the dorm showers.

Things to eat

Tiger Lily Café is, according to its website, the “funkiest alternative vegetarian eatery to be found!” Bwog agrees. We recommend the frozen Tahitian vanilla chai frappe for ~$5.

Robinson’s Tea Room offers, you guessed it, tea and crumpets! Actually, they might not offer crumpets. We forget. Make sure to call ahead for a reservation.

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