Big, juicy windows at Joe

Big, juicy windows at Joe

NSOP is the perfect time to get settled in your new neighborhood, which includes finding your favorite dealer. Deciding who to pick up from can be easy: Birth control? Duane Reade. Grapes? Westside Market. But for other drugs, like caffeine, the choice can be much more complex.

During your time at Columbia, you will develop some form of a coffee habit. Whether it is a regular black cup before your 8:40 or a sugary mocha during finals, you will find yourself craving caffeine that can only be supplied by small, local, overpriced shops littered around MoHi. Here’s a bit to know about each stop:

Oren’s Roast – 112th & Broadway 

This small shop is known best for its variety of teas and chill staff. A small coffee here is $2, but you’ll have to take it to-go, as there aren’t more than three awkward stools in the front of the shop.

Joe Coffee – 120th & Broadway

Consuming the second level of NoCo, this shop harbors tall glass windows that invite an abundance of natural lighting. A small coffee is $2.25 here, but Joe’s claim to fame is definitely its perfectly poured lattes. Delivered with an adorable heart on top, your foamy espresso drink will feel like a caffeinated vacation in your mouth. Seating is plentiful, but so are people. You will likely be sharing a table with a pretentious grad student. Don’t forget to ask for a punch card!

Starbucks – 114th & Broadway (open late)

This Starbucks is the perfect distance from Butler, which will offer you a refreshing break from studying. With coffee priced at $1.75, you won’t have a problem making use of that gift card you got for graduation. The seating is standard for a New York Starbucks location, which means your chances of finding a seat are dependent on the time you go (best hours are mid-afternoon and late night).

Hungarian Pastry Shop – 111th & Amsterdam (open late)

All CU students have a special place in their hearts for Hungarian. The old-fashioned shop offers bottomless coffee and delicious, buttery pastries and when the weather is nice, the patio seats give you access to great sights of The Cathedral. Don’t waste the sexy, dim lighting on a tinder date, treat your assigned reading to it instead.

Large and in charge via Bwog Staff