Hello ... is it her we're looking for?

Hello … is it you we’re looking for?

Earlier today (or, technically, yesterday), Bwog received the following tip:

Caught a close up of the feasting hawk responsible for the rain of feathers in front of butler today. A former staffer suggests that this is the same hawk dubbed “hawkmadinejad” back in the 08 09 era. Pic attached. Same bird?

The bird in question is Hawkmadinejad (or “Hawkma”, for short), a hawk that was often seen on campus in the years spanning 2008 to 2013 and became a kind of mascot for Bwog. Our expert hawk analysts compared this photo of a majestic bird of prey brooding over its unlucky victim, perhaps scanning Low Steps for sight of weak quarry, to documentation of past Hawkma sightings, and we cannot deny that the resemblance is similar—almost uncanny.

So, has Hawkma returned? Can this truly be the same bird that took campus by storm in 2007? Why has she (he?) returned now? What might have happened since the last Hawkma sighting in October, 2013? What wisdom might have Hawkma gained in lands unknown? What does he/she think of PrezBo’s most recent haircut?

We aren’t sure whether Hawkma’s return is a cause for celebration or a sign of the impending apocalypse. God save us all.

Send news of Hawkma sightings (and other, less important tips) to tips@bwog.com.

You can’t mistake that silently judging stare via Jon Hanford