Fa la la la la

Good, bad, weird, The New York– we all have our preferred times, and which ever one is yours says something about you. While usually we’d go through each one and provide an analysis based on your favorite kind of time, we’re going to cut right to it: good times = free friends, food, fun = Sundays at 9pm = being a daily editor or staff writer for Bwog. We’ve got a strong concentration of humanities majors in our group so the math may not be exact, but so far our calculations have not been wrong. If you like writing about Columbia in any way other than boring, we would love for you to join our geese flock. We need writers and editors; if either of these positions sound delicious to you, send in an application to tips@bwog.com (follow the position’s respective link to its application). We also are looking for social media and video chickens, as well as cool fancy publishers and techies. Our carriage turns back into a pumpkin at 11:59pm tonight, so make sure your app is in our inboxes before then!

Tits the season via Public Domain