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Where You Need To Be Pooping!

The 6th floor of Kent, 8th floor of Butler, and of course those Milstein single use bathrooms. Bwog is no stranger to advising you all on the best places on campus to deliver the browns to the pool, but one Bwogger has recently visited a bathroom unlike any other.

Who would’ve thought that Fayerweather would be the building to house Columbia’s latest hottest bathroom! That’s right. While often overshadowed by the hell-hole that is Schermerhorn, the equally dusty, poorly lit and hard to navigate building with an uncomfortable pronunciation has finally given this campus something to be proud of. (Perhaps too brutal of a roast, but seriously, who has ever had a good time in this building?) While running an errand/trying to avoid being seen in Featherweather, it was highly recommended that I visit the bathrooms on the second floor. Immediately after going downstairs, I was greeted by an oasis of recessed lighting and fresh paint. Squeaky gold door knobs and bright LED TVs lined the walls; for a second I thought the second floor was actually a portal to the Milstein Center.

After pacing the hall several times in search of the bathroom, I realized it wasn’t even called a bathroom—just a little sign that said “Gender Neutral.” How woke!!!!! To transform traditional places of pee and poop into a gender-neutral hangout. I excitedly burst into Columbia’s newest hottest club.

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  • Jolie says:

    @Jolie Glad to know. Thanks for the research and sharing.

  • Anon says:

    @Anon For your information, Columbia is renovating every bathroom on campus.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Lies, surely!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I’d be really happy if they could just make the 3rd-floor women’s bathroom in Hamilton not smell like a rotting portapotty. Even if just for a day.

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