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Field Notes: Sad Band Edition

Here at Bwog, we had a weekend full of sadness about the band, being lazy, and sickness.

Bwog mourned the band:

  • Didn’t do any homework because Columbia tried to kill the band.
  • Cried about the band getting banned (x7).
  • Bitched about the CUMB getting banned to my CC alumna aunt.
  • Saw a sad (possibly crying, not sure) CUMB member in JJ’s.

Bwog was very lazy:

  • Didn’t finish that paper I’ve been saying I’d kill this weekend.
  • Watched a fellow Bwogger take a cab from 110th to 121st.
  • Didn’t do a stitch of homework, despite having two essays due Tuesday and a midterm Thursday and in attempting to do so stare at a blank google doc for several hours.

Some Bwoggers got sick and others had a couple of close calls:

  • Sat in Milstein a Saturday afternoon only to hear several people cough WITHOUT COVERING IT (the audacity smh).
  • Almost called 911 when my friend fainted at the 103rd subway stop.
  • Was killed by strep (this is my ghost writing).
  • Gave birth to a spaghetti squash.
  • Yawned too big, hurt me jaw
  • Cut into my chicken in Ferris to see that it was RAW.
  • Went to the football game for an hour, left cause it was too hot, passed tf out when I got back due to dehydration.

This Bwog editor would like to remind everyone to stay healthy!

Bwog felt uncomfortable:

  • Lerner, 3rd Floor: Became v uncomfortable when a guy sitting in front of me started to yell at his parents on video call.
  • Got called the FUCK out by the international cashier for finally using my real ID.
  • My dress blew up in the wind and many strangers saw my knickers (tragic).
  • Saw approx. 5 tinder matches at one party oof.
  • Learned all TWO (2!) of my ~crushes~ are already cuffed (not by me),

…And everything else in between:

  • Texted my dealer for the first time in months.
  • Met the PM of Armenia and was featured on several Armenian news outlets.
  • One of my piercings fell out. drunkenly asked a friend to put it back in. she, unknowingly, instead of putting it in the old hole made a NEW hole and now i have a new piercing!
  • Peeled garlic for like 30 minutes straight!
  • Punched a teen at a concert (he deserved it).
  • Did 5 shots of what I can only describe as “vodka with IHOP creamer” and then went home and did my programming homework.
  • Got too drunk, went into a spiral, had to rewatch a LOT of Chris Fleming videos to pull myself out.
  • Got kicked out of a karaoke bar right in the middle of a killer rendition of prince’s 1984 hit single “when doves cry.”
  • Saw a guy drinking beer out of a straw.

Not sad band via Wikimedia

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    @Anonymous illegal aliens – that is all. Get at me de blasio.

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