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Bwog’s Finals Master Post

All our tips for finals, all in one place.

In an attempt to save you some time searching through our archives, Bwog has created this master finals post for you.  We have included the best of Bwog’s finals and studying content so you don’t have to waste time searching around for it!

Start your last week of finals off right by giving in to the fact that you now strongly believe in horoscopes and the overwhelming control the stars have on your life.  It’s ok, Bwog gets it.

Finals Week Horoscope

Take care of yourself!  Self-care should work its way into your busy schedule of studying, taking finals, and procrastination.  Why not procrastinate and make yourself feel better at the same time?!

Skincare For Finals

Self-Care Tips For Finals Time

Your Finals Self-Care Guide

For all you studious souls out there we have some tips (and music recommendations) to help keep you motivated during your 4-hour stints in the library of your choosing.

Warm Places To Study On Campus

Study Tips For Humanities Majors Who Thought They’d Only Have To Write Papers In College

Bwog On Aux: Study Playlists

If you’re in the mood for a little procrastination, Bwog has some binge-worthy shows for you and binge-worthy Bwog posts from the past few finals seasons to make you laugh and forget about stress culture altogether.

What To Binge According To Bwog

Dark Night Of The Resigned Soul: Spring Finals 2019

Dark Night Of The (Long-Abandoned) Soul

One of those studious types via the Bwarchives

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