If Bon Appétit’s test kitchen chefs were students at Columbia University, which would be their favorite dining halls?

The members of the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen work together so harmoniously because they have such different cooking styles. Priya, for example, fuses her innovation with her family’s highly specific methods (often not knowing the reasoning behind these methods). Claire bakes with a level of perfection that can only be explained by the magic touch of a pâtissière (unless, of course, tempering chocolate is involved). Brad, on the other hand, seems to spend entire episodes of “It’s Alive” telling stories and throwing food around, only to reveal a mouth-watering fermented masterpiece at the end.

Maybe in a parallel universe, these chefs are all students of Columbia University. If that is the case, here’s where these gourmets would definitely spend their swipes!

Priya Krishna’s favorite dining hall is Hewitt because she can always find a quiet spot in there where she can call her parents. Plus, she likes to take the berries at breakfast to use on her favorite homemade yogurt.

Brad Leone finds something good in every dining hall, but his favorite is Ferris. He somehow became best friends with the cooks at the pasta station, and they let him come behind the counter and throw around some oily pasta while goofing around with them.

Alex Delany likes JJ’s because he’s always in the mood to eat bottomless amounts of junk food. That being said, he is torn because they never seem to have pizza, and he loves pizza. He likes to stop at Ferris on his way to JJ’s to get pizza to-go, which he eats with a side of mozz sticks on a JJ’s sofa.

Gaby Melian’s favorite is John Jay because she has difficulty with gluten and really likes their gluten-free selections. She also loves chatting with the people working the grain bowl station.

Molly Baz’s favorite is Diana. Although she’s a CC kid, she makes the trek across Broadway because she finds that they have the freshest ingredients. She’s here for fresh, simple deliciousness.

Claire Saffitz chooses Ferris. Ferris may not have the best fare overall, but they certainly have the best dessert, and Claire always has dessert. Plus, she thinks watching Brad fool around with the pasta guys is pure entertainment.

Chris Morocco’s favorite is John Jay. He’s a sweet guy and just wants to eat with his friends, and John Jay has something for everyone. He also just makes the best use out of the cold cut station.

Rick Martinez chooses John Jay because it’s practical. It’s the closest to his dorm, so he doesn’t have to add bulky layers or even button his shirt to protect himself from harsh New York winters.

The baby from that episode of “It’s Alive” also chooses John Jay! This baby is a big orange fan and finds that John Jay never runs out of oranges.

Sohla El-Waylly likes Diana the best because of the color scheme. Whether it’s a short sleeve tee, a turtleneck, or an apron, Sohla can almost always be seen wearing a vibrant shade of red or orange. Also, she is very resourceful and likes that she can use a single swipe for lunch now and a piece of fruit for a snack later.

Andy Baraghani’s favorite is JJ’s. He’s not a big fan of the food, but he loves the atmosphere. Most of all, he loves the themed nights: Harry Potter, The Oscars, Bob’s Burgers… you name it, he’s there.

Christina Chaey likes John Jay because, as her Instagram bio proclaims, she is a “soup enthusiast.” She also likes to take several paper “Columbia Dining” cups full of granola back to her dorm to sprinkle on yogurt in the morning.

Amiel Stanek’s favorite is John Jay because he stans beans, and they often have fun bean and/or lentil entrées. Plus, he is a scientific thinker and appreciates the logical, well-organized layout.

Carla Lalli Music chooses Diana. She thinks in terms of what she cooks at home, and finds that Diana’s stations usually have things she would make at home herself. She also finds Diana to be the most health-forward, with the best salad bar of both campuses.

Nothing is good enough for Adam Rapoport. Not even your morning bacon. Catch him eating at the latest restaurant reviewed by The New York Times. But hey, he likes using swipes at JJ’s for some LaCroix.


Bon Appétit via Flickr