Bwog’s been experimenting with caffeinated beverages now that school’s back in session! Remember that fluffy coffee TikTok trend? Get ready for its superior tea alternative…

Welcome back to school! You could be taking online classes from a ~college hype house~ in Hawaii, your grandparent’s farm, a single in EC, your family’s dining room table, or a trendy but college-student-cheap apartment in NYC. As Deantini said in yesterday’s welcome email, “No matter where you are at this moment, remember that we remain connected, both intellectually and socially.” One great way to stay intellectually and socially connected, for example, is by Cooking With Bwog! Try making your own Dalgona Tea over Zoom or send pictures to friends or send pictures to Bwog ( — it will make us smile, and there’s always the possibility of an Instagram shoutout, how about that)!

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Dalgona… Tea?

Tea-drinkers finally have their time to shine! If you, a habitual tea-drinker, were frustrated with the popularity of the so-called Dalgona fluffy coffee that circulated TikTok a while back, this is the recipe for you. We hope you enjoy!


  • 1 teabag (I tried black tea, but try earl gray or green or oolong if that’s more your style!)
  • A splash of boiling water
  • A spoonful of sugar
  • Almond milk (again, use any milk, whichever you vibe with)
  • 4 ice cubes
  • This is not an ingredient, but a frother will come in handy! Can be purchased from a lot of places probably, if you don’t already have one.


  • Put your teabag in a mug and splash just enough boiling water over it so that it’s submerged!
  • Let sit and steep and cool for longer than you probably have the patience for. This is a good time to take a nice shower or make your bed or take out the trash or go for a walk, you get the idea. Let your anticipation build!
  • Take the teabag out of the water. Pinch it gently, tenderly between your fingers to get all the juices out.
  • Scoop a spoonful of sugar into the tea.
  • Froth, baby, froth! Or whisk! Your tea/sugar combo will start growing bigger and fluffier and lighter in color.
  • Place your ice cubes into a glass and pour almond milk over them, leaving some space for the tea fluff at the top of the glass!
  • Pour tea fluff from mug into glass of ice and almond milk.
  • You did it! Slurp down that bad boy in front of a class of jealous peers over Zoom.

Disclaimer: we are not chemists, so we do not know why, but Dalgona Tea fluff/froth/foam is more time-sensitive than Dalgona Coffee fluff. If you let your tea sit, the fluff will readily embrace its welcoming almond milk counterpart and seep down into its depths. Do not fret! Your beverage will still taste just as good.

~this is the tea, baby! image via Bwog