Hello! It’s time for a fun little cooking with Bwog! Except, I’m in a dorm room. And this is not allowed. Te hee. 

Ok so backstory, I love to cook, and I could not imagine a semester without it in my life. And yet, my dorm kitchen was closed, and I was alone and sad. 

So I thought, alternatively, what if I go chaotic and create a kitchen in my dorm room? 

If life gives you an opportunity to make the absolutely insane choice to make a kitchen in your dorm room because you are picky and also insist that you are #unique, here is what you are going to need:

A 20-dollar blender: Trust me on this one, this is the root to all joy. There is nothing like taking the fruit the dining hall has given me—so close to spoiled you don’t want to eat it but have no excuse to waste it—and whipping it into a delicious fruit smoothie to pep up your day

Your pretentious coffee machine: This has saved me tens of dollars at Starbucks, plus, there is something a little insane about using my coffee grinder in the dorms. The way it is so loud, but no one will hear me because I am so alone is *chef’s kiss*.

Electric kettle: I know what you’re thinking “Isn’t that the same thing as a microwave?” NO YOU FOOLS,  because you can take a little water, and a little pasta, and create true joy in watching your electric kettle cook your pasta for you at record speed. It is illegal how fun this is.

Mini fridge: Because, duh.

Ok here’s the next fun little idea. You want to get a WOK, not an electric pot, not a  hot plate, but a wok. It is versatile, it is fun, it is clean. I imagine myself making stir frys, eggs, just indulging in the world of creativity this wok has provided me. 

Last but not least: a foreman grill. Make yourself some paninis, some pizzas, and if you’re up for the adventure, some pancakes.

Last but not least: use what you’ve got. I made bread, from scratch, on my desk. Am I insane? Maybe. But at least I am creative. The experience of kneading dough instead of getting work done at that cursed desk was holy. 

I’m not saying all of this is in my dorm. I’m also not saying it isn’t. All I will say, is that thinking chaotically has gotten me this far, and I have no intention of stopping.

Bread via Anonymous Bwogger