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Calling all wannabe Bhangra members: it’s Hangama, the Organization of Pakistani Students’ annual Mock Wedding, in which a “groom” from NYU takes away his Columbian “bride”–which means more colorful outfits and South Asian dancing than you’ll see this side of the subcontinent (we exaggerate, but really). Even if it weren’t the perfect day, OPS knew […]

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For those of you who rocked Glass House Rocks on Thursday night, perhaps we can admit that, for once, Lerner couldn’t have been put to better purpose. If you were fortunate enough to show up in the earlier half, food was (for the time being) in great abundance – some of the delights included international […]

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Butler Dance Party

You. Shakin’ your thang. Three minutes. Butler group study room #407. Party time: 12:02 AM TONIGHT Do it.

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