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We all remember the infamous “I slept with Swae Lee after Bacchanal” Facebook post from 2016. We’ve all dreamed about waking up after Bacchanal, in bed with one of the headliners. Unfortunately, Bacchanal was virtual this year, severely limiting any hookup opportunities. That’s where this fanfiction comes in. Let’s just imagine together for a moment…

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Somehow, one of our staff members has lucked into having no midterms this week. This anonymous Bwogger tells us what it’s like to be “free” this week–or, rather, what we think it’s like. Everyone around me is, in their words, “dying.” On this busy week of ours, libraries are packed and hope is scarce. “One more week,” my […]

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Nowhere Is Safe

It has recently come to Bwog’s attention that the NYPD is hot on the trail of a new criminal in Morningside Heights: @columbiamakeout.  @columbiamakeout has been on the loose since February 7th and is gaining power as more and more people come to her aid.  Mayor Bloomberg has warned that anybody harboring the criminal will […]

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Guys I just realized I basically copied an early reply! I am so sorry I was scrolling through and suddenly (read more)
How To Impress Your Class Crush On Zoom
May 4, 2021
If you don't like federal labor law, move to a different country, chud. (read more)
GWC-UAW Members Reject Tentative Contract Agreement With Columbia
May 4, 2021
They are getting free tuition and a stipend. If they don't like it, don't go into academics. You don't (read more)
GWC-UAW Members Reject Tentative Contract Agreement With Columbia
May 4, 2021
Why do bourgeoisie liberals seethe so hard when people point out that their secret desire to join the managerial class (read more)
GWC-UAW Members Reject Tentative Contract Agreement With Columbia
May 3, 2021

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