Some Columbia related news passed in the month of August.  We rounded it up for you:

Aditya Mukerjee, CC ’12 and the former publisher of Spec, was detained at the airport after setting off an alarm because he had bedbug spray residue on his hands. “You’ve got to understand, when someone of your background, traveling alone, comes in and sets off our alarms, people get nervous,” an FBI agent told him, after denying him food and water for hours. Eventually, he was cleared to fly by the NYPD, TSA, FBI, and Homeland Security, but JetBlue refused to let him on the flight. (People on Twitter were not amused.) When he finally returned to his apartment, he discovered it had been raided by the authorities. (Aditya’s blog/Gawker)

Huffington Post blogger and college president DSpar just wrote an article in Glamour about “Why the Woman Who ‘Has It All’ Doesn’t Really Exist.” You should check it out if you’re a fan of her Newsweek articles “Why Women Should Stop Trying To Be Perfect” and “Why Women Should Stop Trying To Do It All.”

“I have yet to enter a building in which there is not a cafe, in addition to the numerous coffee shops surrounding the campus. I wonder what students would do if Colombia ran out of coffee, and I’m not referring to the school.” (The New York Times)

Columbia researchers found that elementary students who were praised for their innate intelligence were much less willing to challenge themselves. Given how many College students are taking Astronomy to fulfill the science requirement, the same seems to be true of Columbia students. (New York Mag)

The late Edward Said‘s daughter, Najla Said, just published a memoir. And it turns out Professor Said is a lot like our dad, in that he thought his daughter was “wasting her college education” when she decided to take a class on postmodernism. (Salon)

Chad Washington, the football player who was charged with committing a hate crime last semester, may soon have those charges dismissed. (Roar Lions 2013)

Speaking of football, Athletics released a video showcasing its new football uniforms, complete with gratuitous crotch shots.

Finally, here’s a teaser trailer for Harry Potter and 1940s Columbia, the movie that was shot on campus last semester.