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Max Soha: the best restaurant in MoHi?

Think we would stop going out and doing messy shit with our lives right before finals? You thought wrong. Compiled is the list of things we did, yet again, this weekend. Enjoy.

Bwog in the City:

  • Went to a ‘gay art show’ (not my words) in Gowanus. Watched probably the worst dancing I’ve ever seen that’s supposed to be artistic.
  • Ripped my boyfriend’s brother’s bong in Ridgewood, Queens.
  • Went out to three brunches in three different walk-of-shame outfits (all of which looked even better the next day IMO).
  • Confirmed Max Soha is the best restaurant in Morningside Heights.
  • Added a full hour to my commute home from my internship through a combination of the 2 train fucking up and my own stupidity.
  • Pissed in a bathroom in which I could see myself from three different mirrors, including the ceiling.
  • The 1 train wasn’t going to come for 19 minutes so I walked.

Bwog and Food:

  • Went to Junzi kitchen for the first time in months bc I wanted pasta so bad and it’s the only fast pasta place I could think of.
  • My friends and I agreed to let a man on the street buy us a slice of pizza and photograph us eating it for a school project.
  • Got kicked out of H-Mart for filming my Korean project there, but had really good bibimbap in Koreatown.
  • Ate at a bougie restaurant with my family to celebrate my sisters’ birthday!
  • Went to EC sober for the first time (thanks again Rachel for the sign in :)). Watched my friends get sweaty and laughed as they gagged when drinking straight from a bottle of Bacardi. (does this make me sadistic lol)
  • Ate 5 Eggo waffles in one night.
  • Ate multiple over a week old stale Krispy Kreme donuts in bed.
  • Went a whole day only eating chocolate and a bagel.
  • Decorated chocolate with 5 year olds.
  • Went to a nice dinner with my dad high. Felt guilty about it.

More wholesome and not so wholesome content here.



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Sing, bitch!

Do you care about a cappella on campus? Neither do we, but it’s final concert season, and we thought we’d take a look at the different groups on campus who are funded by our student life fees and air out some of our gripes.

Disclaimer (added 6:45 pm): This post is entirely satirical, entirely based on experiences of Bwog staff members, and does not intend to make serious allegations against any Columbia a cappella groups. We encourage you, dear reader, to attend as many (or as few) a cappella concerts as you wish, and make your own judgments accordingly.

  1. Uptown Vocal – Probably the best musically (especially because you don’t have to suffer through any shitty Adele covers).
  2. Nonsequitur – Next best musically. Generally not annoying. Whatever.
  3. Bacchantae – All-women (nice), and apparently they’re really good this year?
  4. Metrotones – They keep a low profile (thank god), and various Bwoggers are fans.
  5. Sur – Not super well-known, but do a cool job of mixing South Asian music with pop songs.
  6. SHARP – Our initial thought was “they could get it,” but upon further reflection, we feel like the SHARP guys are the type to say they’re “feminists” but actually treat women like shit in real life.
  7. Notes and Keys – Basically a show choir because they let in too many people last year. Were invited to perform at Lin-Manual Miranda’s house. Probably fine singers, but we don’t care enough to know. Annoying on social media.
  8. Jubilation! and Pizmon – Tied because we’ve never heard of them and they’re both religious groups, we guess? We prefer hymns to Demi Lovato covers anyway.
  9. Clefhangers – Never heard of them before looking up “a cappella groups” on WikiCU.
  10. Kingsmen – Ugh. They once went into the fridge at a party and drank all of our craft beer. Who the fuck does that? Fuck them.

EDIT, 5:06 pm: We forgot two a cappella groups! Oops! Sorry, Metrotones and Sur. Let us know if we missed any others in the comments.

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Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

It’s that time of year again: finals are approaching, and high stress levels can be felt all across campus. To combat this, multiple student groups and organizations are putting on study breaks during the next two weeks to prioritize mental health and healthy study habits for undergraduate students. Bwog knows how busy everyone is, so we put it in our hands to compile a list of all of the best study breaks that you should attend this week.

Monday, December 11th:

  • Study Breaks with FLIP: “Finals got you stressed? Don’t want to spend another minute in Butler? Come to FLIP’s biweekly study breaks! Hang out with other FLIP students, take a break, and have some snacks!” IRC First Floor Lounge, 8PM-9PM (Event link here)
  • Stressbusters in Butler: “Kick off your reading week right, with free neck and back rubs and a bunch of stressbusting swag!” Butler 203, 6PM-10PM (Event link here)

Tuesday, December 12th:

  • Midnight Pancakes Study Break: “Finals making you hungry? Need to get in the spirit of the season? Take a break and join us at Broadway Presbyterian Church for free pancakes, coffee, bacon and other late night breakfast delights. There will be classic holiday movies on the big screen, a giant Christmas tree, free wifi and a chance to take a load off and relax for a few minutes or a few hours before you head back to studying.” Broadway Presbyterian Church, 11PM – 1AM (Event link here)
  • Wall of Success: “Stressed out during Finals week? You are not alone! Join Columbia Ivy Council and our mental health initiative: Wall of Success | Wall of Failure. Look out for candy and posters in Butler Cafe, where you can anonymously share any successes or failures you’ve encountered this semester!” Butter Library, All day (Event link here)
  • Low Lounge Study Break: “The Low Library rotunda will be open to Columbia students with CUID and offer snacks, yoga, games and room to relax and refuel with friends or on your own as we transition into study days. Raffle prizes on the hour, music and more!” 12PM – 5PM (Event link here)

Wednesday, December 13th:

  • Fireplace Study Break: “Take a break from studying and the cold weather with a fun and festive event in the John Jay Lounge! There will be a hot chocolate bar (free Columbia mugs provided), gingerbread cookie decorating, snow globe making and more!” John Jay Lounge, 11AM – 3PM (Event link here)
  • Holiday Study Break: “Join us in taking a well-deserved break from finals prep! We’ll have comforting insomnia cookies, sweet cider, and warm hugs for everyone :) See you there!” Furnald Main Lounge, 9PM-10PM (Event link here)

Thursday, December 14th:

  • CCSC’s Insomnia Study Break: “Come outside Butler before Orgo Night and enjoy free Insomnia Cookies, hot chocolate and cider to help get you through the night. All Columbia College students welcome!” Outside Butler, 11PM-12AM (Event link here)
  • Midnight Breakfast: “Light the camp fire, it’s almost Midnight Breakfast! You’re cordially invited to Midnight Breakfast, one of Barnard’s most treasured traditions! Come reignite your summer memories at CAMP MILLIE featuring your favorite foods and camp activities.” Diana Center, 11PM Barnard freshmen, 11:30PM all Barnard students, 12:00AM all Columbia students (Event link here)

Good luck studying this week, and remember to prioritize your mental health!

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We love this bear

We love this bear

Bwogger Nadra Rahman reports on administrative updates and our upstanding student leaders. 

Scott Wright (VP of Campus Services) and Ixchel Rosal (Assistant VP of University Life) paid CCSC a visit last night to answer questions about space, wellness, and university initiatives. Thankfully, they left before our student leaders exchanged Secret Snowflake gifts—which ranged from the kinky to the degenerate.

Visitors From A Foreign Land

CCSC wasted no time in interrogating the visiting administrators. For context, Wright manages a number of departments at Columbia, including Housing, Dining, Health Services, University Event Management, Lerner, and environmental stewardship. In contrast, Rosal tends to deal with university-wide programming.

Space & Community

In his introduction, Wright had mentioned that we might want to change how we think about residence hall lounges (and in particular, main lounges) if we want them to be used as community-building spaces. John Jay Lounge has minimal furniture, making it easier to host events ranging from Thanksgiving Dinner to housing selection—but might it be enjoyed by more students if it were redesigned and recast as a study or social space? These comments sparked interest in the gathered members: when asked about potential changes, Wright said that lounges should maintain reservability, but that they should ultimately serve residents, and this notion should guide any potential plans.

We have lots of space devoted to space



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Tis the fucking season bitches!!!

Happening Around the World: 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winners have released a joint statement warning the world’s leaders of the dangers of nuclear weapons and its potential effects if even one is detonated. The driving force behind the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, this group’s haunting message is simple: countries must eliminate their weapons or face “mutual destruction.” (CNN)

Happening in the U.S.: With over 230,000 acres of burned landscape, Southern California’s Thomas fire is now the fifth-largest wildfire in recorded Californian history. The fire has hit multiple parts of North Los Angeles County and Ventura County, burning hundreds of structures. (LA Times)

Happening in NYC: Undergoing a massive sexual harrassment investigation, the NYC Ballet company has appointed an interim team to manage the company for the time being. This comes after 71-year old ballet master Peter Martins was accused of sexual harassment by an anonymous source. (CNN)

Happening on Campus: Need some time to destress from the pressures of finals and papers? XMAS! 12: Tis The Treason is the right event for you! Come see Columbia’s nondenominational holiday celebration that is fully written by students. There will be two showings at 7 PM and 10 PM in Roone Arledge Auditorium.

Overseen on Campus: A confused Californian who walked outside of John Jay Hall Sunday afternoon and was confused why there was still snow on the ground. (It was me)

Snazzy Facebook header via Tis The Treason Facebook

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