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Health services takes care of any Bear when she needs it!

Health services takes care of any Bear when she needs it!

Last was a night completely dedicated to informing the student body about all the health services available at Barnard. The guests were MJ Murphy from Primary Health Care, Mary Commerford from Furman, Jessica Cannon from Well Woman, and Carolyn Corbran from the office of Disability Services (ODS). As a frequent user of the services, I can personally say they have their ups and downs, but there is no doubt that the women in charge of each health sector are dedicated to making sure students are receiving the best help possible. Each gave a brief overview of what they do.

Primary Health Care is your “in house doctor” at Barnard. At Primary Health Care there is a full staff capable of completing services from immunization to gynecological work. A common misconception is that a student cannot use the Primary Health Care services unless she/he uses Athena insurance. This isn’t true–everyone can use the services and they are all free! The only time a student will get charged or her insurance will get charged is if there is any sort of outsourcing that needs to be taken care of (for example blood work). Primary Health Care has walk in hours every morning from 9 am to 11:30 am and in the afternoon there are appointments available, as well as travel visits. To clarify some confusion about something very important, CAVA (or CUEMS as it is now called) is free! You will only be charged for an ambulance ride if you call 911 in an emergency and that costs about $950…so don’t do that.  

What happens at Furman and ODS?



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Climate change is real, guys...

Climate change is real, guys…

This week’s SGA update brought to you, as always, by staffer Caroline Montgomery, heats up campus even as December marches on.

This week, SGA was heated (like our earth! 60 degrees in December!?). The the main agenda was for Associate Dean of Student Life, Alina Wong, to  discuss Barnard’s involvement with CUE, the Office of Student Life, and student involvement, but the plan was sidetracked by the many students who arrived to have their voices be heard during the open floor segment.

After the BCSN protest earlier that day, people were excited to continue to fight for justice. The two main groups present at the SGA meeting were No Red Tape as well as a group critiquing NRT’s stance on the Israel and Palestine issue. Last week, NRT came to SGA to ask for the council’s support on their petition, outlining a list of demand’s for the Columbia administration. SGA has not decided whether or not to support the petition, but it has spurred a lot of controversy. Some students feel that, if SGA does choose to endorse NRT’s petition, that SGA is implicitly aligning themselves with NRT and the organization’s geopolitical agenda. For various reasons several students feel that this would be damaging and alienating to certain groups on campus. On the other hand, several students feel that sexual assault and a safer campus is ultimately a unifying issue and goal and SGA’s support of NRT’s petition does not necessarily mean aligning the council with NRT’s geopolitical agenda. As one member of another organization pointed out, SGA is supports policy not campus organizations.

More info on CUE after the jump.



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Lord/SGA have mercy on our post-Thanksgiving souls...

Lord/SGA have mercy on our post-Thanksgiving souls…

Barnard Bearoness, Caroline Montgomery, made her way to the second floor of the Diana Center to sit in on the SGA meeting. Unfortunately no one brought any leftover pie, but the reps certainly brought some Barnard College updates.   

Still full from Thanksgiving, SGA had a short agenda for last night.

During the open floor segment, No Red Tape arrived to ask for SGA’s support on their petition for a safer Columbia. No Red Tape’s petition is directed at Columbia administration, but the organization feels that it will be more successful in gaining support across the street with SGA’s backing. The need for a petition requesting a safer sexual community can’t really be overstated, but a few of the points that No Red Tape made to SGA were as follows:

  • The adjudication process that Columbia uses matters to Barnard students because perpetrators of assault that go to Columbia will be tried under the College, even if the victim is a Barnard student
  • Improved resources for survivors that apply to both Barnard students and Columbia Students are needed
  • The changes that No Red Tape are petitioning for have to do with Barnard’s core values, and thus should be supported by the College

SGA hasn’t yet released a statement as to whether they will be supporting No Red Tape’s petition or not.

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Ahh, the joys of winter... snowball fights, hot chocolate, and scrambling to find a place to stay once res halls close...

Ahh, the joys of winter… snowball fights, hot chocolate, and scrambling to find a place to stay once res halls close…

SGA was short and sweet this week, but covered some major issues. When the floor was opened, two Barnard students expressed their disgust with Barnard’s new winter housing policy. They shared narratives of students who were (and are) going to be deeply affected by this issue. SGA representatives promised to talk about the issue within their internal discussion and subsequently released the following statement on their Facebook page.

“The Student Government Association of Barnard College does not support the new winter housing policy, which excludes non “mission critical” students from housing over winter break. Barnard College has defined “mission critical” students as “Admissions tour guides, [and] winter varsity athletes with competitions during this time.” The policy also states that “Students will not be approved for individual personal reasons,” which we note includes homelessness and financial constraints.

We feel that this policy does not reflect the values of the Barnard community nor the interests or needs of the Barnard student body.

Furthermore, despite the recent message from Dean Hinkson which offered the opportunity for discussion of individual solutions, we feel that this policy still does not address the key issue of closed residential buildings over break.

SGA is working to explore other options for affected students, but we call upon the college to reinstate its policy to open on-campus housing for students who are in need or desire to stay in residential halls this winter break.”

It is definitely safe to say that this is an issue that will continue to be discussed and fought for. In the meantime, you can sign this petition to reopen Barnard housing during winter break. More than 1,400 people have signed it so far, and the number continues to grow!

More on what happened at the Town Hall meeting



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What CU needs to fund all these programs...

What CU needs to fund all these programs…

There were several students at the SGA meeting last night looking to have their voices heard, far more than I have ever seen at SGA before (usually it’s just Spec and me….). The floor opened with several students voicing their concerns about Barnard students’ new ineligibility for the pre-NSOP CUE initiative. The students wondered how all four of the schools (CC, SEAS, GS, and BC) can be a cohesive unit if Barnard continues to be excluded from chances to create bonds with students across the street. Barnard and Columbia students came to show their support in trying to reverse this administrative decision. And of course, in true Barnard SGA fashion, the snaps for this argument were loud and proud. Student body president, Shivani Vikuntam, promised that SGA would be in touch with the students.

Heres what Divest had to say



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If the Seven Sisters were human, Barnard would be the one in the middle.

If the Seven Sisters were human, Barnard would be the one in the middle.

It’s that time again… Bwogger Caroline brings you this week’s SGA report, full of sisterly love.

This week, Angela Beam (the SGA representative for college relations) gave a rundown on the upcoming Seven Sisters Conference. This year, the conference will be held in our ‘hood from November 6th-8th. The Seven Sisters Conference is a yearly event where the Seven Sister schools (can you name all of them??) convene to discuss women’s issues. The conference theme this year is advancement in women’s education. Throughout the weekend there will be workshops and keynote speakers geared toward this theme, as well as a revision of the Seven Sisters constitution (who even knew that existed?). Ultimately, the goal of this sure-to-be-fab weekend is to support, foster, and strengthen the relationship the sisters have. Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Mount Holyoke College, Radcliffe College (which is now part of Harvard), Smith College, Vassar College (now co-ed), and Wellesley College will be sending representatives to the conference.

Next, SGA recapped Desserts After Dark. In order to receive a Magnolia cupcake, each student had to complete survey about campus life and SGA. There was an overwhelming response, upwards of 850 students took the survey, and cupcakes were enjoyed by all. The stats collected from the survey showed that the student body likes when SGA uses social media to communicate, 150 meals + 400 points is the favorite meal plan, and most students don’t know the details of Barnard’s Title IX policy.

Read on for representative updates!



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All the presidents showed up at this week's SGA meeting--Abe Lincoln was a total homie.

All the presidents showed up at this week’s SGA meeting–Abe Lincoln was a total homie.

SGA was a full house last night. Mary-Kate and Ashley were not there, but the presidents from CCSC, ESC, and GSSC were. SGA hosted and allowed the prezes to update us Barnard Bears on a little bit of what has been happening on the other side of Broadway.

CCSC update:

  • The food insecurity initiatives that Columbia has been implementing are in full swing. The emergency meal fund has been approved by campus life: a student can go to JJ’s Place, ask to speak to the manager on duty, and the manager will supply the student with 6 meal vouchers, no questions asked. The Swipes mobile app is functioning as well, and seems to be successful. Unfortunately, as of now, Barnard students cannot participate, but a change of that policy is in the works.
  • CCSC is looking into changing the student advisory system, updating disability accessibility, and subsidizing senior week tickets.
  • Campus life initiatives are extremely important to CCSC president, Benjamin Makansi (“I’m just trying to bring some light heartedness to student government” read: we’re all just here for a good time TBH). Look out for s’mores on Low steps, a pillow fight in Butler, and a silent disco on the plaza.

ESC update:

  • ESC values community respect and is working on changing some of the sexual respect workshops that are required to be taken by students. There are now workshops tailored towards specific subjects. For example, a workshop for male survivors.
  • The committee is looking to expand possibles minors for SEAS students, because obviously engineers are interested in more than just engineering.
  • ESC loves Pawprint snd wants to make it even better with ID scanners!

Read on for GS and SGA info!



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Divest Barnard's worst nightmare.

Divest Barnard’s worst nightmare.

Staffer Caroline brings you updates from this week’s action-packed SGA meeting featuring President Spar and Divest Barnard (conflict perhaps? Drama? Read on).

It is always a good SGA meeting when D-Spar and her posse come to give updates from the administrative side. It’s an even better SGA meeting when a student group shows up to protest, especially if the group is Divest Barnard.

President Spar characterized this upcoming year as an “implementation” year. After setting in motion three major projects last year (the new Barnard library, the revision of the transgender policy at Barnard, and a curriculum review), the administration is currently sorting out details regarding these initiatives. According to Spar, by 2020 Barnard is going to look like a very different place.

The 2016 Global Symposium was brought up by President Spar as well. This year, the eighth annual symposium will take place in Paris. Discussions and panels will be held ranging in topics from the refugee crisis and how it is affecting women to the progressive policies regarding women’s rights that have been implemented in Europe. For the first time, because delegates will be in the fashion capital of the world, there will be an emphasis put on the fashion industry.

Once the floor was open to SGA reps to ask President Spar questions, Divest Barnard silently took center stage, directly in D-Spar’s line of vision, holding signs with slogans such as “Whose side are you on?,” “Our futures are not for sale,” and “injustice is not investment.” This protest was ignored by much of the committee, but Divest remained and questions commenced.

What questions were asked?



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Money, money, money--must be funny in admin's world...

Money, money, money–must be funny in admin’s world…

The air maybe getting colder, but that hasn’t stopped Barnard Bearoness, Caroline Montgomery, from hitting up her Monday night hotspot…the SGA meeting. She’s got the goods to report back. 

This week, SGA was back to its poppin’ self. With new representatives present and the old still reppin’, there were plenty of updates to go around.

First and foremost, the Barnard endowment proposal application is out! The application allows students to submit proposals to SGA with ideas to better the Barnard community. There is currently a pot of $44,000 sitting and waiting to enhance Barnard! Past initiatives that the endowment funded were the free Barnard thermoses (which continue to be to be handed out. Check Facebook for times and locations!), the Hewitt mural, and the whiteboard wall in Altschul Hall. This is an opportunity to voice your ideas and make a change! The application will be open until Wednesday October 21st 2015 at 5 pm. The final chosen projects will be announced on November 17th. For more information look on the Barnard website and join the Facebook event to stay up-to-date.

what about Bacch?



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"Snap me!"

“Snap me!”

The new Barnard Bearoness, Caroline Montgomery, attended this week’s SGA meeting just so she could report her findings back to you, Bwog readers. How kind of her.

This week SGA primarily listened to applicants’ presentations for the remaining open positions on the council, but that doesn’t mean Bwog doesn’t have anything to report back on!

The foremost event that SGA would like to bring to the attention of the student body is from Being Barnard. Being Barnard is continuing the initiative to make Barnard a community that prevents sexual assault proactively. This means taking steps to shift the culture of sex and sexual assault on campus and elsewhere. To help make this vision a reality, Being Barnard is bring in educators Kelly Addington and Becca Tieder to lead workshops on rape culture. Kelly and Becca have backgrounds as activists, promoting sex assault awareness, prevention and sexual empowerment. Visit their website to get more information on who they are and what they stand for. The general student session will be on October 2nd at 3:00 PM in Sulzberger Tower South. If you plan to attend, RSVP here. If you have had a previous leadership role as a peer facilitator  (RAs, Peer Eds, ect.), you are also invited to attend a lunch discussion with Kelly and Becca beforehand on October 2nd at 12 PM, RSVP here!

SGA wants to continue to hear your thoughts on Barnard’s winter housing policy. Fill out their Google Document with feedback and suggestions if you have them.

And finally, please connect with SGA on social media! Like SGA on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and connect with them on Snapchat (BarnardSGA).

Selfie via Shutterstock



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Fun times at Fashion Week!

Fun times at Fashion Week!

The official New York Fashion Week is almost over but that doesn’t mean it is okay to drop your style game. As far as I’m concerned, Fashion Week is actually 52 weeks long. With hundreds of people walking around the Meatpacking District, Chelsea, and Soho trying to get stopped for their street style, Bwogger Caroline Montgomery is here to tell you how to be the trendiest person on campus.

You can’t just dress well—you must have knowledge of the art form. During Fashion Week designers are displaying their collections for the following season, which means this past week has been a preview of spring and summer 2016 collections. Shows that were showstoppers this week were Givenchy, Public School, Opening Ceremony, Hood by Air, and Rodarte. In the spring you will definitely be seeing silks, Japanese inspired patterns, neutral color blocking, tasseling (not fringe), sheer lace, and metallics. Watch these shows. Peruse these look books. Be inspired.

Find out what you should wear for the rest of the week next.



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Watch it for a good lol

Watch it for a good lol

When Thursday Daily Caroline Montgomery doesn’t hit on Halal guys, she spends her time appreciating all sorts of art. She attended the recent screening of a new student film — written, directed, and produced by fellow Barnardian Amelia Arnold.  

Initially the room was quiet. Light chatter and normal niceties were exchanged among audience members. But then the lights were dimmed and the feature began.

PILL is a film written, directed, and produced by Barnard student Amelia Arnold. The short film follows a night where Leah, the protagonist, blossoms from a teen into a woman with the help of her friend Scarlett, Stoner Josh, and a bucket list compiled from an episode of Skins. Leah is a hypochondriac with anxiety, she’s just turned 20, and wants to experience the wild youth that she never had. All in one night she Tinders, goes to her first rager at Stoner Josh’s, drinks half a beer, smokes weed, skinny dips, and loses her lip virginity. It’s a wild ride, but not without some hitches.

PILL’s script is next-level funny. Every line is insightful and precisely delivered. Equally as impressive is the cinematography on show. From close-up shots of Leah shoveling cake into her mouth to naked shots filmed underwater, it’s all fresh.

After the movie, Amelia, Savannah Jones (Scarlett), and Zach Gaviria (Stoner Josh) answered a few questions about the making of PILL. When Amelia was asked what inspired PILL, she laughed and responded that she thought hypochondria is an underused comedic tool. The hardest part about filming? Covering all the genitals. PILL features a lot of butts, but nothing more. To figure out this problem, Amelia did extensive research and came to the conclusion that she would cut bikini bottoms in half and medical tape them on to the women; for the men involved, she used some socks and rubber bands. Did they use real weed? No, unfortunately. “Wizard Weed” — basically tobacco — was featured in every bong rip and bowl hit.

But what’s next for Amelia Arnold? Some Thai Market.

PILL’s next big showing is at Montclair Film Festival on May 9th. To buy tickets and support a kick ass film visit the Montclair Film Festival website.Watch the trailer for PILL here. Like PILL on Facebook to keep track on its progress.

Movie poster via Pill Facebook 



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Get your election campaign ready...

Get your election campaign ready...

Though the OG Barnard Bearoness was busy attending to Arianna Huffington, Bwog’s own Thursday Daily Editor Caroline Montgomery stepped up to the plate and displayed her loves for both Barnard and democracy when she attended the SGA meeting Monday night. Read below to learn about some of the important items on this week’s agenda.

SGA’s first meeting back from spring break was short and sweet.

The new GSSC student body president was introduced, Ben Padario. Ben eloquently described his position as “the liaison between the four councils.” Barnard SGA is excited to be working with him!

Last night, the Elections Committee officially released the election timeline and guidelines for SGA positions for the 2015 fall semester! The positions that are up for election are the executive board, class council positions, and the department specific positions. There will be information sessions, relaying important information about running on March 31 (10 am-12 pm, 3-5 pm, and 7-9 pm), April 1 (11 am-1 pm, 2-4 pm, 6-8 pm), and April 2 ( 11 am-1 pm, 3-5 pm, 7-9 pm). If you intend to run for a position, you must attend at least one of these sessions. The timeline is as follows:

  • April 6: Must announce intent to run (will be shown the formal procedure in information session)
  • April 12 at 6pm in Diana 504: Candidates forum (open to the entire student body)
  • April 13-17: Voting
  • April 17 at 5 pm: Winners announced

Leadership awards and important dates after the jump!



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Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.53.16 PM

Creator of “book things”

The title was vague and the description even vaguer. Music, books, dreams, memories, computer generated sounds? What do all of these have in common? Bwog didn’t know either, so we sent Caroline Montgomery to report.

On wednesday night, I traveled over to the Italian Academy, not really knowing what to expect. To be honest, I was sort of expecting Ivy League EDM, based on the description of Brad Garton’s work. Brad Garton is the Director of the Computer Music Center here at Columbia. He is currently researching modeling and enhancement of acoustic spaces and modeling of human musical performance on various virtual “instruments.” He is also responsible for the development of RTcmix, a real-time music synthesis/signal-processing language.

Once I was in the room and surveyed the crowd, I knew I was not there for fancy EDM. The audience size was approximately 50, as was the average age in the room. In the dimly lit space, an typical Macbook desktop was projected on a screen and Brad Garton sat next to it, propped up on stage.

If it’s not EDM, what is it?



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Botanical Ballet photographed by Hans-Jurgen Burkart

The Harriman Institute of Columbia hosted the exhibition opening of The Dreamer from the Northern Lights by Andrey Bartenev on Thursday evening. The exhibition featured photographs depicting Bartenev’s performance artwork and was curated by Natasha Sharymova and Alexander Khromov. Correspondent and art aficionado Caroline Montgomery was there, taking it all in, and bringing the best back to you.   

Andrey Bartenev (named the Freak of the Year in 2007, by Russian GQ) is a performance artist and a sculptor, not a fashion designer although he is often mistaken as one. In 1969, he was born in Norilsk, Russia and is now working and living in Moscow. In an interview with Huf Magazine, Andrey Bartenev describes his work as an exploration of people and space and the beauty and power of nature to create positive emotion. His work has been featured at many world renowned venues, such as Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Art Basel-Miami Beach International Art Fair, the Vita Design Museum in Boisbuchet, France, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, among a great deal of others.

In stark contrast with the media that is being reported from Russia at the moment, Bartenev’s work is incredibly warm and colorful. Upon entering the studio space at the Harriman Institute, a woman in one of  Bartenev’s bright orange “Bubbles of Hope” suits greats you. “Bubbles of Hope,” which was a performance art piece featuring people in colorful bubbles suits romping through urban settings, premiered at the Dumbo Art Festival in 2013. Bartenev stands next to the photographs of his art work (in a morphsuit with cats on it and a hat that appears to the the head of a Chinese dragon) grinning. Within the first few moments of being in the room, it is exceedingly clear Bartenev fully believes in what his art stands for, something he describes as, “a collective meditative act, which can strengthen our own abilities to dream, to hope and to fulfill our own personal goals” (Unicycleproductions). Circulating the tightly packed room, the breath of Bartenev’s shines. As futurism collage is his favorite genre of art to employ, he, like many other artists, has surely broken the boundaries that Umberto Boccioni set in 1909 as one of the initial key player of the movement. The appropriately oversaturated photographs show Bartenev’s interpretation of synesthesia and kinesthesia: the experience of simultaneity, temporality, and bodily movement. Some of the works included in the exhibition are, “Black Caviar Road” and “Eight-legged Dog for High-Speed Transportation.”

The Dreamer from the Northern Lights will be on exhibition until March 13th.  If you find yourself needing a cultural pick-me-up, head over to the 12th floor at 420 118th street to experience Russian futurism at its finest.

The Harriman Institute of Columbia University will also be hosting a talk with Andrey Bartenev on Monday February 2, at 6:30 pm in the Marshall D. Shulman Seminar Room . The talk is titled, “Performance Art–The Testing Ground for Emotional Revitalization.”

Botanical Garden and opening night images via Facebook 

Bubbles of Hope via Unicycle production 

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