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“…And at last I see the light & it’s like the fogs been lifted” – Tangled

Good Morning, Columbia! We’re so close to the light at the end of the tunnel (a.k.a the end of finals) with just three more days to go, Bwog believes in you…and your ability to procrastinate with today’s worldly updates. 

Bwogline: At least 3 individuals were killed yesterday after an Amtrak in Washington was derailed. All 12 carriages from the newly opened Amtrak route from Seattle to Portland were derailed, crumpling five cars and two trucks. President Trump tweeted about the incident, using it to defend submitted infrastructure plans. (NYT)

Study Tip: It’s the middle of December and if you’re still on campus the grey is probably getting you down. Invest in some highlighters or colors to jazz up your notes and make you a little less reluctant to look at them. Besides, stationary shopping is relaxing in itself.

Music: P!nk’s new album is perfect for accompanying the wide range of emotions you’re likely to be feeling from Butler. Also the music video for ‘Beautiful Trauma’ features Channing Tatum, just saying.

Procrastination: Try some productive procrastination, and by that I mean there’s a strong probability of a Crash Course type video relating to your finals is on YouTube. Watch it. Then give yourself ten minutes to get lost within the weirder depths of YouTube while feeling good about yourself for having done something slightly productive.

Overheard: The people living above me (not God) keep throwing parties and I’m so close to hurting them.

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The sun is literally setting on this semester, so get crackin!

Whether you are simply heading home for winter break, feeling nostalgic in your senior year or getting ready to leave Columbia and return (like me) from a study abroad program, this is a list of all the things you absolutely must do before you go – so forget about your GPA and get cracking.

1. Take cute insta pics from Low and Butler

2. Climb Hamilton. (Like Everest but the 7th floor is duller)

3. Get over 1000 likes on buy sell memes a.k.a become an icon

4. Get into 1020 without being carded

5. Have an awkward encounter with a Tinder match

6. Befriend someone in EC (if you’re a Barnard student)

7. Sign in a bunch of Barnard students and feel immensely powerful (insert Gandalf joke here)

8. Take a festive picture with Alma

7. Call Hartley Hospitality for at least one minor inconvenience

8. Dedicate a draw to all the free merch you have collected here at Columbia (from NSOP to tree lighting, you know you still have those t-shirts)

9.  Eat a jumbo slice at Koronet past midnight

10. Stick to the floor of at least one frat’s basement

11 through 20, coming right up after the jump!



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PSA (Columbia Cares)

Stressed? Tired? Miserable? Overworked? Finals and flu season are upon us which means you’re probably spending a significant amount of time in Butler (if you’re one of the lucky few who managed to find a seat) trying not to cough and sneeze all over the place.

So cheer yourself up by kicking your reading week off with FREE neck and back rubs along with free Stressbuster merch from 6-10pm in Butler 203.



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Bwogline: The Alabama election is today. This election is important as its outcome will indicate the extent to which the ‘Me Too’ movement has affected the nation. In a last minute rally, Moore and his wife made statements like “One of our attorneys is a Jew” citing fake news for not relaying this important inclusive fact about his character. (The Guardian)

Baking my way through finals

Study Tip: If you’re always feeling tired when you finally stop procrastinating and actually begin to work perhaps you’re not drinking enough water! Daily hydration will not only help with focus, clarity and creativity but it will benefit your memory process.

Music:  Whether it’s blissful background music or a gentle depression that you’re after, Jessie Ware’s album has you covered.  (Jessie Ware – Glasshouse) 

Procrastination: Watch baking videos on Youtube or better yet pop on over to Broadway to spend money you don’t have on food you don’t need but really deserve.

Overheard: “That exam was f*cking awful, I honestly thought they handed me the wrong paper for a good 5 minutes”

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Happening in the World: The Supreme Court has sanctioned President Trump’s travel ban – pending legal challenges from California and Virginia – which bans travelers from six mainly muslim countries (Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.)  Seven out of the nine supreme court Justices lifted the injections: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor were the only judges to dissent. (BBC)

We have a building named after this guy or something

Happening in the U.S: Despite the multitude of sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore, the Republican National Committee has resumed their endorsement and support of him. Moore’s running against Doug Jones for the Alabama senate seat, with elections taking place on December 12th. (The Guardian)

Happening in NYC: Dr Vagelos and his wife Diana have donated $250 Million dollars to Columbia University. $150 million of this will fund financial aid programs at Columbia, with medical students with the greatest needs benefiting from grants. Subsequently, the Columbia College of surgeons will be renamed in their honor. (NYT)

Happening on Campus: Are you looking for an intellectual and wholesome way to procrastinate? Then join the director of Women Poets at Barnard Saskia Hamilton and Pulitzer prize winning author Hisham Matar for an intimate reading of some of their popular works at 7pm in Barnard Hall 418.

Food of the Day: The jumbo tub of cookies from Trader Joes that are $3.99 make me incredibly happy.

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Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree metaphorically. I’m actually in Butler. One does not rock in Butler.

Happening Around the World: In case you’ve been living under a rock, America has a new princess. Actress Meghan Markle, best known for her role as Rachel in ‘Suits’, is engaged to Prince Harry of Wales. The engagement has been subject to significant media attention as Ms Markle is biracial which has been seen as shattering of some of the class and racial taboos associated Britain and its monarchy. (Washington Post)

Happening in the U.S: Whilst the Flint Water Crisis made national headlines and garnered international attention when it was exposed three years ago, it appears the U.S. continues to have an ongoing and growing water problem: more than 1,000 drinking water systems across the U.S. have failed basic safety standards. (BBC)

Happening in the NYC: Before you sink into the post-Thanksgiving blues, remember it’s nearly Christmas and thus the annual tree lighting ceremony at the Rockefeller center is here. Head on down to Rockefeller Plaza between 7-9pm to see the lighting, performances and more! Or stay warm and watch it on NBC.

Happening Around Campus: There will be a screening of ‘Law and Order’ producer Carolyn H. Balcer’s new film ‘Above the Drowning Sea’ in Butler 203 at 5pm, followed by a meeting with Balcer.

Food of the day: I tried something new so you should to. Grab fresh samosas for three dollars at Roti Roll Bombay on Amsterdam Avenue (they also deliver until midnight).

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Happening in the World: Collapse of coalition talks within Germany has led to Chancellor Angela Merkel hinting at a potential election rather than work with a minority government. (The Guardian)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I know it’s definitely not my train!

Happening in the U.S: For a bit of doom and gloom before your holiday break, the Trump administration has decided not to renew Temporary Protected Status for nearly 60,000 Haitians. The Department of Homeland Security have defended this decision by asserting the conditions created by the 2010 earthquake no longer exist. (The Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: This one’s for all of you who have ever had the misfortune of using the subway. Following research into  New York’s failing transportation system which found delays were up by 4.5%, the Riders Alliance plan to distribute ‘subway delay action kits‘ in the hope of implementing change. (CBS)

Happening on Campus: If you’re not heading home for Thanksgiving Break, pop over to the Miller Theatre at 6pm to see the Brooklyn-based Brazilian band Regional de NY in concert.

Food of the day: Head on down to Milano Market’s deli counter and pretend you cooked a Thanksgiving brunch, literally everything there is so good.

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Disclaimer: The irony of this journey is not lost on me, considering that practically every weekend since the beginning of NSOP has concluded at some random EC suite because Columbia’s nightlife is pretty abysmal and, let’s face it, EC is probably our saving grace.

 Nonetheless the tale of my upheaval is still very much a tragedy…

It was midterm season and ominous brown patches began to form on our ceiling, but as everybody knows this season means the typical CC student becomes a sleep deprived ‘festive’ walking mess (is this state limited to midterm season? I’m still unsure). Consequently, I considered the weird poop-like marks to be a mere figment of my increasingly limited imagination and went back to sleep since self-care is important. The next day I had awoken from my precious slumber to find the disturbing patches had doubled in size, so we called the oh-so familiar Hartley Hospitality Desk; we call them so much they hate us – that’s a lie the love us, shout out to hospitality! They soon dispatched someone to deal with our shit.




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Happening Around The World: The Iran-Iraq border was struck by an earthquake which has injured 7,000 and killed 400 people. Homes in the mountainous area surrounding the quake zone are particularly vulnerable as they predominately made from mud and brick. Approximately 70,000 need shelter and the UN have released a statement saying they are ready to assist. (BBC)

The Good Stuff

Happening in the U.S: The ‘Weinstein Effect’ has created a ‘Me too’ movement, emboldening a multitude of individuals around the world to speak out against sexual assault and harassment. Allegations are piling up in Capitol Hill as Ms Beverly Nelson became the fifth person to accuse Alabama senator Roy Moore of sexual harassment. This is not an isolated incident as over 1500 aides have signed an open letter asking for mandatory sexual harassment training and reform. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: New York Cares Coat Drive officially kicks off today! New York Cares has organised the city’s largest coat drives for the homeless, collecting over 1.8 million coats in the last 29 years. Check out their map for your local drop off point here.

Happening on Campus: The Committee to Protect Journalists and Columbia’s Journalism school are hosting a panel on the International Press Freedom Awards at 12pm in the Pullitzer Hall – three of the awardees will be attending the panel.

Food/beverage of the Day: It’s that time of year where everyone is sick and thus I willingly consume fruit and veg. Juice up with Nussbaum’s $5 freshly squeezed orange juice because self care is important.

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Happening Around the World: Instead of viewing current events with our normal gloom, on a lighter note, scandal has erupted in the U.K as a British MP is being investigated for violating ministerial code by asking his former assistant to purchase sex toys for him and a colleague. (The Guardian)

The White House

Happening in the U.S: Facebook have released figures ahead of a Senate hearing which highlight the level of impact ‘Russian-linked’ posts had on American users, with findings indicating up to 126 million Americans saw the 80,000 Russian-backed posts. (BBC)

Happening in NYC: A bill to lift the prohibition-era ban on ‘social dancing’ today is being brought before the City Council. If the Cabaret Law is repealed, New Yorkers can dance to their hearts’ content (or until the booze wears off) as the approximately 24,000 establishments that don’t have a Cabaret Licence will not be subjected to raids – at least not in the name of ‘social dancing’. (NYT)

Happening on Campus: If you have free time – in that case you’re remarkably lucky – head on over to Jerome Green Hall as the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment and the Columbia International Arbitration Association are co-hosting a talk with Professor Jan Dalhuisen, where he will discuss the complex role of international arbitrators.

Food of the Day: It’s that point in the semester where you’re slightly broke and slightly dead inside, so treat yourself to a trip to Tom’s since they have student discount from Monday ’til Wednesday.

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Is it a lightsaber?

Happening Around the World: Nicaragua has signed the Paris Climate agreement, which means the U.S and Syria are the only two nations in the world that are not united in an attempt to tackle climate change. This is of particular significance because Nicaragua had refused to sign the agreement in 2015 despite suffering from several disasters linked to climate change. (BBC)

Happening in the U.S: If you have left your precious spot in Butler in the past few weeks, you probably noticed it’s unusually warm for this time of the year. Officials have attributed this to warm winds from the southwest, and expect things to get chilly just after Halloweekened. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: Whether you vape to complement your hipster aesthetic or because you seriously need a tobacco substitute, e-cigarettes will too be banned in all public indoor spaces in New York. Governor Cuomo signed the bill yesterday which has since sparked debate over the risk and benefits of e-cigarettes. (NYT)

Happening on Campus: There is a discussion with the Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe, Dr. Muižnieks at 7pm in the International Affairs Building, room 1219.

Food of the Day: Three for two dollar mini pastries at Westside.



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Happening in the World: Remnants of Hurricane Ophelia (which has killed three people in Ireland so far) were noticeable throughout the United Kingdom as the skies turned orange, causing a flurry of apocalyptic Instragrams. Meteorologists attribute the ‘red sun phenomenon’ to dust and debris from forest fires in Iberia. (BBC)

Whisky Tango Foxtrot

Happening in the U.S: The Governor of Florida Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in advance of white supremacist Richard Spencer’s talk at the University of Florida. Officials have said this was to help local law enforcement effectively coordinate with other agencies rather than a heightened threat. (Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: NFL team owners will be meeting in New York City today to discuss the issue of  ‘taking the knee’ and will hopefully be able to reach a compromise. Colin Kaepernick started his peaceful protest against racial injustice in 2016 and the protest has since divided the nation. (BBC)

Happening On Campus: When was the last time you went to Miller Theatre? Regardless you now have an excuse to go and procrastinate as artist Lina Puerta has transformed the lobby with her new installation from her ‘Botánico Series’. Additionally, Miller Theatre will be holding a creative conversation with Puerta at 5:30pm.

Food of the Day: $12 BBQ wings at Mel’s. They’re 50 cents on a Monday. Treat yourself.

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“Work Work Work Work Work Work” – Rihanna sold us a sad truth

This is a PSA! Today is the last day in which you can drop courses from your ridiculously busy schedules. Remember that class you registered for but have never actually been to? Or the class you signed up for just because the TA was cute? Well you have until 9:30pm tonight to drop it before you’re stuck with it for the entire semester.
So if you’re one of the overly ambitious earthlings here at Columbia (and let’s be honest, that’s everyone here besides me) now is your last chance to do so. Seriously, stress culture is real, save yourselves.



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Gold boxes are art and capitalism is life, welcome to 2017

Happening Around The World: Whilst we ignore impending WWIII, Tinder have launched a ‘Menprovement‘ feature. This new anti-harrasment feature called ‘reactions’ allows women to throw virtual martinis over abusive men because that’s what we all do in our heteronormative Sex & the City lives. (The Guardian)

Happening In The U.S: Mass evacuations were announced last night after wildfires broke out across California’s wine counties. The Fire Department have referred to this as one of the most destructive outbreaks California has ever seen. (BBC)

Happening In NYC: Chatroulette has been hipsterfied! Shared Studios are hosting an art exhibit in Times Square that is absolutely perfect for all you millennials out there. The interactive exhibit consists of gold shipping containers that you can enter, take selfies in, connect with people from around the world and be involved in deep discussions of identity, migration and more.

Happening On Campus: The Columbia University College Republicans are hosting Islamophobe and former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) Tommy Robinson in Lerner Hall at 8pm.  But, if controversial nationalism isn’t your cup of tea, you can pop along to a Book Talk with Alison Crossley, author of ‘Finding Feminsim’ at 5pm in 304 Barnard Hall.

Food Of The Day: Chocolate Häagen-Dazs (Yes mum, this counts as food) which is currently on sale at Morton Williams!



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Happening Around The World: Following violent clashes in Cameroon, Bamenda is on lockdown. Whilst the lockdown isn’t official, internet services have been shut down in the region and although MTN (the countries largest internet provider) cited “internet problems” as the cause many suspect that internet in the region is being deliberately blocked. (BBC) 

Kendall fix this with a pepsi please

Happening In The U.S: In the wake of yesterdays tragic events, gun and ammunition manufacturers across the United States have seen a rise of up to 3% in their shares. Economists attribute this to fears/anticipation of tighter gun control. Disturbingly these stock surges appear to be on trend, as shares rose following the tragedies of 9/11 and the San Bernardino attack. (BBC)

Happening In NYC: When flicking through your favourite festival pics, you may remember the infamous ‘Fyre Festival’ (the luxurious festival in the Bahamas promoted by models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner) that turned out to be a cataclysmic event leaving masses of people stranded in the Bahamas. Billy McFarland, the man behind the event, pleaded not guilty to two counts of fraud at Manhattan federal court earlier this week. (NY Daily News)

Happening On Campus: Want to procrastinate creatively? Head on over to a special screening of Bronx Gothic; a coming of age story that combines dance, drama and comedy in Barnard Hall at 7pm, which will be followed by an in conversation session with actress Okwui Okpokwasili and director Andrew Rossi. Alternatively, you could pop along to 418 James’ Room, Barnard, at 7pm to enjoy the Queer Awareness Month Opening Ceremony.

Food Of The Day: Looking for fuel for those late Butler nights? Grab a one dollar white chocolate, cranberry and macadamia  cookie from Nussbaum!


Person 1: “F*ck, I can’t believe I have midterms already, it’s not even the middle of term”

Person 2: “Dude I know, wasn’t NSOP like..last week?”


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