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Love You.  Mean It.

We love you even when we’re away

Now that it is really our official “fall break,” Bwog is taking a much needed respite to repair the Shore/campaign/hike/study for pushed-back midterms catch up on Hulu.  We’ll stop in every so often to make sure you’re doing alright, but otherwise we will be making good use of our time off, and you should too. 

Power has been restored to Lower Manhattan, but recovery is still a long process.  Good thing we have telethons and resilience. (Reuters, NBCNews, BuzzFeed)

In a shocking turn of events, the Knicks won a game.  In a less shocking turn of events, the New York City Marathon was canceled. (Hangtime, Chicago Tribune)

This Tuesday is Election Day!  Romney is making one final campaign push while mathematics argues it might be too late. (Fox, The Atlantic)

Animals are taking over! (HuffPost, Wall Street Journal)

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"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

After #OWS’ recent eviction from Zuccotti Park, many questions remain: Is this legal? What happens next? Is there “life after #Occupy?” Most importantly, why was Hipster Cop not in on the raid? (WSJ, NYT, Slate, Gothamist)

As owners and players refuse to budge, and both sides prepare to take the issue to court, will the NBA season be completely canceled? (New Yorker)

Not even a lockout or the #OWS crackdown can stop Jay-Z’s love of self-promotion, as the Nets held their own rally in downtown Brooklyn yesterday—but did anyone show up? (NYT)

Seeing as how neither a sex scandal nor this guy have sunk his presidential chances yet, will Herman Cain’s latest gaffe on Libya have much of an effect on voters? (Guardian, MSNBC)

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A $250,000 gift to the University from two B-School alums facilitated a week-long Global Core workshop in May, which resulted in the creation of five new classes. (Spec)

$2.5 Million in venture financing was given to Codecademy, a start-up focusing on computer science education that was founded by Columbia graduates undergrads this last summer. (NYTimes)

2.3 Million people lost power along the East Coast yesterday due to the freak snow storm. (NYTimes)

23% versus 22%. That’s Herman Cain against Mitt Romney in the latest Register’s Iowa Poll. (Des Moines Register)

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So long, and thanks for all the free food.

Broke? Hungry? Luckily, you’ve got quite a number of  options to chose from tonight and we’re here to help you navigate the smorgasbord of free food at your fingertips.

At NYClash, teams from Columbia, Fordham, NYU, and Rutgers square off on an eternal question that has perplexed many a puzzled pre-frosh: Liberal Arts or Engineering? For everyone else, there will be free snacks and refreshments from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Roone Arledge Auditorium in Lerner, provided by event hosts Columbia Debate.

If your hunger (or intellectual curiosity) can’t be satiated by a mere snack, the free food and profound moral questions continue at the Undergraduate Philosophy forum.  Pick up free pizza and soda at 8 pm in Philosophy 716 and tackle topics revolving around ethics, Western society, and their place in the American liberal arts education.

Finally, if that’s sounding a bit too intellectual for you (or if you still have room for more), get a different, but still completley free, taste of Columbia at the Bollywood Antakshiri Night.  Ahimsa and the Organization of Pakistani Students will be providing a wide variety of free foods on the menu tonight, including dosas, samosas, spinach and cheese naan, and mango lassi.  The event will be held in Lerner’s Satow Room on the fifth floor, starting at 8:30 pm.

Update: Even more free food! Election-Ready will be having free Havana Central empanadas (in addition to other undisclosed snacks) in the Lerner Broadway Room from 7 to 9 pm.  The event is sponsored by Latino Heritage Month 2011, Caribbean Students Association, Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters, and the Columbia Political Union, to ensure that we won’t be making uninformed decisions in 2012 on an empty stomach.

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Mitt Romney

R. Glenn Hubbard, the Dean of the BSchool, author of your Principles textbook, and Inside Job star, will lead the Economic Policy team of Mitt Romney, Spec reports. Hubbard has been advising Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts and candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, for a year.

Hubbard wrote the introduction to Romney’s plan for job growth, which was released yesterday. The plan proposes cutting corporate tax rates, reducing the power of labor unions, and reducing government spending (and is well-covered on Politico). This coming year, you can be sure to expect more politics on campus, as the 2012 election race gathers steam.

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No Labels even provides confusing animal-symbolism to further disorient their now label-less followers! Apparently No Labels jacked this design from http://www.morepartyanimals.com/ourstory.php without getting permission. That doesn't sound very bipartisan of them...

No Labels even provides confusing animal-symbolism to further disorient their now label-less followers!

On Monday No Labels took over Roone Arledge Auditorium, and Alex Jones was there to check out all of the super-exciting bipartisan action.

The event started at the ungodly hour of 8 a.m., and began with an address by the four “founding leaders.”  What followed can only be described as uncomfortable. No Labels commissioned Akon to write a song about bipartisanship‚—because Akon is the post-partisan hip-hop equivalent of Henry Clay, apparently. The crowd (mostly middle-aged to elderly) swayed back and forth to such inspiring lines as, “see a man with a blue tie, see a man with a red tie, so how about we tie ourselves together and get it done.” It was an auto-tuned, bipartisan sight to see.

In case you haven’t picked up on it by now, No Labels is an organization that would like to inspire bipartisan politics. So Democrats and Republicans take off their “labels,” forget which team they play for, and everything works much better. This event was the kick-off for the 2012 election cycle, and No Labels gathered a dozen or so prominent Republicans and Democrats to give short speeches in support of the No Labels ideology.

The speakers, however, didn’t have much substance per se, but instead stayed in the abstract realm of political no-nothings. In fact, it kind of sounded to Bwog like these politicians came here to whine about how hard things are now a-days. So things are difficult now, sure, but does bipartisanship really help at all?  Don’t we just want good-hearted partisanship? How about passing around Oreos and milk during every roll call vote? The No Labels event just doesn’t seem like a profitable exercise if they are only complaining about things going wrong and not proposing a solution.

D-NY Sen. Gillibrand. She rolled a 3-3-3.

Talking about what each speaker said doesn’t seem necessary because everyone just repeated permutations of the same basic argument:

  1. Hyper-partisanship is worse than ever
  2. The people need good government more than ever
  3. We’re basically fucked

If you write those statements twice each on a die, and you roll that die three times, you have just drafted a speech with as much coherency and importance as was given by each speaker. So sleep well knowing that something out there is wrong, and some people are concerned about it, but it’s anyone’s guess how to fix it. Sounds a bit familiar.

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