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img September 07, 20131:00 pmimg 13 Comments

While CU Bike Share’s racks may not be fancy enough to prevent you, FFS don’t park your bike on them!


Dear Bwog,

I noticed that there are a bunch of nice-looking “Bike Share” bikes parked in front of Lerner. How do I get one?




Dear curious bikeless biker,

2013 seems to be the year of the bike share, with new programs cropping up here in New York City and in San Francisco. As it turns out, the bikes in front of Lerner are from Columbia’s own bike-sharing program, run by none other than the EcoReps!

EcoReps’ Bike Share goal is to provide Columbia students with a “healthy and green transportation alternative” — for free. To get into this program, all you have to do is attend a 45-minute training session sometime in the next few months. Bikers who participated in the pilot program last spring are grandfathered in.

Starting on Monday 6 September 2013, trained bikers will be able to check out the keys to their noble steed from the Hartley Hospitality Desk every day starting at 10 AM — no questions asked as long as you return it before they close at 7 PM.

Plans for more bikes and a web-based checkout system are in the works, and will be implemented if enough people are interested. Let’s face it, though: Bwog is just happy that Columbia’s Bike Share doesn’t cost more than the subway.

You can sign up for a training session here and find Bike Share on Facebook or by email.

And please don’t park your own bike in the Bike Share rack. Bwog is watching.

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img November 29, 20112:00 pmimg 10 Comments

Bwog received a email from Dean Terry Martinez about Columbia Public Safety’s successful apprehension of a bike theft suspect. After receiving a tip from a CC student on November 22nd, Public Safety followed up and managed to arrest the suspect for “attempted bike larceny, criminal mischief, and possession of burglary tools.” In light of the recent crime around campus, even this small victory feels particularly comforting. Check out the full security update below:

Please be advised that on November 22, 2011 Columbia University Public Safety received a tip from a CC student regarding suspicious activity in a potential bike theft. As a result, Public Safety Officers were able to apprehend the suspect and NYPD arrived on the scene to arrest him for attempted bike larceny, criminal mischief, and possession of burglary tools. A special thanks to the student for alerting the authorities.

As always, if you have any information about the recent crimes or recall any unusual activity, please do not hesitate to call Public Safety at 212-854-5555 (4-5555). Thank you in advance for partnering with us to ensure the safety of our community.

Terry Martinez
Dean of Community Development
and Multicultural Affairs/
Associate Dean of Student Affairs



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img October 05, 20115:30 pmimg 13 Comments

So wonders the confused Columbian: “I’m thinking of getting a bike. Should I get a bike? I looked on Craigslist, but I’m not sure.” Should you get a bike? Probably, for many reasons: exercise, free transportation, swag, ability to join the MBR sans rental fee. Now that we’ve convinced you, here’s how to buy one and what to do with the damn thing.

The first real grip I ever got on things/Was when I learned the art of pedalling--Seamus Heaney

Where to Buy It

  • MODSquad is just across the very un-bikeable Morningside Park. They have a 10% Columbia discount (which makes a big difference on a such a sizeable purchase) and when you get something fixed, they’re super friendly! Ask, and they’ll show you the tricks of their trade.
  • Innovation Bike Shop on 106th and Columbus is a good pit stop to top off saggy tires (and buy bike-related merch).
  • You knew it was coming: Craigslist. You can just get a bunch of cheap stuff on this glorious website. And, unlike your futon, you don’t have to carry a bike twenty blocks—you can ride it! Arrive ready to walk if the bike isn’t up to snuff. And as a rule of thumb, always offer half their asking price. Craigslist is a buyer’s market.

Where (and How) to Keep It

  • Lots of people keep ’em under their beds. Most two-wheelers fit perfectly below an XL twin, but squishing your beloved bike under the bed and or weaseling it out can be a workout on its own.
  • You can hang your bike from your ceiling or wall, especially if you live in a dorm with mounting brackets.
  • Some people get a bike stand, which is the best option for a suite of multiple cyclists.
  • Harmony Hall has bike storage in the basement, provided you can find it.
  • Lock your bike. And get the good stuff. You need a u-lock and chain, and even that isn’t a guarantee. Bolt through the frame and front wheel, and cable through the back. How much you invest on security may depend on whether you have a utilitarian, rusted mountain bike or a carbon-fiber miracle of science.

Great. Now where do I take it?



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img March 09, 201110:30 amimg 3 Comments

You can't fake that attitude.

Mailman School of Public Health announces a new interdisciplinary center to study the science of aging. (Columbia)

Students and residents protested outside Columbia’s Harlem employment information office Tuesday, claiming that Columbia has failed to provide the jobs it promised as part of M’ville. (DNAinfo)

Although neither may be great, Ferris is more sustainable than John Jay. Also Dining makes their own jam? (Spec)

The producers of “Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark” are delaying performances to let the cast rest and rehearse more. (NYT)

Some folks in Brooklyn are suing NYC, seeking to remove a bike lane on Prospect Park West. (NYT)

Google just up and deleted some applications from all Android phones. (Android Developers)

Disillusioned hominid via Wikimedia



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img March 02, 201110:00 amimg 2 Comments

Is this puppy napping or just overwhelmed?

President Obama announced the 2010 National Humanities Medals yesterday. One was awarded to our very own Jacques Barzun. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

NYC is planning a bike-share program of 10,000 bikes at 600 stations by 2012. And supposedly they’ll turn a profit!  (Your Olive Branch)

Qaddafi gave a speech denouncing rebels as terrorists and repeating, “It is the people who rule.” (NYT)

See an imagined scene from Two and a Half Men, composed of Charlies Sheen’s different interview rants. (Slate)

Prince didn’t pay $700k in legal fees, now he’s getting sued. (International Business Times)

Wise words: tis better to stop the cycle of self-hate and take it easy… (NYTimes)



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img November 24, 20109:45 amimg 4 Comments

If only this were the bike-sharing we meant.

The Bloomberg administration has plans for this cool bike-sharing thing, and they think they have a plan to deal with theft and graffiti.  Talk about idealistic! (NYT)

There was an unusually violent fight at Rikers, and officials won’t say why.  Bwog suspects inmates are understandably upset that Weezy is gone. (NBC New York)

Other people are picking up on the CUSJP checkpoint protest/counter-protest.  We’re a forum for dialogue!  (YNetNews)

CUIT is considering switching to Google Apps, but apparently they  “[haven’t] heard many student complaints about CubMail.”  Also, apparently some people still use CubMail at all instead of forwarding.  Come on, people! (Spec)

Update: Those new TSA scanners may cause cancer, according to a Columbia doc.  (The Consumerist)

Image via Wikimedia,7340,L-3988387,00.html



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img October 16, 20105:30 pmimg 2 Comments

The neighborhood seems to be getting a face-lift this week. Perhaps you did not notice? Bwog did!

  • The Starbucks espresso machine that had broken down, causing considerable distress, has now been repaired.
  • Hartley lounge is is getting new windows. Everything is covered in plastic and the doors have been locked for days…
  • The main entrance to Butler took three days (they said it’d only take one!) to undergo improvements but is now open. Numerous other renovations are taking place, resulted in unexpectedly locked doors and caution tape in the stacks.
  • Some new bike stands have cropped up on street corners around campus (like outside of Ollie’s).
  • International has decorated for Halloween in one window, and sold out to corporate sponsorship in the other.
  • Cardomat t-shirts have arrived! Now everyone can be cool!
  • Condoms are now being sold at Liz’s place. You have to ask for assistance because they are kept in a locked box (but why would you when you can get them FOR FREE??)
  • Mel’s accepts flex, a significant step in its quest to become the most quickly established student destination of all time.
  • Columbia turns into Hogwarts! Magic exists!



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img June 04, 201012:10 pmimg 4 Comments

Anna sez: hooray for bike lanes! Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The UWS’s first protected bike lanes are coming to Columbus Avenue between 96th and 77th Streets. Full Metal Jacket star Michael Modine and NYT‘s Ethicist Randy Cohen are pleased.

Infamously unpleasant people doing unpleasant things: Barnard prof Georgette Fleischer is joined by Anna Wintour in a quest to keep New York City quiet.

Former Fruit Paunche prez and B&W Campus Character, Colin Drummond, CC’09, showed up in a Lowe’s commercial.

More coverage of Tuesday’s eminent domain hearing in Albany.

JSchool blog The Brooklyn Ink scoops everybody with an interview with new billionaire Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov.



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img April 07, 201010:00 amimg 7 Comments

Photo via Wikipedia. This bad boy is expected to go once the EC Townhouses run out.

Don’t be late–check your appointment time!

The Core, topical? Leymah Gbowee champions the positively Lysistrata-esque sex strike and more to fight for justice and women’s rights in the Congo and beyond. (The Daily Beast)

New York is now the eighth-most bike-friendly city in the country. Not so, cry the Williamsburg Hasids! (New York Post)

Today in “Things You Didn’t Know About Yourself”: university-educated women drink more than their non-college peers. (Gothamist)

Would you like a side of weed with your meal? (The New York Times)

Haakon’s Hall v. Yelp: death match! (Spec)



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img February 23, 201010:26 amimg 3 Comments

The New York Times is collaborating with not us NYU Journalism School on a new news platform, covering the East Village. (Yahoo)

In a bizarre twist to the recruitment video phenomenon, Tufts now offers the option to applicants to submit videos to YouTube as part of their application. (NYT)

A Columbia student on Survivor! (CBS)

The ever-popular History of the City of New York class’s midnight bike ride could be threatened by new biking legislation. (Spec)

PrezBo knows about free speech. (Chronicle)



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img October 11, 20099:16 amimg 12 Comments

That’s probably because everyone loves bikes – you’d be hard pressed to find a cooler eco-friendly, transportation-providing accessory. Turns out the Upper West Side loves bikes, too. After receiving an anonymous tip, Bwog’s detective squad found a new reason for excitement for local bike enthusiasts – Community Board 7 has officially approved the Dept. of Transportation’s proposal to add bike lanes to Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.

Though the details of the D.O.T.’s plan remain a mystery, Bwog assumes that the bike lanes mentioned in CB7’s Oct. 6th resolution will run the length of CB7’s jurisdiction – from Columbus Circle to 110th street. Will bike lanes soon grace our own little stretch of Amsterdam? Hard to say, since attempts to contact our own CB9 have yielded naught, and the ‘Resolutions’ and ‘Meeting Agendas’ sections of the CB9 website appear conspicuously empty. But we’ll update as soon as CB7 gets back to us.


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img September 14, 200910:07 amimg 10 Comments

Bring a bike and start doing stunts…


…including balancing above a real live person’s face (after the jump, plus a YouTube video of some of the stunts). (more…)

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