The neighborhood seems to be getting a face-lift this week. Perhaps you did not notice? Bwog did!

  • The Starbucks espresso machine that had broken down, causing considerable distress, has now been repaired.
  • Hartley lounge is is getting new windows. Everything is covered in plastic and the doors have been locked for days…
  • The main entrance to Butler took three days (they said it’d only take one!) to undergo improvements but is now open. Numerous other renovations are taking place, resulted in unexpectedly locked doors and caution tape in the stacks.
  • Some new bike stands have cropped up on street corners around campus (like outside of Ollie’s).
  • International has decorated for Halloween in one window, and sold out to corporate sponsorship in the other.
  • Cardomat t-shirts have arrived! Now everyone can be cool!
  • Condoms are now being sold at Liz’s place. You have to ask for assistance because they are kept in a locked box (but why would you when you can get them FOR FREE??)
  • Mel’s accepts flex, a significant step in its quest to become the most quickly established student destination of all time.
  • Columbia turns into Hogwarts! Magic exists!