On Poor Decisions

Asenso Ampim, CC’11, has produced a song addressing the inevitable post-finals decision: “EC, Heights, or Campo?”

Try not to let it get stuck in your head until after you finish that last exam.  You can download the mp3 here.

A Last Booze-Soaked Night With Your Classmates

The shadowy group only known as “Senior Underground” has sent Bwog a message (by carrier pigeon, of course) that there will be a senior class gathering tonight at the West End to celebrate “our last night at Columbia.” Join your friends, and try not to send any texts you’ll regret

Last Blue and White Meeting of the Year: It’s A Fun One!

The staff of the Blue and White kindly requests the pleasure of your company at our last general body meeting of the school year, tonight, at 9:30 PM in the catacombs of St. Paul’s Chapel.

Join us as we bid adieu to the class of 2009 (picture in formal attire at right). We’ll provide the cause and accouterment for celebration, you provide the camaraderie and good cheer.


Inauguration Time!

Despite the cold, Columbians have turned out in force for the inauguration viewing on Low Plaza. If you were hoping to see Obama’s speech outside, prepare to stand at the back.

Whether you’re in DC, around New York, or on campus, send in your Inauguration Day photos to bwgossip@columbia.edu. For those of you staying in to watch the speech, there are a plethora of options, including C-SPAN and CNN.

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll: Farah Griffin

Trawling the weddings section of The New York Times, Bwog found out that Columbia’s very own Farah Griffin was married last Saturday.  She teaches English, comparative literature, and African-American studies.  She also directs the Institute for Research in African American Studies here and has written several books about jazz musicians.

The lucky man is Prof. Obery M. Hendricks Jr., who teaches “biblical interpretation” at the New York Theological Seminary (“in New York,” the Times notes).

Congratulations from Bwog!

All the Food in the World on Claremont

foodFor those of you who missed it, we’ll be getting you a full write-up of DSpar’s inauguration in due time. But from now until 6pm, there’s a proper party on Claremont full of food from at least several cultures to celebrate–do her proud!

Photo by Liz Naiden. More after the jump!






Washington Diarist: 4th of July Parade

For those of you who shied away from the fireworks and the humidity, here’s Bwogger Lydia DePillis’ dispatch from Washington DC’s 4th of July.

Washington DC on the fourth of July is the hothouse of American patriotism (in more ways than one). Having avoided it last year, this time around I thought I’d try immersing myself — kind of like seeing how long you can hold your breath underwater.

I didn’t actually end up doing the whole shebang. I only saw a section of the parade, and I skipped out on the Capitol Lawn extravaganza (complete with Taylor Hicks!). Perhaps that was why the whole thing never actually felt repellent: I hadn’t stuck around long enough for it to really sink in.

The parade, however, had a different twist than I was expecting. Sure, it had the blaring brass bands, the self-declared country western stars, West Virginia dairy princesses (okay, there was only one of those). But a good chunk was actually composed of immigrant groups asserting their love of America. (more…)

Guide to the Weekend: Independence Day Edition

This weekend, America is turning 232, making it just slightly older than the Columbia College website. Traditionally, Americans celebrate their country’s birthday by cooking meat on grills outdoors and then watching fireworks. For this week’s Guide to the Weekend, we’ve consolidated a few events that will give you the opportunity to do just that.

Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular; 9PM

Prime Viewing Spots: Manhattan: East River Park, South Street Seaport, FDR Drive between 14th and 42nd Streets; Brooklyn: Greenpoint, Empire Fulton Derry State Park (in DUMBO), Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Brooklyn Independence Day Parade; Between 66th and 86th Streets on 13th Ave in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Head to 66th Street in Dyker Height’s for the 103rd Annual Independence Day Parade! Who knew Brooklyn had a 66th Street?  Featuring classic parade staples like floats and veteran marching bands.


Holi From Above

Tipster John Gardner sends photos our way of the Hindu Students Organization’s Holi festival. The annual springtime celebration features 1500 lbs. of paint for throwing at your friends and promises (threats?) of supersoakers. There will also be a classical dance performance explaining the origins of the celebration. It’s happening til around 2ish on the EC/IAB plaza. 


More aerial photography by John Gardner after the jump.


NYU Diaries: Godivas on Washington Place

April is not just Poetry Month, it’s also Earth Awareness Month. W.M. Akers reports on NYU’s valiant awareness-raising nude protest/celebration.

A civic-minded group of students took to the streets outside of the  main NYU buildings today, exhibiting their bodies and their concern for the environment. Timing their small march to coincide with the gap in between the 11 AM and 12:30 PM classes, they made a circuit of six blocks several times, chanting and cheering in support of Earth Month. 

They gathered at the east side of Washington Square a few minutes before noon to trade shirts, pants and brasseires for colorful war paint. Most of the men wore shorts and running shoes, while the women wore pants or athletic shorts and a bra or body paint. It was a few degrees too cold for comfortable nudity, and assorted nipples greeted the air cheerfully. Though they looked a bit silly, the participants had their message ready, as though they expected people to ask why they were running around topless.


Matsuri Festival!
Due to the less-than-pleasant weather, Columbia Japan Society has moved its Matsuri Festival to the Lerner Party Space. There’s also quite a load of free food down there, which they are encouraging students to come down and eat — not to mention $2 bento boxes, girls in kimonos, Wiis, quirky carnival-esque games and Hello Kitty raffle prizes (we kid you not). They party’s going until 8 PM. Go!



More stuff you shouldn’t have saved on a public computer.

We were able to get some take out Thai food, drag a couch left on a corner into an abandoned intersection and gaze at the wonder of New York‘s night time sky line. Oh, it’s beautiful. The Chrysler Building and Empire State Building are familiar statues, monuments even, (nearly) immortal peaks, while many other modern buildings reached up with varying statures, and the older buildings, all decorated with lights, splashed the sky with orange and green. It was a celebration for me; it seemed as if the city was celebrating with me.


Sometimes, however, torture is not the only way to prevent an attack.