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It may come as a shock, but the University of Havana (North) currently offers no philosophy class devoted to our patron saint, Karl Marx. Sure, half of the courses here analyze things “from a Marxist perspective” but there is no class that takes an in-depth look at Marx’s philosophy and its relationship to Hegel’s. But one group of ambitious sophomores are trying to change that. Vanguardists!

They’ve written a groveling letter to Professor Neuhouser of the Philosophy department, which somebody (lol) forwarded to Bwog. In the letter, the sophomores—”all of [whom] are professed Marxists or are at least very sympathetic to Marxism”—request that Professor Neuhouser create and teach “a semester-long seminar on Hegel/Marx, preferably either an entire course on the Phenomenology of Spirit and/or on Capital, Vol. I from a philosophical/historical perspective.” Because only professed Marxists ought to take such a class, or have a claim for one? Whatever, they’re Marxists, not liberals.

Professor Neuhouser has already offered to lead an independent reading group on Capital for these Very Young Hegelians, but they feel that they need a formal course as preparation to “fulfill what [Marxist philosopher Theodor] Adorno believed had been missed in his time: the realization of philosophy.” They’ll even promise Professor Neuhouser that they won’t sleep in class, sort of: “you won’t find any of us sleeping in such a class (okay, perhaps this may be an exaggeration; I personally sometimes have difficulty with my sleeping schedule).” Still, though.

It takes a while for a department to get a new course approved—remember “Occupy the Field”?—so the earliest this seminar could be offered would be next fall. But one thing’s for sure: if and when this class is eventually added to the syllabus, we’ll hear about it on Fox News.

Update: Professor Neuhouser has responded to the sophomores’ letter:

Next year I plan to teach Hist. of Phil. III and my Hegel lecture course. The latter especially would be good for students in your situation to take. I hope to be able to teach Eur. Social Phil. in 2014-15; when I teach that course we spend half the semester on Marx. (You could take that course even if you’ve taken it with Prof. Honneth, since the readings will be entirely different.)

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Bagels are eight cents more expensive at Nussbaum as of this past weekend. That’s 98 cents a bagel instead of 90 cents.

In other news, Marla Maples (who is apparently a real person that used to be married to Donald Trump) was seen at a CC info session on Friday with her teenage daughter, Tiffany Trump. The tension in this scene: Donald Trump hates PrezBo.

Learn things about our new basketball coach, Kyle Smith.

OK, back to bagel time.



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First, it was New York and Vanity Fair. Now, the very eminent and very British Financial Times analyzes the blogging zeitgeist.

The FT dares ask of bloggers the ultimate question of any Englishman:
WWOD–What Would Orwell Do?

For our own part, we’ve always insisted that all blogs are equal, but Bwog is more equal than others.

Answers after the jump. (more…)

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