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Big Pink Hear

From us to you

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Or, if you prioritize your platonic relationships over all else, happy belated Galentine’s Day! Either way, we at Bwog are excited to celebrate with cookies, pitches, jokes, and plans for the upcoming week. Meet us in Lerner 505 at 7pm to join in the festivities. Bring your significant other if you so desire! If you’re single, come and meet your future love interest! Or just chill with us and we can dish about what we all did for this special, romantic occasion.

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Lovebirds, if you’re looking for a bad romance, Stefon Bwog knows just the event for you. Columbia’s hottest event is Halcyon Magazine’s Date Auction. When it comes to true love, this event has EVERYTHING: a honeymoon on the yacht from Wolf of Wall Street (maybe), abs (maybe), human fanny packs (likely), and Courtland Thomas (definitely).

According to the FB event, Halcyon Magazine is “the only magazine for young photographers. We’re primed and ready to launch with an amazing team. To raise funds for first issue, we are holding a week long date auction … All profits will be going towards our magazine’s printing.”

Bid on dates with magazine staff members by commenting on their photos posted in the FB event. Dates include Greenwich Village brunch/beer, Hell’s kitchen beer crawl, and “a surprise.” Bwog is glad these Casanovas know beer is the height of romance. And not only are they hip photographers, but their descriptions also reveal that they’re self-proclaimed “Freshman Prodigies,” “Data Wizards,” and “Excel Sheet Masters.” Swoon!

Auction lasts from 11/10 to 11/14 at 10 PM. Bids start at $5.

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Tyranny is bad democracy is good and America is on top!

This week’s update: tyranny is bad, democracy is good and America is on top but watch out for China!

Today begins India’s elections, what will be the word’s largest democratic vote.  Democracy is, like, really cool. (NYT)

The State Department lost $6b and can’t really say where it went.  Bureaucracy, it makes mistakes. (Gawker)

Jeb Bush said in an interview on Fox News yesterday that crossing the border illegally can be “an act of love.”  Some American conservatives were angry. (Al-Jazeera America)

Speaking of immigration, the New York Times just published a report finding that two thirds of all deportations out of the United States were for minor offenses like traffic violations by people with no criminal record.  I guess sometimes America isn’t the best :/ (NYT)

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Bwog dunno wut 2 think of dis guy

We don’t know what to think of this guy.

This young couple in Afghanistan is willing to risk it all to be together. (NYT)

LSD ain’t coke but it’s still one hell of a drug, seeing as it hasn’t been used in a scientific study for about 40 years… until now.  Far out. (Gawker)

Colombia’s former president (no, not Eisenhower) has just been elected to the nation’s Senate.  This may present some problems but at least the dude’s got some persistence. (AJA)

Rob Ford, the extremely troubled mayor of Toronto who has survived a crack-cocaine scandal recently, tweeted his followers a reminder to turn their clocks backward for daylight savings time.  The only problem is that it’s spring forward.  Tbh Bwog isn’t sure if the insurmountable challenge is the crack scandal or daylight savings time. (Mashable, Wikipedia)

And one other thing.  Bwog just stayed up super late writing a long ass paper and wants you to know that you too can survive crack scandals, leftist oppositions, Schedule I substance classification, and ethnic/sectarian differences.  So go get ’em this week, comrades.

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Last month, the Columbia Alumni Association got real cute for Valentine’s Day, soliciting alumni for sweet, beautiful, poignant photographs and stories of their own “Columbia LOVE,” and they’re still taking submissions. We didn’t realize how damn adorable and old school they were until we perused the whole thing. The full photo albums can be found here and here, but we’re feeling sentimental, so here are some favorite snippets.

mom and son

Mom + Son: “You grew up in the campus. I remember the little boy running up and down the stone stairs next to the Alma Mater. You have been a fast runner since you could run. It still makes me nervous seeing those stone stairs and imaging a little boy running down with laughter. You loved to laugh when you were little. After I spent a whole day doing experiment in the laboratory, letting you running into my arms and kissing your big smiley cheeks on the lawns next to the college walk turned the campus a heaven to me.

You belong to Columbia. It was in your blood. It is home. You went right back to it eighteen years later. Now the Alma Mater around whom you used to spend your toddler years is the one of your own. You are studying in the same classrooms as I used to study. Seeing you walking around the campus side by side to the little running, laughing boy has made me fall in love with you and the school all over again.”

Bwog loves LOVE.



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Who is this man?  What is he doing?  He is even looking at me?

Who is this man? What is he doing? Is he even looking at me?

Congress has apparently decided that it won’t be passing serious legislation on privacy for the time being.  Instead, states will be responsible for making sure our search histories deepest darkest secrets aren’t available on the web.  (NYT)

THE RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES. AGAIN.  (NYT but also do you live under a rock?)

At least one person has officially written down in an NYT piece what we all have known to be true forever: your older iPhone gets way slower when updates come out.  This is because Apple is evil.  (NYT)

A state senator from suburban Los Angeles has just been implicated in a multi-million dollar corruption scandal.  The money went primarily toward golf and Las Vegas… America is totally fine guys! (Al Jazeera America)

Finally, it’s Halloween! Don’t forget to submit to our costume and pumpkin carving contests!


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It takes two to copulate

In these times of trial and tribulation, we could all use a little lovin’— and a new service backed by Senior Week hopes to fulfill your long-overdue fantasies of commitment-less sexual encounters via the Internet!

CUScramble allows anyone with a UNI (not just class of 2013!) to submit up to 13 UNIs of Columbians they always wanted to tap but never got the chance to. Ok, fine, you can also ostensibly use it to have an innocent coffee meeting with that person from your CC class whose full opinion on Marx you never got the chance to hear…but let’s be real.

Whether it’s that cutie on the other side of the lecture hall or the best friend you’ve never made a move on, now is your chance to find love in the depth of this darkest night. Here’s how it works: you submit your list of 13 crushes missed acquaintances, and if someone whose UNI you submitted also submits your UNI, your mutual desire will be revealed to the other party. Only mutual submissions are revealed, so your unrequited love will not be awkwardly made public; but that means the service only works if a lot of people submit.

So, go forth and fuck make friends, you frustrated masses!



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First comes love

We’re sure you’re counting down the hours until Valentine’s Day, but look no further, dear souls. Love is already all around us.

The Pentagon gets romantic. (NY Times)

Passion soars in Florida. (CBS)

Two entities collide. (KTLA)

A baby comes out of it all. (Washington Post)

S/he grows up in a truly new era. (USA Today, US News)


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It’s not about what’s inside this Furnald single, but what’s on the trippy whiteboard on the door. That is, a violent mishmash of radicalism, socialism, and Labour.

What do you make of this mix of brotherly love and mysterious movie references?



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Little Cupid has cast his spell on us all.

Chinese students just love American colleges, especially Grinnell. It’s okay though, we’re not jealous. They love Barnard, too! (NYT)

It’s hard out here for NYC’s  single, successful women looking for love. There just aren’t enough men to go around! (City Room)

Eating more carrots, leafy greens, and other foods high in carotenoids can make others find you more lovable (read: sexy). We knew it was a good idea to add “Eat more fruits and veggies” to our list of New Year’s resolutions! (The Week)

Egyptians love life post-Mubarak, but it remains to be seen whether the new Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will share their love for democracy. (Al Jazeera, NYT)

Reports say that Julian Assange has fathered at least four love children, ranging in age between 6 months and 20 years old. Just when we thought Assange’s love life couldn’t get any weirder. (HuffPo, NYObserver)

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In this week’s Cooking with Bwog, resident culinary expert and quasi-mixologist Matt Powell shows you how to make love potions for Valentine’s Day out of the two most potent aphrodisiacs known to man—chocolate and alcohol!

Like this, but chocolate and alcohol...and not in a heart-shaped bottle!

I may not be a mixologist, but I’ve always liked to experiment with different kinds of drink combinations. It probably all started when I was young. My mom would catch me mixing her good perfumes and expensive spices in a large pitcher… Let’s just say I’ve made some progress since then. At least my drinks are nontoxic now.

But seriously, these drinks would be perfect for your funny valentine. With a plenty of sweetness, they could be considered desserts in their own right. And they only take a split-second to make (as compared to the desserts from last week).

The Mephisto

Serves 2

In this drink Amaretto paired with strawberry ice cream to create a milkshake-like dessert.


  • 8 scoops of Strawberry Ice Cream
  • 1/4 C whole milk
  • 1/3 C Amaretto
  • 4 fresh strawberries, plus 2 for garnish




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True love may be foreign to The Blue and White, but the quest for it isn’t. Here we confess our hearts’ desires for the benefits of Columbia’s love-starved fops, aging professors, and resident perverts for whom the night has not yet been taken. Get inspired to submit your own personal!

Seeking Men

  • Anthro major seeks significant otherness.
  • Aspirational reporter seeks deepthroat.
  • BBM me hard!
  • You can’t capture my awesomeness in one line.
  • Or two.
  • Abstract theorist seeks something rock hard.
  • Bleary-eyed in Butler, we sat at opposite side of the ref room rable. We downed Red Bull and HamDel at four in the morning, our fingers numb from typing. Your eyes met mine, and at that moment, I realized: You’ll do.
  • 6, seeking 9

Seeking Women

  • They call me the freshman fifteen, because I’ll make you feel insecure and unattractive.
  • My dad’s in oil. You could be too.
  • Let’s take this Gchat off the record.
  • Like Narnia, but with sex.
  • I’d like to put my 1 in your 0.
  • DC native looking for below-the-Beltway traffic.
  • Cunning linguist seeks… friendship.

Whatever I can get

  • Uninhibited, wide-open, and robust.



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Need a special something for that special someone on a special budget? Let Bwog’s chocolatier extraordinaire Matt Powell show you how to make sweets for your sweetheart!

Why not make it yourself?

Like this, but made by you!

We’re approaching that dreaded time of the year. It’s the most stressful time for a boyfriend— treating him/her to something special and out-of-the-ordinary, and of course finding the perfect gift that says everything.

You can always get flowers. Flowers say, “I forgot that it’s February 14th, so I ran to Academy Floral and picked these up for you… and by the way, I love you.” Cue the cheesy smile.

Or you can get chocolate (“budget”= not both), because who doesn’t love chocolate? In my experience, it is always the best bet. Here are three of best chocolatey ways to say “I love you,” or at least, “I like like you, like, like like you.”

Homemade Truffles

(Makes 20-25 truffles)


  • 10 oz. bittersweet chocolate, roughly chopped
  • 1 C of heavy cream
  • 1 tbsp. sugar
  • 2 tbsp. butter
  • 2 tbsp. of your favorite liqueur (Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Kahlua, Crème de Cassis)
  • ¼ C cocoa powder

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Bwog found this loving little outlet outside Davis Auditorium. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that its love is returned. Such is the Columbia condition.



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Hewitt loves you like a fat kid loves cake and wants you to love cake too.

Photo by Lily Keane

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