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img September 24, 20118:00 pmimg 1 Comments

These last few weeks, Morningside Heights has seen a few yet snazzy improvements.

Also, in front of the circulation desks in 300 Butler, 16 computers have been revamped with Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Creative Suite. And look out for upgrades at the Digital Humanities Center (305 Butler), and  three new Macs in the Music and Arts Library (701) Dodge.



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img April 08, 20111:30 pmimg 13 Comments

Community's French toast is a force to be reckoned with

We all know that Morningside Heights contains a lot of good eats, but they haven’t always been taken seriously. Bwog’s Senior Foodie Diana Clarke reports that this is changing. Our beloved neck of the woods is finally getting the culinary recognition it truly deserves from city’s blogosphere.

Click the Morningside Heights tag on the excellent food blog Serious Eats NY, and you’ll find a mere 23 entries, 12 of them dating to 2009 or earlier. Compare that to the East Village, which has garnered over 40 posts since the beginning of 2011, and remember why people sometimes look at you funny when you tell them where you live. “Morningside what?” they ask. “Upper West Side,” you reply.

But no longer must Morningside Heights cling futilely to the Upper West Side’s culinary coattails, Zabar’s be damned! Ed Levine and the folks at Serious Eats have been giving Morningside some serious attention lately. If you look at the post-2009 entries, you’ll see that there are 6 posts from the last three months, which is exceedingly generous considering our modest pedigree and the fact that New York City is one of the most premiere culinary destinations on the planet.




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img April 01, 20112:47 pmimg 6 Comments

First a makeover, then a face lift, and now invasive surgery. So Decadent.



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img January 26, 20116:30 pmimg 48 Comments

You’ve heard of them. You may have seen them—pet them even. But to be certain, you have lived under their ever present shadow of doom. Bwog speaks of cats. And not just any cats, but the cats that live in the grocery stores, bars, and coffee shops of our dear neighborhood. You know you’ve spent hours in Butler looking at stupid cat pictures/videos, so read a little about the feline overlords of 10027.


Hungarian Cat

As indie as the average Hungarian customer, the Hungarian cat leads a life of quiet (and ironic) desperation. The cat is rumored to avoid phonies, and approaches only those who have read Pablo Neruda in the original Spanish. Better leave that Twilight and Shel Silverstein at home. This cat wants to hand roll a cigarette and talk some Nietzsche.

Milano Cat

Milano cat going in for the kill.

The grey and skinny Milano cat is very friendly, but you must approach slowly and in plain sight. After living in a cramped shop with 4-6 giant gourmet sandwich makers, the cat is understandably very quick to get out of your way if you are walking towards it. The cat can usually be found peering out from behind the cheese section, but has been known to venture as far out as the bread roll case. (more…)



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img March 10, 20098:10 amimg 21 Comments

A concerned discount fancier has informed Bwog that Milano Market, Broadway’s finest supplier of Italian cheeses and window bread porn, is no longer offering buy-ten-get-one-free cards. Apparently it was a managerial decision, one that Hamilton Deli will hopefully never ever ever make.

But don’t think of it as all bad. Yes, you’re losing a free sub or salad, but you’re gaining the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about another damn card in your wallet. The recession: relieving stress every day.



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img March 03, 200912:21 pmimg 3 Comments

 – Photo by JCD

No, the crime franchise isn’t adding a musical (although it now has a UK spinoff). Rather, trailers for Law & Order SVU are outside Milano Market right now! Although neither Milano nor any of the other establishments along the block are closed for filming, fear not: parking notices indicate that the trailers will be there until 10 p.m. 



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img September 23, 20084:44 pmimg 11 Comments

Exciting news concerning your Milano Market! Starting this Thursday, it will start accepting Flex Points.

According to a Milano cashier, the “exchange rate” will be 1:1 and all products will be Flex-friendly.



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img November 12, 20069:31 amimg 14 Comments

Eagle-eyed Bwog Editor Jessica Cohen noticed this interesting sign in Milano. 

Nothing like “freshly killed turkey” to stir the appetite! 

Thanks to Sumaiya Ahmed for the photo!

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