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“Our bookshelf is unlimited”

Lucy Sun, CC ’11, majored in economics and consults for Cognizant Technology Solutions. Lucy Sun is also “book therapist,” something she made up.

Said Sun in an email to Gawker, “Think of ‘book therapy’ as a mash-up between traditional therapy and the wise souls at your local bookstore.” Sun will choose a book with you, read it with you, and talk about it with you (for $30 per hour).

Admittedly untaught in either books or therapy, Sun does note that “the Core Curriculum is notoriously lit-heavy.” Asked by Bwog how much of the reading she actually did, Sun replied, “I did all the Core reading. I went to Columbia for the Core, and I loved the Core.” She added in a subsequent email: “Like, I took fewer classes all throughout college so that I could do my Core reading, is how much I loved it.”

Sun told Bwog that she’s gotten two client inquiries since she put the fliers up two weeks ago: “Mostly, it’s just people talking about the idea of book therapy itself, or the gall I have to propose the idea.”

If you’re interested, “Book therapy sessions take place over coffee or tea in Prospect Heights.”

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If you’re still looking for a way to make yourself useful this summer, check out LionShare for hands-on opportunities clearly relating to your academic pursuits that totally won’t require extra explanation in future interviews:

"Applicants must be competent and confident in a wild environment"—does Campo count?



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where dreams come true

Which seat can I take?

The Grammys were last night!  Adele learned you can take an awful break-up and parlay it into 6 awards, viewers learned who Bonny Bear Bon Iver is, and Nicki Minaj pissed off Italian grandmothers everywhere. (Reuters, Fox News)

Though our Occupy class never came to fruition, students at other universities are getting schooled in the Occupy movement. (USA Today)

Students learning numbers have even more job opportunities—humanities majors are learning how to more convincingly give an outward shrug while having an internal panic attack. (NY Times)

Brown learned from Harvard that when your city’s in trouble, you’ve gotta be a friend and help it out. (Bloomberg)

On a more serious note, Greece is learning that avoiding a default is a tough battle.  The passing of heavy austerity measures by the Greek Parliament led to violent riots in Athens and other cities. (CNN)

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Back in the day...

Technology ruined baseball.  And Times Square.  Or maybe that was Bloomberg and the throngs of tourists. Either way, Times Square is getting an overhaul to make it, if you can believe it, “minimalistic.” (NY Daily News)

In one of the most poorly kept secrets of all time, it’s official: Jay-Z and a small consortium of Russian billionaires are “moving the Nets to BK.” Same name, new stadium. (NYT)

Technology isn’t all that bad though; IBM and handful of other companies are planning on pumping $4 Billion research dollars into New York State. (CNET)

Your newly bought Macbook Pro is safe too! Three suspects have been arrested for snatching laptops after a joint operation with 26th Precinct and Columbia Public Safety, after thefts at Hartley, ADP, and Theta. (Spec)

Now you’ll finally be able to Tweet and update your status from the comfort of the 14th Street Subway Station with the arrival of AT&T and T-Mobile wireless. Don’t hold your breath on the remaining 271 stations; the rollout costs upwards of $200 million dollars and is expected to be completed in 2015. (Gothamist)

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Is there food inside?

As part of a Microsoft “meet the company” event, Columbia’s IEEE branch will offer free food, free t-shirts, and the chance to win an Xbox starting at 7:30 pm in Davis Auditorium. Be sure to mumble something about microprocessors while you’re pretending to be an engineer and nabbing all the goodies.

Ghost of computers past via Wikimedia Commons

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