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img October 29, 201312:16 amimg 14 Comments

According to, there’s just been a home invasion at a Columbia apartment at 535 West 111th street (most likely University Apartment Housing). Police are looking for three males with masks and armed with guns, and NYPD Mobilization 1 was requested; according to Spec, there’s no information aside that from the police press line. Stay safe/in your dorms, folks.

Update, 10:30 am According to DNAinfo, three men knocked on the apartment door and entered when one tenant was there. They stole cash and a cellphone before the other roommate arrived–and then they attacked him. The man was taken to St. Luke’s and has since been released.

Update, 12:40 pm Dean Kromm just sent out a flyer, which included these images of the suspects. According to her, there were actually four people involved, and the robbery happened at 10:20 pm. Anyone with information should call NYPD detectives at (212) 678-1351.



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img April 30, 20128:30 pmimg 19 Comments

Scary stuff. Public Safety just warned the Columbia community that a little after midnight last night, two students were robbed while walking through Morningside Park. The two were approached by five or six males, one of which showed the students his gun. Here’s the full report:

On April 30, 2012 at about 12:18 a.m. two students were robbed as they were walking through Morningside Park. The victims were accosted by a group of five-six males. One of the suspects displayed a handgun. The suspects took property from both victims, and fled in an unknown direction.

One victim described the male with the gun as being in his twenties, dark skinned, and about 5’5” in height. She described the others as being in their twenties and dark skinned.

If you have any information about this crime, or the suspects, notify Det. Padin at the 26Pct. Detective Squad at 212-678-1351.

Please remember that New York City parks are not generally open to the public at night and alternate routes should be used when the parks are closed.




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img April 15, 201210:57 pmimg 78 Comments

Really frightening news: Public Safety just warned Columbia students about an attempted sexual assault and a mugging earlier this weekend. On Friday evening, a woman jogging in Riverside Park was nearly sexually assaulted. Later that night, a man was robbed on Claremont Avenue and LaSalle St (up by 125th street). Here are the two alerts from Public Safety:

Sexual assault:

The New York City Police Department has reported that on April 13, 2012 at about 6:00 p.m. a female jogger was the victim of an attempted sexual assault in Riverside Park near W. 119ST. The victim reported that she was jogging in the park and was accosted by a male, who attempted to sexually assault her. She was able to fight the victim off and he fled south out of Riverside Park. The police provided the following description of the suspect: Male/ Hispanic /25-30yrs/light complexion/5’8”/stocky build/wearing a dark baseball hat, grey sweatshirt, blue jeans and a dark backpack with thin straps. If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, contact the 26Pct. detectives at 212-678-1351.


On April 14, 2012 at about 4:10 a.m., a student reported that he was assaulted and robbed as he was walking south on Claremont Ave. near LaSalle St. The victim reported that a male accosted him, demanded his property and knocked him to the ground. The victim was able to flee and call the police. The victim provided the following description: Male/ dark skinned/ 6’/slim build/ wearing a Cincinnati baseball cap and dark clothing. The victim believes there may have been a second suspect, but has no description. If you have any information about this crime, contact Det. Rojas at the 26Pct. Detective Squad, tel. # 212-678-1351. Remember to remain aware of your surroundings when traveling at night and to limit the use of your electronic devices in public areas.



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img November 21, 20111:34 pmimg 27 Comments

What’s with all the guns these days? C’mon criminals. What is this, the 80’s? Below is the security alert released by Dean Terry Martinez. Bwog will update as we learn more.

The New York City Police Department has notified us that on November 19, 2011 at about 2:05 a.m., two students were the victim of a robbery on W. 122 St. near Amsterdam Avenue. The victims were talking when they were approached by two males. One of the suspects displayed a firearm, while the second took the purse of one of the victims. The suspects fled south on Amsterdam Ave. in a black sedan. 

The Police Department has supplied the following descriptions: 

Suspect # 1- Male/Black/5’8”/20’s/wearing a dark hooded jacket/light colored baseball cap/jeans/sneakers Displayed a silver automatic. 

Suspect # 2- Male/Black/30’s/6’-6’3”/medium build/ dark jacket/baseball cap/jeans/sneakers. 

If you have any information about this crime, contact the 26Pct. Detective Unit at 212-678-1351. If you observe anyone acting in a suspicious manner or you feel threatened in any way, call the police immediately by dialing 911.



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img April 23, 201110:19 amimg 2 Comments

This is what an exoplanet *could* look like.

Though this article refers to real people who live in apartments, the same logic holds true for dorms. Stop buzzing signing in random “Columbia students”—they could be robbing you blind! (City Room)

Gamers, don’t let the Man tell you World of Warcraft is lame—it could help you find love. (NYT)

A leaked memo from the good physicists who run the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva states the possible discovery of the Higgs boson subatomic particle—could they really have found the “God particle”? (Wired)

Though we would have liked to have sent our congratulations, we are forced to convey our condolences to New York sports fans. Our beloved New York Knickerbockers lost to the Celtics last night, 113-96. (NBA)

The future is imminent…and e-waiters could be a part of it. (Slate)


Hypothetical rendering via Wikimedia Commons



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img October 15, 201010:00 amimg 6 Comments

Open (read: gender-neutral) housing at CU–it could happen! (Spec)

This is a bed bug.

Columbia Professor Marc Lamont Hill is suing a Philadelphia police officer in a civil rights lawsuit. Though the police have yet to comment, Bwog suspects that, like Bill O’Reilly, the police officer may have thought Professor Hill looked a bit like a cocaine dealer. (ABC News)

The bed bugs’ newest target? The Met Opera House. Is nothing sacred anymore?! (Gothamist)

Some people never learn. A man botches a bank robbery one day after finishing a 22-year sentence in federal prison. (Gawker)

Young voters giver President Obama a piece of their mind. (NYPost)

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img September 30, 20106:54 pmimg 12 Comments

Public Safety has just informed us that a student was robbed of her cell phone by two males last night at the Wien Gate. One of the suspects grabbed the student’s cell phone from behind, and as she struggled with him, she fell to the ground. The suspects then fled the scene to Morningside Park.



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img August 09, 201011:33 amimg 41 Comments

Public Safety sent out an alert this morning about two related armed robberies that occurred late last night. On 110th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam, three victims were robbed in two separate incidents around 1:30am. One of the victims was also assaulted and knocked to the ground. The official police description of the suspect is “Male / black / dark complexion / 30’s / 6’ / 300 lbs / stubble on face / red baseball cap / white T shirt / dark pants.”

There is no word on whether the victims are associated with the university in any way. If you have any information that will be useful to investigators, you are urged to contact the 26 Pct. Detective Squad at 212-678-1318.

Full security alert after the jump.




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img January 28, 20102:53 pmimg 16 Comments

After an attempted robbery at Banco Popular on 111th and Broadway this afternoon, much of the block as been blocked off. We’ll update you as we get more information.

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