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Is it Monday already?

As the GOP primaries come to a close, one thing’s for certain: the Tea Party is dead. (Daily Beast)

The Giants won the Superbowl! But it, ain’t over till we say it’s over. It’s time to judge the best and worst TV ads from last night. (Slate)

Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook is worth more than a billion dollars. But, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, director of the Gender and Policy Program at Columbia says we still have to put a kibosh on that whole sexism thing. (NYT)

Speaking of Facebook, you thought when you deleted your account in time for your summer internship, those pictures would go away, too. Hate to break it to ya, stud. (Ars Technica)

Is the Labor Movement dead? Former Speccie, Raphael Pope-Sussman joins the debate over unpaid internships, whether they’re legal, and how your mom should stop nagging you what unions should do about them.  (NYT)

Art Hum lives on. And so does Jackson Pollock. (Brain Pickings)


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Calling some bros, making some predictions

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, which means it’s time to make your predictions! If you’re not into the whole sports thing, you can predict other stuff too. What shape will the pasties be? (Suntimes, MTV, ESPN)

According to some, Ivy style will be making a comeback this spring. Not to brag or anything, but we totally called that one. (WSJ)

Columbia Professor, Joseph Stiglitz, calls how the recent activity in Egypt will effect the economy. (BusinessStandard)

Due to inclement weather, New York has extended Restaurant Week to February 27th. Call and make your reservations now! John Jay won’t be jealous. (NBC)

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Gearing up for tonight’s big game? Drop by the following joints for special Superbowl deals and steals:

Havana Central

$29.95 for assorted empanadas, all-you-can-eat shrimp salad, Cuban sandwiches, vegetarian stuffed peppers, rice and beans, and ropa vieja and all-you-can-drink mojitos, sangrias, draft beer, and soda

Village Pourhouse

$40 for all-you-can-drink Bud Lite and all-you-can-eat wings


Unlimited free food

CampoThe Heights, and 1020, arent offering any Superbowl deals, but 1020 does admit to being “a pretty cheap bar” anyway. Sure! Instead, find free wings (but likely poor TV service) in most campus residence halls and free pizza and snacks at the 5th floor of the Hillel Building.



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So the Superbowl’s tonight. Whoohoo and etc. One good thing this does mean is that you are at liberty to eat and drink lots of food and beer to quell the nagging feeling that you should be in Butler. May we suggest:

Browsing through the local establishments and ordering online.

Lion’s Head is offering $7 pitchers of beer.

Nacho’s is doing $25 wings-and-Coors Light.

The Heights has 75 wings for $50. (Lame.)

Havana Central has wings-and-pitcher for $15 and a special Super Bowl appetizer menu.

(The other bars wouldn’t answer our call, but when they do, we’ll let you know.)

Finally, everyone’s favorite secretary of state did an interview with ESPN in which she weighs in on the upcoming game. Bizarre.

But not as bizarre as Prince!




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Everyone knows the Superbowl is about the commercials so let’s all thank Google Video for aiding the marketing cause and putting them online so quickly. Recommended viewing after the jump.

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