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Cooking with Bwog: How not to fuck up your fudge

Since putting something into an oven (virus infested or not) is really scary, this week’s installment of Cooking with Bwog brings you a few tried and true fudge recipes that you can make in the safety of not-your-oven.

Stove Fudge

3 packs (4 oz ea.) German sweet chocolate (break into bits)

1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

1 can sweetened and condensed milk

1 cup pecans or other nuts

2 teaspoons vanilla (not necessary if you don’t have it, rum is a good substitute)

More nuts to put on top (if you want)

Grease or butter of some kind

A sauce pan, a low dish, pan, or tupperware to put the fudge in, and a spoon

Butter a pan that you can pour the fudge into to set. Melt chocolate stuff in the saucepan over very low heat – make sure to stir. Remove from the heat and stir the condensed milk, nuts and vanilla. Pour into the greased pan and put it in the fridge until firm.

Even easier recipes after the jump!

Microwave Fudge

1 lb. powdered sugar

1/2 cup cocoa

1/4 cup milk

1/4 cup butter

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 cup nuts

Dish to store the fudge in, microwavable mixing bowl, spoon.

Grease the dish for storing the fudge. Put powdered sugar and cocoa in the microwavable mixing bowl. Stir. Add milk and butter but don’t stir. Put it in the microwave uncovered for two minutes. After heating, stir briefly and add the vanilla and nuts (too much stirring will make the chocolate crusty and hard). Pour into the greased dish and let it set in the fridge for an hour.

No Cook Fudge

7 tbsp. butter

6 tbsp. cocoa (steal this from John Jay)

1 egg, beaten

1 tsp. vanilla

3 cup powdered sugar

1/3 cup nuts (optional)

Bowl, pan, spoon

Melt the butter (okay, so you do have to cook something. But technically you could just set the butter on your heater or in a metal cup inside of some hot water from the tap and it would melt). Pour into a bowl and add cocoa, stir. Add beaten egg and vanilla. Slowly blend in the sugar, only adding 1 cup at a time. Add nuts if you’re going to. Press into a pan and stick it into a fridge for 15 minutes.


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  • here's to says:

    @here's to Exposing yourself to salmonella in the last recipe. I hear it’s a great way to lose weight. Rename to “Cooking/Dieting with Bwog.”

    1. not really says:

      @not really i’ve been eating raw cookie dough / cake batter for almost 20 years and i’ve never gotten salmonella (knock wood). very few eggs actually have the bacteria to begin with, and if they do it really only becomes a problem when they’re are left out at room temp for a long time (thus allowing the bacteria to grow enough to actually make someone sick) – as long as they’re in the fridge it should be fine…

  • such a says:

    @such a credible source:

    “…the American Egg Board estimates the likelihood of an egg containing salmonella is approximately five one-thousandths of one percent. At this rate they suggest, if you’re an average consumer, you might encounter a contaminated egg once every 84 years!”

    they can’t possibly have any ulterior motives.

    “The American Egg Board (AEB) is the U.S. egg producer’s link to the consumer in communicating the value of the incredible egg. As the egg industry’s promotion arm, AEB’s foremost challenge is to convince the American public that the egg is still one of nature’s most nearly perfect foods.”

  • seriously? says:

    @seriously? you guys are arguing over eggs? seriously?

    1. hemann says:

      @hemann Since this is Columbia, yes we WILL debate our fudge and our eggs.

  • I wish says:

    @I wish there would be more stories tagged “Fudge-a-licious” on Bwog. Honestly, who can hate fudge, let alone anything that’s ‘-a-licious’?

  • I dunno says:

    @I dunno personally I’m far more enchanted by the “kittens” tag.

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