Boringside Heights: What We Talk About When We Talk About Bagels

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Bagels are eight cents more expensive at Nussbaum as of this past weekend. That’s 98 cents a bagel instead of 90 cents.

In other news, Marla Maples (who is apparently a real person that used to be married to Donald Trump) was seen at a CC info session on Friday with her teenage daughter, Tiffany Trump. The tension in this scene: Donald Trump hates PrezBo.

Learn things about our new basketball coach, Kyle Smith.

OK, back to bagel time.

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  1. ...  

    and nussbaum continues to be the most overpriced and overrated eatery in morningside heights

  2. ba-gel

    google image search: valuable source of filler material.

  3. Anonymous

    well, that is cheaper than absolute bagels, which I think are pretty good. annoying bakery the nussbaum place

  4. semiotic analyses  

    what {i, you, he, she, it, we} talk about when {i, you, he, she it, we} talk about {bagels, running, north korea, miley cyrus, obama, rejection}


  5. aw man.  

    i was hoping for a mobius strip bagel.

    way to disappoint, bwog. :(

  6. Marla's no Donald  

    For you young uns, too newly-minted to remember Marla Maples, whom Donald married after dumping Ivana, you probably don't realize that Donald dumped Marla about a month before her pre-nup would have kicked in to allow her a huge settlement in case of divorce. She had reached her expire-by date, in other words, and had to go.

    So I'm thinking that any tension between Donald and Bollinger can only make Columbia MORE attractive to her.

  7. SF Sex Toy

    Love the idea of cutting the bagel into thin little pieces. Never thought of that before.

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