Boringside Heights: The Bigger Picture Edition

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From the largest interdisciplinary fortress to the tiniest of urban meadows, no news is irrelevant. It’s about the bigger picture.

A broken chain has been spotted on Low Plaza, trespass while you can!

There is construction going on outside Nussbaum & Wu, so there is no outside seating (perhaps irrelevant in these current climes)

Butler Cafe was awarded an A grade in a sanitary inspection. Bwog abounds in Blue Java Pride.

There are men up in the trees, stringing lights for Christmas. If you’re lucky you’ll catch a test run.

Best of the Rest:

Entrance to the North-West Science building has been revealed. It is surprisingly roomy north-west-a-ways.

Pinnacle is undergoing transformation into Uni Café… it will probably still be kind of gross.

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  1. Hooray!

    When is the lighting ceremony?

  2. Frustrated  

    dear bwog, pleeeeeeeeeeaseeeeee tell me which room in the library is not 500 zillion degrees. : ( it's so stuffy everywhere in butler!!

  3. Anonymous

    Whoa, "it will probably still be kind of gross"? Way to put down a small business making efforts

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