The Final Countdown

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Father Time, always harshing your mellow

Sorry kids, Spring Break is over. The seven weeks between now and the end of the semester give you just enough time to let that suntan fade while you camp out in Butler (but do it ethically!). While you’re waiting for the return of lighter hues, here’s what to look forward to. (For added drama, turn your speakers up to 11 and let this play while you read.)


  • March 21: Lottery numbers posted OOPS they did this already
  • March 29 – April 5: Suite selection
  • April 11: General selection

The Future

  • March 24: Last day to drop a class (SEAS), Last day to P/D/F
  • Week of April 11th: Fall 2011 class registration



  • May 2: Last day of classes
  • May 3-5: Reading period
  • May 6-13: Finals


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  1. random ..  

    when is sophomore formal?

  2. BUM  

    Da na naa naaaa. Da na na na naaaa. Da na naa naaaa. Da na na na na na naaaa...

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