Boringside Heights: Forrealz This Time

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So many things have happened this week that it’s almost too much for us to process. There are changes everywhere, new things abound—all this excitement might be dangerous for Bwog’s heart health! Though we may have had a little fun with yesterday’s posts, we promise that today’s edition of Boringside Heights is totally legit. Feast your eyes on the newness of it all!

In Picture-less News:

  • The fruit carts are back! We know we say this a lot, but come on, guys—spring is totally here!!
  • Joe now has a coffee cart manned by some of your fellow Columbians! They’re only serving pre-brewed coffee as of now, but we’re sure they’ll learn the ways of latte art soon
  • A quart of milk at Westside is now $1.39, up 20 cents from the original price. We are not pleased.
  • Saving the best for last: H&H Bagels may (or may not) be served at Uni(brow) “Café”!!! In some serious investigative reporting yesterday, Bwog called Uni “Café” regarding the rumored presence of these famous bagels at their establishment. After hemming and hawing about the irregularity of bagel shipments, a Uni “Café” employee confirmed that the store will sell “H&H Bagels sometimes, but not always.”

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  1. anon  

    Nussbaum is obscenely expensive for mediocre products. I paid $7+ for a bagel and a large lemonade. I say only go there if you're planning to staying there to study or chat with a friend; it's not really worth it for its food.

  2. Mozzarella stickler  

    "Bwog is tired of awkwardly joining ones that *are* already occupied."

  3. Those Book Culture seats  

    look unsettlingly similar to Columbia dorm sofas.

  4. Anonymous  


    Plain cream cheess bagel is now 2:25. 30 cents up from the 1.95 it was.

  5. H&H??  

    I will never understand the obsession with H&H bagels--they're puffy, bland, and completely inauthentic. Why not support Absolute Bagels, which are both better and local?

    I still miss Columbia Bagels--they were the best, chewiest, maltiest bagels in town.

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