Submissions are still coming in for our contest, which ends on Sunday.  So just keep your mouth shut till then and you won’t be embarrassed.

Italians, cover your ears.  From Helen K.

A group of elitist freshmen monopolizing the Westside cheese aisle: “Mozzarella?! No! That’s peasant food.”

Sounds about right, Alex J.

Drunk girl counting out loud to Bigga: “Things I’m good at: 1. Partying 2. Sleeping 3. Being drunk 4. Being awesome.  Am I too sexy to be inside?”

We were wondering the same thing.  From Anonymous.

Barnard girl: Yeah, didn’t you all get Illiads in the mail before you came to school?
SEAS guy: I’m in SEAS, we didn’t get a book or anything.
Barnard girl: Nothing? They didn’t even send you a calculator?

Freshmen…or seniors?  Sylvie K.

“I’ve literally never done my course reading.” 
“Me neither. Is he going to start doing that ‘calling on people’ thing soon? Ughhhhh”
Yikes, Courtland T.
“I know this sounds racist, but…” from a girl walking past Butler. 
Serious advice.  From Aria S.

“In case of fire, always evacuate. Because you can die!!! And that sucks.”  This is exactly what my Graduate Hall Director said during our building meeting on Monday night.

We still love you, Lexie S:

A freshman with a big white bow in her hair sat down next to me in a class today and asked where I lived. I told her EC and her retort was as follows. “EC, oh you’re old.” She then proceeded to turn around and talk to someone else that wasn’t as ancient as I.

It’s all Greek to me.  From Sameea B.

“No, well… Phi Beta Kappa is like, related to gpa and magna cum laude and stuff…Sigma Nu’s a fraternity…”

Spotted by Zack N.

too real?

Kid in front of me the first day of Gulati