lucky numba 7

We’re so happy for us

Seven lucky years ago, Bwog emerged from a womb of coding to shake things up and bring smart opinions on relevant and important discussions.  We’ve had our fair share of growing pains, both big and significant as well as kind of ridiculous.  Bwog definitely has loads more growth to go through, but at least now we know where and how to live, and our tummy muscles are growing with all this food.

Despite periods of change and discovery, it’s important to remember that some things stay the same: we will always find the food, and PrezBo’s hair will never stop being majestic.

Bwog might be young in years, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating.  We thank you from the bottom of our coded heart for staying with us through our ups and downs and look forward to many more memorable experiences.

Love & light,


Good enough to eat via Shutterstock