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In light of yesterday’s news that sophomore Chad Washington was charged with a hate crime and the allegations that more people were involved in the incident, many were intrigued by the CU Football team’s impressively unprotected Twitter accounts. An hour ago, WKCR Sports tweeted a link to an Imgur album with a good number of screencaps.

Taking it a step further than sending links to each other with a “Holy shit people like this exist?,” we’ve compiled a smattering of astoundingly horrible, offensive, and just plain awful things your classmates on the football team (your classmates!) have tweeted. There are racist, sexist, and homophobic tweets—see for yourself.

Here are four ones that are racist against Asians.

  • Sean Brackett, captain (@SBreezy_10): Idk which has more Asians…nail salons or Columbia U??
  • Chad Washington (nine_duce): This asian dude can barely speak though…
  • Thomas Callahan (@thomaspcallahan): Asian is such a fucked up language #BANGBANG
  • Thomas Callahan (@thomaspcallahan): Do Chinese people just call Chinese food “food”? Is there a Chinese word for food, or is it just a bunch of weird noises like other words?” [Callahan has since deleted his Twitter, but you can read his whole stream here]

Also noteworthy: as WKCR Sports mentioned, the Athletics Department knew about these accounts—several have been mentioned by the official football Twitter account and many are followed by coach Pete Mangurian.

On another note: the Office of Multicultural Affairs has met with the Asian American Alliance.  Student leaders David Fine, Wilfred Chan, Tim Qin, and Abdul Hanif have also met with the Dean of OMA, with the conclusion that: “We urged strong condemnation of alleged acts without drawing judgment on the person who allegedly committed the hate crime.”  They also mentioned an emphasis on protecting the victim and his identity.  There should be a longer statement coming along soon.

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