Embrace your basic-ness in the latest installment of Whine & Cheez.

Embrace your basic side in the latest installment of Whine & Cheez.

This week’s Whine & Cheez reviews Josh Ostrovsky’s, or as he is better known on Instagram as The Fat Jew, debut wine label. Since White Girl Rosé’s debut in the summer of 2015, The Fat Jew has issued a sparkling Rosé called BABE, which is Oprah’s personal favorite, and Family Time Is Hard, a Pinot Grigio delicious enough to distract you from your horrible family at the holidays. Still, White Girl Rosé has remained a staple in the lives of basic college students.

While not the most complex Rosé, White Girl Rosé has sweet, delicious hints of jolly rancher. It is a bit watery, which does not affect its high alcohol content. It is advertised as being super crispy, which is true but hardly befitting such a basic wine. While it is refreshing, the Rosé is on the heavier side and a bit buttery. The Rosé does not have a weird aftertaste so the juvenile tastiness lingers in the palette after consumption. It tastes an awful lot like most White Zinfandel.

The almost hot pink liquid contrasted with the white packaging makes the wine the more aesthetically pleasing. Bring this wine as a present to more casual parties or to cheer up your stressed-out friend post-registration/midterms. Like The Fat Jew’s reposted content on Instagram, you can’t help loving it.

Photo courtesy of White Girl Wine