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Obama goes down

After their second body meeting on the subject, on Tuesday evening the Dems endorsed Senator Russ Feingold’s plan for withdrawal from Iraq within six months of the bill’s passage, defeating the Obama plan by a healthy two-thirds majority of members present. Now they’re planning a big wing ding for March 20–the fourth anniversary of the […]

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Manhattan poll takes calculated, er, “responsible” stance on expansion: city’s “success…difficult to absorb”. There’s always Bounty. Mudd to get greener (does that mean less muddy, or more?) Police rubber-stamp 11-block strike walk… …but in opinion, we find self-conscious Iraq caution, and the same message with a lot more braggadoccio…plus, to top it all off, love is […]

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A digest of activisty news we missed from the last week. Copycats! Over at UCLA–which showed up on our “WTF” radar last year because of that taser business–protesters actually shut down a talk by some Minutemen-affiliated speakers. (note: This is not the Minuteman Project, but the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.) Or, rather, according to the site above […]

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Coalition Against War strikes to cut ties with the only guys actually winning in Iraq I Think This Shit Is Pretty Sweet Skiing: A Great Southern Tradition Before the Creative Writing Major, Nobody Majored in Creative Writing? Kulawik Offers To Save School “oh, $93,743”    

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Lieutenant Colonel Isaiah “Ike” Wilson, a visiting professor at SIPA on loan from West Point, has a more than academic understanding of the Iraq War, having studied it from both an historian’s and a commissioned officer’s perspective. Bwog editor Sara Vogel caught up with Wilson before class to talk about bad planning, doing better, and–of […]

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Simeon Kimmel reports: At an anti-war event sponsored by the Working Families Party yesteday, folks discussed different strategies for pulling out of Iraq. A particularly innovative approach was suggested by an older woman, complete with tied bonnet and cane: “We won’t end this war until we’re all vegetarians,” she hooted. “The corpses are piling up […]

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Unhappy Anniversary

Last night, in honor–or perhaps dishonor–of the third anniversary of the United States’ invasion of Iraq, five respected pundits, representing a (mildly) broad swath of the political spectrum, came to Miller Theater to discuss what we did, where we are now, and what we ought to do. Our correspondent David Plotz Lecture Hops it. Three […]

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