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Gettin’ Heard and Gettin’ T-Shirts

Bwog Eager Inquisitor Chloe Eichler reports from Monday night’s CCSC Town Hall. Last night, the CCSC asked to hear from you at its Town Hall meeting. And you told it to quit bothering you: you were going downtown to a bar. The overwhelming theme was school solidarity, or lack thereof. In quick succession, students ticked […]

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Freedom Takes On Multiple Forms for College Days

Today marks the start of College Days, a week-long celebration of all that is Columbia spirit and pride, in which we are all united in our collective love for free things. The feature-film related theme of the week is “Admit One”, which strikes us as a bizarrely exclusive title. Regardless, there’s a wealth of free […]

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Princeton Invades Morningside Heights

Those roguish pranksters from Princeton’s marching band have done it again. The band stopped by the Butler Library lobby just a few moments ago to blast Columbia midterm studiers with a drumline routine and plenty of brass honking. Although it’s possible the Princetonians were simply lost, Bwog chalks up the visit to pre-homecoming game merrymaking. […]

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Class Act: It’s Time for Another Rendition of “Roar, Lion, Roar”

Embracing all things collegiate, Bwog joined the class of 2012 last night in Roone Arledge Auditorium for Class Act: Advance Screening. Day One of NSOP challenged the wily troop of 12s with long lines, dorm room design, and familial farewells followed by awkward introductions and icebreakers.  But no odyssey draws to a close without its […]

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Gray Lady: “I am Light Blue”

Two Columbia-related articles of interest in the New York Times recently: First up, an op-ed from physics professor/Colbert Report interviewee Brian Greene sent to Bwog from tipster Lucy Tang. In a piece currently #1 on the Times‘ Most Emailed list, Greene recounts receiving from a letter from a soldier stationed overseas from whom Greene’s book […]

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Rah rah!!

While Coach Jones of the Columbia men’s basketball team may or may not be running a side puppy taxi business, the women’s team is certainly seeing great success! Last night, the girls stunned UPenn 70-61. Currently at 3-2, another win will set Columbia to tie for first place in the Ivy League division. Tonight the […]

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