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Yum yum in the tum

I’ve spent a lot of my time here on Bwog (perhaps too much time) writing about my favorite campus subject…the dining halls. This article will be no different. This time, we’re having a go at classifying each dining hall under the framework of Plato’s Five Regimes, which any CC student might be all-too-familiar with.

  1. The Kallipolis = JJ’s Place. This city-state-slash-dining-hall is ruled by true philosopher-kings, embodied by the incredibly wise and thoughtful JJ’s staff (see: the pure genius of the recent Bob’s Burgers event). Order, harmony, and happiness are abundant.
  2. The Timocracy = Diana. Victory, honor, and spirit are valued here (e.g. preserving the line for the smoothies). Well-divided into separate parts a.k.a very organized, food-wise. Not that bad.
  3. The Oligarchy = Hewitt. Driven by necessary appetites; you kind of just want to get in, eat, and get out. Nothing more and nothing less. Divisions of types of foods and types of people get blurrier and blurrier (Why are there athletes here? It’s not even Meatless Monday?).
  4. The Democracy = Ferris. Well-intentioned, but ultimately chaotic. You can find all sorts of values and people here, like Plato’s metaphor of a quilted coat. Freedom is king here – everyone just wants space and freedom to move and eat as he/she would like. No order or harmony at all.
  5. The Tyranny = John Jay. Promises a lot, but delivers little. Do you really need an explanation on this one?

Haven’t gone to Ferris since September lol via Bwog Archives



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Tell me this isn’t just the cutest lil store interior you’ve ever seen.

ShopHop is a new series featuring different shops around the Morningside Heights community, from little-known stores to Columbia staples. This ShopHop focuses on Flowers by Valli, a conveniently-located store that provides all the decorative plants you might need.

Nestled among the traditional MoHi mainstays of Community Food & Juice and The Heights, Flowers by Valli brings a smell of roses and a spot of the green in the intersection of 112th and Broadway.

The shop provides a variety of colorful plants for purchase, most notably an extensive section of trendy cacti and succulents (see below). Other types of plants sold include:

  • Sunflower stems
  • Jade plants
  • $5.75 bouquets
  • Hanging plants
  • String of pearls plants

Although the shop owner could not be reached for comment, one of the workers, George, is usually behind the counter and incredibly nice to talk to. If you buy a plant, George will be also wrap your plant in cute lil’ wrapping paper decorated with red rosebuds. (more…)



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Shannon Marquez will be the new dean of Undergraduate Global Engagement, Columbia College announced early this morning via press release.

With Marquez at its helm, Columbia’s Office of Global Programs and Fellowships will undergo major transitions this fall. Expected changes include a rebranding as the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement and “an expanded mission to enhance access, support existing programs and develop new opportunities to pursue global education.”

With a background in global environmental health and international programs, Marquez was most recently vice provost for international development and a professor of global and environmental health at Drexel University. She has also held faculty appointments at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Global Health, Temple University, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and the University of Iowa.

What did Deantini say about her



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lol never

In early June, the New York Times (NYT) published an article about McBain Hall’s safety violations. After citing historical failures in its building maintenance, the piece depicted Columbia as ignoring a “façade so decrepit that city inspectors have issued several violations for the risk it posed to the public.”

While this incident might initially seem aligned with Columbia’s well-publicized record of facility issues – particularly in regards to response times to residents’ most urgent needs – the situation, in reality, proves more complex. Rather than simply a willful ignorance on Columbia’s part, McBain’s current number of high-penalty violations ultimately arrived from fundamental disagreements between New York City’s Department of Buildings (DOB) and Columbia Facilities.

The DOB’s Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) is divided into five-year cycles, with each building inspected once every cycle. Cycle 7 ran from 2010-2015, while the current cycle, Cycle 8, began in 2015. During an inspection, a third-party engineer, hired by the building owner and licensed by the NYC government, classifies the building as either Safe, Safe With Repairs and Maintenance (SWARM), or Unsafe.

In Columbia’s case, the third-party engineer who inspected McBain was from FacadeMD Architects and Engineers, a firm with a record of projects including the Newark Museum to the 14th Street W and Ritz Carlton Hotels. During Cycle 7, the FacadeMD eRecngineer deemed McBain as SWARM, meaning that the façade had a few repairs that needed to be completed before Cycle 7 ended, but was otherwise safe.

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Tbt to when Kanye visited campus. Yep, this really happened.

Bwogline:  Melania Trump will announce her formal platform as First Lady during a Rose Garden event today. Past First Lady platforms include Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program working against child obesity, as well as Laura Bush’s “Ready to Read, Ready to Learn,” which promoted early literacy. (CNN)

Study Tip: Eating bananas is a natural cure to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. Did you know? Just kidding. For a real study tip, try reviewing your notes just before going to bed when you’re the sleepiest. Because the brain forms new memories during sleep, this will help you strengthen your memory of that one formula you’ve been forgetting all day.

Procrastination Tip: Two words – Donald Glover. He hosted SNL this past Saturday, and skits like A Kanye Place and Barbie Instagram have made this Bwogger personally cackle out loud in the middle of Butler 202. Also, the music video for Childish Gambino’s new song This is America is out, so go watch that.

Music: Cardi B’s album, because today we all need to feel like that bad b who can accomplish anything, including her Calc final.

Overheard from Bwog meeting: “Every time I hear about taxes, I want to become a Republican.”



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All of us on this fine evening!

Just when it couldn’t get better than 80-degree weather, we here at Bwog bring your bi-annual announcement that two treasured traditions are happening tonight: Midnight Breakfast and Orgo Night!

Midnight Breakfast, which features bacon and pancakes and all kinds of yum-in-the-tum shmush, takes place in Diana. Doors open at 11 pm for Barnard seniors, 11:30 pm for Barnard students, and midnight for everyone else.

If food isn’t really the mood, Orgo Night is also happening tonight in, yes, Butler 209 at 11:59 pm! Come join the band for its semesterly revelry of music, jokes, and fun.

Yum in the tum! via Bwarchives



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A beautiful lil kitchen…without the kitchen aspect of it.

EC townhouse and high-rise suites will not have traditional stoves or ovens next year. Here’s why, and how it will affect you.

In an email sent last Friday, Columbia Housing announced that due to ongoing renovations, EC suites will not have functioning stoves or ovens for the 2018-19 school year. In its place, Housing will supplement suites with hot plates and convection microwave ovens.

The announcement has left many prospective EC residents with mixed reactions. As demonstrated by our housing selection coverage today, student sentiments have ranged from upset to optimistic (see bottom of post). One resident called it “pretty shitty,” while another said their view was still “positive,” but added that, “The kitchen thing isn’t ideal. Kind of wish they would discount dining plans or something.” Many seniors didn’t even realize the renovations were occurring until after they had picked into EC. One senior was overheard shouting, “I didn’t even know!”

Why is Housing doing this to rising seniors?!



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Early this afternoon, CC announced that “Moonlight” producer Dede Gardner CC ’90 will be the CC class day speaker. Celebrity chef Judy Joo SEAS ’97 will speak at the ESC class day.

Dede Gardner

Gardner, alongside her role as co-president of major production company Plan B Entertainment, has produced films such as “Moonlight,” “The Big Short,” “Selma,” and “12 Years A Slave.” She is the first female producer to win two Academy Awards for Best Picture.

During her time at Columbia, Gardner graduated cum laude in comparative literature and English, and recently received the 2012 John Jay Award, which recognizes distinguished professional achievement among CC graduates.

“I’m absolutely thrilled she’ll be coming to speak at our Class Day,” senior class president John Avendano CC ’18 said. “It’ll be truly humbling to absorb the wisdom of someone who’s helped create films that have delivered such profound messages.”

Judy Joo

Joo, one of four U.K. chefs to hold the Iron Chef title, also hosts Food Network show “Korean Food Made Simple,” owns three popular restaurants, and founded inner-city food education project Harvest Time in Harlem.

After earning her degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Joo worked at Goldman Sachs and attended the French Culinary Institute in New York, graduating as class valedictorian.

Joo said, “I definitely attribute my relatively quick success in the culinary field to my strong education. Particular with running restaurants, you have to have a strong business sense, know operations, efficiency design, understand marketing, PR and also have the creativity to cook new, innovative dishes.”

As Avendano points out, this is the second year in a row that a woman will speak at the CC class day speaker, and the first year both CC and SEAS class day speakers are female.



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Even the doors are nice.

Watt’s up with Watt? Other than being an all-around beautiful and conveniently-located building, Watt also offers students nice, apartment-style living with an off-campus feel. Read on for more deets.

Location: 549 W. 113th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam

  • Nearby dorms: Right across from McBain & the brownstones (Symposium, Greek row, etc.)
  • Stores and restaurants: Symposium, literally anything on 113th/Broadway (Junzi, Nuss, Community, Dig Inn)

Cost: Standardized at $9,538/year.


  • Bathrooms: Bougie and apartment-style. Each dorm has its own private bathroom.
  • AC/Heating: None.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Again, Watt’s apartment-style dorms each have a private, fully-functional kitchen (sink, fridge, stove, the whole shabang). No common lounge between suites.
  • Laundry: One washer/dryer on each floor.
  • Fire Escapes: There are fire escapes between rooms that give it that nice, New-Yorky feel.
  • Gym: None. McBain across the street has one, though.
  • Bike Storage: None.
  • Intra-transportation: One very slow elevator, which you must use to reach the basement when taking out trash. Stairs are also an option for six-story Watt.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Hardwood. What, you expected carpet, in Watt?

Let’s talk numbers after the jump.



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My TA did indeed lose my problem set today. Ready to off myself right about now.

Happening in the World: After a Sunday fire in a Russian mall that killed at least 64 individuals, thousands of Russian citizens gathered today in front of the main municipal building to demand a full investigation into the incident. (Washington Post)

Happening in the US: California has sued the Trump administration over a question about citizenship added into the 2020 census, which the state argues is unconstitutional. (LA Times)

Happening in NYC: Brooklyn Public Library, the fifth-largest library system in the U.S., is getting million-dollar upgrades that will fund children’s STEM learning spaces and downloadable content. (NYT)

Happening on campus: Hosted by Black Theatre Ensemble, a Black Arts Showcase tonight at 8 PM will feature “black creativity in its many forms.” It will take place in the Glicker-Milstein Theatre, and more details can be found at the Facebook event here.

Overseen: “The discrimination against fake-tan white girls is real. Colorism is alive in the white community.”



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By the end of this post, you’ll be rollin in it!

According to CCE, there is currently “no centralized resource for finding [casual] on-campus employment.” Helpful. Whether you’re looking for a work-study job or are just looking for some extra pocket money, we’ve amassed a list of jobs on and around campus that are available for all to apply to, as well as some helpful details. Enjoy!

  • Tutoring
    • Columbia Center for Student Advising hires CC/SEAS peer tutors. They’re mostly looking for tutors for large STEM lecture classes. Freshmen are not eligible. They pay $18/hr.
    • GS Academic Resource Center hires GS peer tutors. They hire for math, science, and foreign language subjects. They pay $18/hour.
    • Barnard hires Barnard tutors, who work anywhere between 2 and 10 hours per week. All but first-semester freshmen are eligible. They pay $15/hour.
  • Columbia Student Calling Center hires student callers, who work part-time for 9 hours/week, with flexible shifts. They pay $15/hr.
  • Columbia Libraries hires part-time library assistants. To apply, fill out an application in Butler 519 from 9 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. They pay $13.50/hr.
  • Community Impact provides tutoring for high school equivalency tests in NY, TASC, and English. Shifts run from 9 am to 8:30 pm. They pay $14.25/hr.
  • Tompkins Hall is searching for spring teachers’ assistants. Because there’s no opening posted online, we suggest inquiring by sending an email to or calling them at 212-854-9601. They pay $13.50/hr.
  • Public Safety hires part-time residence hall aides, student escorts, and desk assistants. To apply, email your resume and cover letter to They pay $15/hr.
  • Various on-campus departments hire office assistants. One Bwogger is an events planner for the Human Rights department and is paid $15/hr. Googling “Office assistant Columbia” is a great starting point.
  • Dodge Fitness Center has a range of open student positions, including lifeguards, referees, fitness staff, and camp counselors. The pay for these positions ranges from $12-$15/hr.
  • Columbia Catering in University Events Management hires student caterers at the beginning of the year. We’re not sure if they hire in the middle of the year. Pay unknown.
  • Pret A Manger hires baristas and team members. Bwog loves Pret. They pay $11/hr.
  • Junzi Kitchen is currently hiring staffers (we indeed saw a “Now Hiring” sign on their window a couple days ago). Pay unknown.
  • Many on-campus jobs are also available in Lionshare. If you look in the “Jobs” tab, there is a very convenient “on-campus” filter that can help you find positions. These jobs can range from flyering or more long-term openings.

Mo Money Fewer Problems via Bwog Archives



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Probably none of our destinations, but enjoy!

Just when you thought I couldn’t put out yet another grossly-generalized MBTI post, here I am, proving you wrong. This time, in honor of the ending midterm season, I decided to cast spring break vacations as Myers-Briggs personality types. This is the last post until the Monday after break, so enjoy, you crazy kids!

Cancun = ESFP. Flashy, cheap, but fun. No one wants to admit they like you.

Cancun, but, like, hipster (a.k.a. Cabo, Playa del Carmen, etc etc.) = ENFP. Same level as fun of ESFP, without the sell-out shame. Charming.

Staying on campus and doing nothing = INTP. Spends their entire break on the internet. Probably owns 10 different Gmail accounts. Plays too much Pocket Camp.

Staying on campus and exploring NYC = ENFJ. Really, really likes being around their friends. Will visit all the restaurants they wanted to visit during the school year, but never did. Idealist, a dreamer, yet focused on the now. The golden retriever option.

Going home = ESFJ. Popular, reliable, aligns with established traditions. The standard answer. Everyone likes you. The vanilla ice cream of spring break vacations.

Going to Europe = INFP. Reflective and emotional. Just wants to curl up in a London library with a good book. Didn’t really understand why everyone seemed so stressed during midterms season.

Exploring NYC for half, then going home for half = ENTJ. You maximize your options. You’re also kind of (really) annoying. Good for you!

Bwog’s dream destination via Public Domain Pictures




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Butler Ref (300-level)

You know these people. I know these people. Everyone knows these people.

After spending an inordinate time in Butler this week to study for her midterms, this Bwogger has noticed that each person she shares a study desk usually falls under one of these following archetypes. Here are her observations:

  • The Eater. The Eater likes to open loud bags of chips, or paper-wrapped sandwiches, or maybe is shoveling a full-on, five-course meal.
  • The Old Person. They’re often sitting there reading a newspaper or sometimes a book. Oftentimes, they fall asleep and snore loudly. How did they get in here again?
  • The Couture Model, aka the International Student. They are often found sporting Yeezy’s, a Louis Vuitton purse, and some other expenny shit. Hanging off the back of their chair is probably their Canada Goose (or Moncler).
  • The Person Crying. Self-explanatory. If you’re this person, feel better, and consider following Bwog’s guide to places to cry next time.
  • The Non-Academic. This person is very obviously not studying. They’re probably suppressing a giggle while looking at their screen, or have been scrolling through their phone for the past hour.
  • The Academic. The person actually grinds hard, and kind of makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • The Frat Guy. The Frat Guy’s bros like to stop by the table. He is always talking. In fact, you don’t remember a time when he wasn’t talking.
  • The Accidentalist. This person accidentally opens a Snapchat with the sound on and it’s really loud. Some people around them snicker, and they get really embarrassed.
  • The Hoarder. Having brought perhaps their entire dorm with them, the Hoarder takes up way too much space at the desk. Their papers are….everywhere.
  • The Sus. This person is either really sus or is just watching porn. They could be watching horse porn. We can’t tell.
  • The marching band member in disguise. Remember Orgo Night?

Photo via Bwoggie Archives



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In an email sent out this morning, President Beilock and Dean Hinkson announced that Olympic soccer gold medalist and activist Abby Wambach will be the speaker at Barnard’s 2018 Commencement, which will take place on May 16 in Radio City Music Hall. Wambach, alongside delivering the keynote address, has also received the Barnard Medal of Distinction.

Barnard has also awarded three other individuals with the medal, including: Katherine Johnson, pioneering mathematician and computer scientist featured in Hidden Figures; Rhea Suh ’92, environmental policy expert; Anna Quindlen ’74, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Barnard Board Chair.

The full announcement email has been included below.

Dear Barnard Seniors and Barnard Community,

It is our pleasure to announce the distinguished speaker and medalists for Commencement 2018. We are honored that Abby Wambach, soccer star, Olympic gold medalist, and activist, will deliver the keynote address and receive the Barnard Medal of Distinction. In addition to being the all-time leading scorer in international soccer history with 184 career goals, Abby has led the fight for pay equity for women and has been a strong advocate for gender rights and, more specifically, the rights of the LGBTQ community. Like many Barnard students, faculty and alumnae, Abby has used her career success to advance issues of importance for women and for society as a whole.

Joining our speaker and medalist, Abby Wambach, will be three other medalists who, through their lives and work, embody Barnard’s commitment to academic excellence and to making a difference in the world. The medalists are: Katherine Johnson, acclaimed mathematician, computer scientist, and one of the three history-making women in the book and feature film Hidden Figures; Rhea Suh ’92, environmental policy expert and president of the Natural Resources Defense Council; and Barnard Board Chair Emerita Anna Quindlen ’74, distinguished author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Thanks are due to the Medalist Committee for their help in selecting our honorees, as well as to those who participated in the Commencement speaker conversations.

Read full bios of the medalists at:

Barnard’s 126th Commencement will take place on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, at 4:00 p.m., at Radio City Music Hall. Before the ceremony, the Class of 2018 will gather on campus for a celebratory reception with friends, family, and faculty. Bus transportation to Radio City Music Hall will be provided for all graduates, departing from Barnard at 2:30 p.m.

The University Commencement will also take place on the morning of Wednesday, May 16. More information and updates about both Commencement ceremonies will be posted over the next several weeks at

We very much look forward to celebrating the spectacular achievements of the Barnard Class of 2018 on Wednesday, May 16.


Sian Leah Beilock

Avis Hinkson
Dean of the College

Abby Wambach via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 3.0],



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All of us here at Bwog, when ESC faced yet another impeachment motion this week.

Every Tuesday, Bwog brings you a recap of the previous night’s Engineering Student Council (ESC) meeting. Deputy Editor Jenny Zhu stepped in to report on this week’s ESC meeting, which oversaw some classic ESC hits like Eweek plans, emergency contraception updates, and (e)mpeachment of the president.

President Aida Lu

After her meeting with Scott Wright, Facilities’ VP for Campus Services, President Lu introduced the plan to allow individual students to reserve rooms in campus spaces like Lerner and academic buildings, via University Event Management (UEM). Ideally, these rooms would be bookable for individuals or small groups of 5 to 10 people in the same way Butler study rooms are. She also let ESC know that since Lerner rooms were updated with new technology, the council has been charged for using the Satow Room’s projector, but members will probably be able to eventually just operate the projector “by themselves.” President Lu’s updates on her meeting with COI were kept off-the-record.

VP Policy Zoha Qamar

VP Qamar provided updates on the joint initiative she’s spearheading, alongside CCSC 2021 Rep Aja Isabel and CCSC 2020 Rep Danielle Resheff, to supply free pads and tampons in campus bathrooms and increase accessibility for those in need. As established at yesterday’s CCSC meeting, the initiative’s pilot program last year found that 30 products were being used a day, but Facilities argued for a less-accessible vending machine of menstrual products instead. VP Qamar urged ESC to sign and share a petition backing the original plan.VP Qamar also suggested rolling out the long-discussed emergency contraception vending machines in John Jay lobby, which wouldn’t require swipe access.
Political intrigue and impeachment motions after the jump.

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