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Hidden in the halls of Reid – a legit palace.

I feel like I shouldn’t even be writing this article. “But the people deserve to know!”, you say, and I begrudgingly agree.

Here at Bwog, we’re really passionate about the best bathrooms at this school. From our series “Poopin’ in Pupin” to our love letters, we’re determined to bring you the optimal places on campus to cry, procrastinate, or, like, do what you normally do in bathrooms. But I’ve noticed one that has been egregiously kept out of the conversation: The Reid first floor bathroom.

I’ve probably already lost a lot of you. Barnard dorms aren’t super well known as it is, and Reid is one of the least talked about, often being eclipsed by its air-conditioned hallway partner Sulz/Reid. But Reid proper does exist, and in its “lobby” one can find Well Woman and be a well woman (or anyone else) by locating the single stall toilet that is truly the best and most underrated bathroom at both Barnard and Columbia.

So why is it so amazing?



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Maybe Elon is just looking for the top lip to his bottom lip.

Bwogline: Who the hell is on Melania Trump’s staff that they keep plagiarizing her stuff? She put out a brochure on cyberbullying (the irony is still insane) called “Be Best”, and many noticed that its contents are “nearly identical” to an Obama-era booklet on the same topic. Citations are not that hard, guys. (BBC)

Study Tip: E-mail your TA with any last questions, and one of them may as well be “Do you want to get lunch sometime?”

Music: Restore your self confidence with this 2013 bop by Justin Bieber while imagining all the crazy shit he would have done with the Met Gala theme. Probably host a church service or something tbh.

Procrastination Tip: Pack up your stuff and clean your room! No late or cleaning fines > good final grades.

Overheard: “I know all of Twitter is shitting on Grimes, but come on y’all, who wouldn’t hop at Elon as a sugar daddy?”



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After many delays and denials from Ann Thornton and other administrators, and much persistence from the band, CUMB has made the decision to storm Butler 209 tonight, May 3, at midnight. And it won’t be a secret this time – so no more wondering how they managed to sneak a bass drum in.

Head Manager Vivian Klotz sent an email to administrators outlining the band’s plan: enter Butler just before midnight and then take 209 at 11:59pm, as is traditional.




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Our most faithful friend.

Bwogline: John Kelly definitely didn’t call Trump an “idiot”. Hm, I’m having déja vu…

Study Tip: According to the wise words of one Bwogger, if you’re writing a paper, just take it 100 words at a time.

Music: Or follow the rules of this classic bop.

Procrastination Tip: Mourn your chances of getting with your hot TA even when they might be literally the same age as you. If you are a hot TA, mourn your chances of ever finding love.

Overheard: “That mix of hair and dust is just so *clenches fist* … college.”




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The MTA improving something? I’m shook.

What’s Happening In The World: A van in Toronto rammed into a crowd on Monday, killing ten and injuring 15. The driver has been identified by police as Alek Minassian, a 25 year old Toronto resident. He is currently in police custody. (BBC)

What’s Happening In The US: Mike Pompeo is about to get confirmed as the new Secretary of State. Overview: He’s like Trump – bigoted and gross – but he’s probably not crazy? More than we can say about the woman who might replace him at the CIA… (NBC)

What’s Happening In NYC: What do we want? Better subways! What are we getting? Double decker buses…on Staten Island. Only slightly less inconvenient than going to London to ride the OG. (Patch)

What’s Happening At Columbia: Former Attorney General Eric Holder (CC ’73) will deliver the 21st Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum Keynote Address. Miller Theatre, 6 – 7pm, but probably best to get there early!

Overheard: “Stacks? ;)”



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An updated take on a classic Greek myth.

Imagine taking a story that’s already really sad, and then making it a hundred times sadder. That’s what playwright Sarah Ruhl does with the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in “Eurydice”, and CU Players’ take on the update gives it all the devastatingly emotional twists and turns it deserves with its stunningly talented cast and beautiful production. 

I haven’t been this enchanted by umbrellas since The Nanny Diaries, or this angry about stones since…ever. “Eurydice” does a lot with inanimate objects, making you have feelings about everything from “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” to a bunch of strings. Countering these are very animated performances from our leads, Eurydice (Elli Furukawa, BC ’19), Orpheus (Jordan Mahr, CC ’20), and Father (Mario Garcia, CC ’21). Furukawa showcases hilariously contorted facial expressions as well as ballet and singing skills. Mahr is also a triple threat, staying true to Orpheus’ love of music with his acoustic guitar and strong voice.

This play deals with serious subject matter. It includes trigger warnings for sexual assault, suicide, and the death of a loved one. It might follow that it’s not particularly lighthearted. In fact, I was tearing up ten minutes in.  This is mostly due to Garcia’s performance as Eurydice’s late father, who can watch his daughter from the underworld but never contact her. (Get ready for the saddest wedding scene ever). One of the few souls who has retained the ability to read, write, and speak, he sends Eurydice letters from beyond the grave. Eurydice soon meets her untimely end, after some confusion and interference from the Little Stone (Mira Soni, CC ’21), the Big Stone (Stacy Grinberg, CC’ 18), and the Loud Stone (Cybale Mayes-Osterman, BC ’20), she and her father are reunited. Maybe the underworld isn’t so bad after all.

More review after the jump!



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Does this mean we’ve had 264 valedictorians?

Graduation? It’s real. To prove it, Columbia College has just announced the valedictorian and salutatorian of the class of 2018, and congratulations are in order for Sam Goldberg and Hannah Bender, respectively! Goldberg, a sustainable development major, said that the honor is “really unexpected and humbling,” while Bender, a biology major, likewise said she feels “incredibly humbled and honored.” The two will speak at Columbia College’s Class Day on May 15, a day before University commencement.



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Putting the “no” in Nom Wah.

What’s Happening In The World: An air base in Damascus was hit after the devastating (and illegal) chemical attack on Sunday. The air base attack was apparently attributed to the U.S., but was then revised to Israel – though, given that we spend billions on Israel’s military, they weren’t totally off with their first guess. (NPR)

What’s Happening In The US: Special Counsel Robert Mueller ordered a raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office. We don’t know why yet – Stormy Daniels? Russia? Both?  – but we do know Cohen and Trump are really mad about it, citing “privileged communications.” Someone tell either of them who Richard Nixon was, please. (BBC)

What’s Happening In NYC: Assholes shouldn’t be rewarded with dumplings, but that’s exactly what Nom Wah founder Wilson Tang is doing by accepting Bitcoin at his newest location, a bar called “Boys Don’t Cry.” Um, they do when their Bitcoin value goes down. (Futurist)

What’s Happening At Columbia: Academic Freedom Week continues with an event called “Fuck White Supremacy.” You’re already interested. It’s in IAB 1201 from 12-1 pm today.

Overheard: “I get hit on by more straight guys at Suite than anywhere else.”



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Do I own this? Maybe.

What’s Happening In The World: Since its first insurgency in 2003, Boko Haram has launched numerous terrorist attacks across the world, and they don’t seem to be coming to an end: on Sunday in northern Nigeria, more than a dozen people have died after militants from the group clashed with soldiers. (Author’s note: I had to go to the third page of Google search results to find this. Do better, please.) (BBC)

What’s Happening In The US: Teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky are protesting lack of funding to their schools, a couple of weeks after strikes in West Virginia led to pay raises. Love that grassroots action and properly subsidized education! (NBC)

What’s Happening In NYC: Canadian Prime Minister and Prime Hottie Justin Trudeau will speak at NYU’s commencement this May. Um, catch me transferring? (NYU Local)

What’s Happening At Columbia: If you wanted to go to the screening of “Art is a Weapon”, the story of “Bulgarian Sephardic film artist, novelist, anti-Nazi saboteur and lifelong revolutionary” Angel Wagenstein, it’s been rescheduled to tonight at 6 pm at the Harriman Institute (IAB 12). The event will also include a Q & A with director Andrea Simon.

Bop Anthem Of The Day: O, Canada. Obviously.



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An accurate photo of the bake-off.

Spirit “Week” may be a misleading title, since it’s really only three days, but in any case, get ready for some amazing baked goods! McAc runs a Barnard Spirit Week every year, and this year’s theme is  “The Great Barnard Baking Show”, inspired by “The Great British Baking Show”. The events include a cupcake decorating competition where you can win tasty prizes from Momofuku and Baked by Melissa.

The full schedule is on the Facebook event, so go and get baked!




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You know Barnard wouldn’t miss tweeting about this.

What’s Happening In The World: Brexit negotiators have made a step forward, laying out clearer plans for the transition period that will occur in winter 2020. There’s still the issue of Northern Ireland, which wants to avoid a hard border with the Republic of Ireland, but a timetable is in place. Eurotrips of the future will mourn the loss of London as a destination. (BBC)

What’s Happening In The U.S.: A self-driving car? What could go wrong? Well, it went very wrong when one of Uber’s autonomous vehicles struck a pedestrian Sunday night. Uber has postponed all other self-driving tests and their CEO expressed his condolences and concern on twitter. (NBC News)

What’s Happening In NYC: Actress, activist, and Barnard alum Cynthia Nixon announced her run for governor of New York on Tuesday. She will reportedly challenge incumbent Andrew Cuomo from the left and on her website criticizes him for exacerbating corruption in Albany and “running as a Democrat but governing like a Republican.” We all knew Miranda was secretly the best.

What’s Happening At Columbia: The Weatherhead East Asian Institute and the School of Social Work are co-sponsoring an event called “The Politics of Compassion: The Sichuan Earthquake and Civic Engagement in China”. Author Bin Xu will discuss the outpouring of aid after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and the “moral-political dilemma Chinese citizens face” when it comes to civic engagement. It will take place in IAB 918 from 1-2 pm.

Fun Fact: Andrew Cuomo is married to Sandra “Two shots of vodka” Lee.



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Because this is exactly what we need more of.

What’s Happening In The World: 

Hopefully some news that will high-ten your spirits – A district in Estonia, recently having undergone a government shake-up, has voted to make the cannabis leaf their new flag. Even though marijuana is illegal in Estonia, the mayor is on board with it. (BBC)

Happening In the US: On Monday, the Florida State Senate narrowly passed a gun control measure in a 20-18 vote. The bill proposes raising the minimum age to purchase a firearm as well as instituting a three-day waiting period for most weapons. Now it’s up to the House of Representatives and Governor Rick Scott to agree, and, well, let’s try not to be too optimistic about that. (BBC)

What’s Happening In NYC: It’s going to snow! Again! The city can expect 6-10 inches on Wednesday from a nor’easter that’s hitting the, um, Northeast. There’s only two weeks left of winter, but like midterms, they have to drag it out as long as possible. (amNY)

What’s Happening At Columbia: Tonight from 6 – 7:30 pm in the Diana Oval, “1968 and Its Afterlives: Reflecting on Campus Activism Past, Present, and Future”.  Given how the administration handled student protests against CUCR’s speakers last fall and against Barnard’s own president this spring, this could be interesting.

Bop Of The Day: Ansel Elgort’s permanent smirk annoys me as much as the next person, but his song is a banger, so here you go.



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Chopped like these herbs I can’t name!

Ah, Food Network, the best channel to watch around your parents that still has some entertainment value (Cutthroat Kitchen, anyone?). If you agree, and can cook, Chopped wants you! According to the email Bwog received:

“The hit cooking competition show Chopped is looking for college undergrads who love their schools, and have a talent and passion for cooking, to compete on a special episode of the show. The show requires A ONE-day commitment in NYC in late spring/ early summer 2018. Anyone currently enrolled in an undergraduate program with a talent, passion, and skill for cooking is encouraged to apply. Students of any background, college major/ concentration are welcome!”

This is your opportunity to make a deconstructed grilled cheese, forget one of the ingredients, or use the ice cream machine in the last minute. And you can win $10,000, which is pretty sweet.

The application is available here and is time-sensitive, so get cooking!



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What’s Happening Around The World: The famous German car manufacturing cities of Stuttgart and Dusseldorf have decided to alleviate pollution in the area by banning older diesel vehicles, a move that “sets a precedent” for other German and possibly European cities. It’s like how Apple stops selling “older” iPhones, except way better for the environment. (BBC)

Also, no more rickety-ass trucks. In Germany, anyway.

What’s Happening In The US: The judiciary was the branch of government nobody cared about in AP Gov, but now it’s the only thing keeping us sane – The Supreme Court refused Trump’s request to hear his challenge to DACA, keeping it in place for now, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the 1964 Civil Rights Act applies to LGB workers, meaning they can’t be fired based on their sexual orientation. (NYTimes, soft paywall; ACLU)

What’s Happening In NYC: Don’t go to the Met, you will get measles and die. An infected tourist decided to visit one of the most popular museums in the world, as well as stay in hotels in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, before seeing a doctor. If you ever felt a burning desire to catch up on your MMR vaccine, this is the time. (Fox)

What’s Happening At Columbia: Big Brother is watching us, argues Columbia professor Bernard Harcourt at an event titled “The Counterrevolution: How our Government Went to War Against its Own Citizens”. If you’re paranoid about surveillance, this may or may not be the event for you – in any case, it takes place in Buell Hall tonight from 6-7:30 pm.

Overheard: “Should I skip the JP Morgan networking breakfast to have brunch with Sig Chi?”



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What’s Happening In The World: Reuters reports that Iran has been building up its military presence at bases in Syria for a possible war with Israel. By the way, the United States gives about $4 billion a year to Israel’s military, and both countries have nuclear weapons. It also isn’t clear who Russia would back. No, this doesn’t look bad at all… (Reuters)

This type of bones.

What’s Happening In The US: In unsurprising news, Mitt Romney has announced he’s running for the Utah senate seat left open by Orrin Hatch’s retirement. Slightly more interesting is that he accepted Trump’s endorsement after years of animosity between the two, but we all know Republicans have no spine. (Buzzfeed)

What’s Happening In NYC: Imagine living in your dorm room for four decades. That is a reality for nurse Derek DeFreitas, who has used a Hunter College room as a second home since 1980. According to a suit, it seems like Hunter finally got around to kicking him out, but what took so long? (NBC New York)

What’s Happening At Columbia: Today’s double entendre: The Department of Medicine is having a New York Bone Club meeting at the Marriott East Side tonight from 6:30 – 9. Go and flaunt your inner Ross Geller.

Overheard: “I couldn’t tie my shoes till I was 13. Don’t ask me to do anything.”

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