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Columbia is FABULOUS!

Columbia is FABULOUS!

We’ve been scouring both Barnard and Columbia campuses this weekend looking for potential homies, but even first-years agree that this year’s batch of prospies looks like they just graduated the eighth grade. However, we know that there is at least one prospie stoner (cough LA kids cough) wandering around MoHi on this rainy Monday afternoon looking for a place to light up, so naturally Bwog’s gotchu covered. Even for the kids that won’t take their first hit until they storm the city in August, there are tips in this guide that can help you out. Take note, newbies, as we bring to you the first edition of Bwog’s Official Prospie Guide to 4/20.

  • Download Venmo.
  • If your host is making brownies, it is not for their bake sale in Diana tomorrow. This is a very different kind of ‘baking,’ everyone.
  • People are not happy/smiley/relaxed like they are today every other day of the year at Columbia. Relish this novelty.
  • Venture to the Barnard Quad and follow the “marijuana odor.”
  • Ask your host to Febreze you before you meet up with your parents later in the day.
  • Pray to a holy spirit that JJs Place is serving mozzarella stix.
  • Watch Broad City (you should be doing this every day of the year, but especially today).
  • As you take a toke and wish to share your intake with the world via Snapchat to show that you’re a cool cat (#millennial), be sure to use the “NYC LIFE” filter. Or alternatively, the Alma Mater or “Barnard” filters.
  • Go to the Amsterdam overpass late at night to light up, or head in the direction of SIPA. You can look out on this big, bustling city through your glassy, red eyes! Wow, urban colleges RULE!
  • Riverside is always the move, just be sure to bring an umbrella on this rainy day. You’ll definitely catch a bunch of Barnard first-years in the park doing the same as a means of escaping the wrath of their overbearing Quad RAs.
  • Tag an instagram pic of you smoking a joint with the hashtags #columbia2019 or #roar2019. yaaaa buddy.


  • If you’re in desperate need of finding bud, build a shrine outside of McBain Hall (located on 113th and Broadway) and etch the initials “MG” into the concrete. If you do this, an eighth for $35 will magically appear in your hand.

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Suck it, #OurBlue. Back in the day, Columbia was proud of its lack of school pride and brazen celebration of illicit activities. In fact, it has become something of a tradition on the twentieth day of April for Bwog to dig through its archives and dredge up memories best forgotten of undergraduates long graduated. Warning: this video contains obscenity, drug use on the steps, and offensive comments made towards Barnard women. So basically a typical night in Carman.

The mastermind behind this video, Kevin Karn, is still making movies but the rest of the stars remain unnamed. If you recognize yourself (literally not figuratively) in this video, email us at tips@bwog.com for honor and glory. Also, don’t forget to catch the annual Bacchanal 4/20 Screening at Ancel Plaza, 8 pm. It’s Pineapple Express.



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What better way to celebrate this gorgeous Saturday, April the 20th, than by watching a film with your fellow students? One of Bacchanal’s slightly less well-known events — the annual 4/20 movie screening — is happening tonight, and the entertainment of choice is, appropriately, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Bacchanal’s advertising some free popcorn and fruit, so head over to the Low Steps at 8 p.m. for some gratis snacks and throwback times. Stressbusters will be giving free massages during the movie (!!!) and there’s the promise of Korilla on College Walk until 8 p.m. Unlike last year’s balmy weather, tonight’s forecast is in the mid-50s, so bundle up; maybe light some fires to stay warm.



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…on 4/20. Anna Bahr details her journey below. Read this and more in the May issue of The Blue & White, right on the tail of the April issue, on campus this week.

As admitted freshman pare down their college choices in late April, arbitrary details become critical factors in the decision making process. Remember that Princeton visit? It was raining, and the telling scab at the corner of your tour guide’s mouth said more about social dynamics than Fiske.

But if you visited Columbia on April 20th, a veritable utopia awaited you: The College Dream. This one day, taken entirely out of context, is the college experience you wish you’d had. College Walk has never looked so good. As one elderly woman noted, you could, “smell that cannabis” wafting through the sweet spring air. This is Columbia, packaged for the prospie fortunate enough to witness this great university through the haze of 420.

Soaking up the gusto of four CC undergrads (“we’re in Columbia College—THE college”) in powder blue “Tour Guides!” t-shirts, I followed the loudest of the bunch after his confident declaration that “My tour will be the best.” This was my man.

Illustration by Adela Yawitz, CC '12

The group first paused in front of St. Paul’s: “Have you kids heard of Vampire Weekend?” Solemn nods. “Right? They’re a pretty cool band!” […….] “And they got their start right here.” One enthused woman jotted and underlined on her legal pad, “Music. Starts. Here.”

I should mention that our guide was not your average prepschool overachieving prick. This kid could not live without the university; his grandmother’s water literally broke in the foyer of John Jay. She honored her newborn with the middle name “Jay.”

But don’t get the wrong idea. Our pious Virgil wasn’t accepted as a legacy. He is smart. And he totally gets Columbia elitism—that shit isn’t inherited, it’s earned. Which he proved by mentioning his full-ride scholarship to USC (“Which I obviously turned down. I value my academics.”) twice.

We ambled past an endearingly stoned fraternity brother who shook his PBR-concealing paper bag in our direction and wished us, “Happy Holidays.” As if on cue, two star rugby players shouted a rousing, masculine greeting at our guide. “Those guys,” he waxed, “we call ‘em the Tweedledee and Tweedledum of the squad.” Everyone laughed. Because we were in on the joke.




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pick out the seeds and stems

It should be a nice day, enjoy the grass outside

4/20 conveniently lands on a Friday this year, meaning there’s a whole lot to do around campus in terms of food, parties, and other events than skipping class and heading to Riverside. Bwog’s crack team researchers have compiled a list of events so you don’t have to.

Bike to Campus Day: In a truly, um, green spirit, 4/20 is also Ride Your Bike to Campus Day. Public Safety will be offering free bike tune-ups and registration with the NYPD at the sundial from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., plus discount bike accessories.

Delta Gamma’s Anchor Bake: The ladies of Delta Gamma will be satisfying your munchies needs on College Walk and the Lerner ramps from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The food may not be free, but there’s cupcakes, brownies, and even vegan goods, plus the proceeds go to Service for Sight.

Poli Sci-Econ Rivalry Game: The second annual rivalry game will take place at the Riverside Park Soccer Field, promising “eternal glory and preference in the IAB elevators” for the winners. Meet at the sundial at noon if you want to partake in the festivities and the Heights victory celebration immediately afterward.

Fed Bash: From 4-6 pm in the Van Am Quad, the Federalist will be giving out free pizza, cake, and soft drinks.

Football Spring Game: The annual spring CU football scrimmage will take place at 6 pm at (the appropriately named) Baker Field, followed by a barbecue dinner by Rack and Soul–though there is a cost for dinner.

A Political Race featuring city comptroller John C. Liu: It’s not exactly 4/20 oriented, but the panel, sponsored by Asian/Pacific American Heritage month, features FREE Dinosaur BBQ. The panel’s at 6:30 in Lerner cinema, but go early–if Sunday’s Postcrypt Folk Fest was any judge, there’s going to be a hefty line.

The Odyssey: In a performance that promises to be a trip and a half, the journey of the Odyssey crossed with Virginia Woolf will start at 8 pm in the Hamilton lobby.  It will be on at the same time on Saturday.

Bacchanal’s Space Jam Screening: Following up on last Saturday’s spring concert, Bacchanal events will be showing the 1996 cult classic in Ancel Plaza at 8 pm. For those who never had a childhood, Space Jam co-stars Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan. Trippy.

If we missed your event, leave it in the comments!

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Loved Bacchanal and want to reexperience it?  Can’t remember what it looked like?  Missed it because you were too lame being stuck in Butler?  Have no fear, the crew caught it all in this handy thank you video.

In case you didn’t make it to the end of the vid, don’t forget Space Jam will be playing tomorrow in the Ancel Plaza (that EC/IAB area) at 8 pm.  Fly high, friends, fly high.



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Thanks to online media, journalism (the profession) is rapidly changing. And on April 20th, Journalism (the building next to Furnald) will be changing as well, renamed “Pulitzer Hall” after Joseph Pulitzer, the early 20th century newspaper magnate who championed sensationalist yellow journalism and funded the creation of both the Pulitzer Prize and Columbia’s J-school, the first second school of journalism in the nation. (We could have been first, but Columbia initially refused to take Pulitzer’s dirty money, so he gave it to the University of Missouri.)

But this is more than just a spontaneous decision to honor a famous donor; according to a note from J-school dean Nicholas Lemann, the Journalism building probably should have been named Pulitzer Hall 100 years ago. James Boylan, Journalism ’51 and founder of the Columbia Journalism Review, was digging through the university archives when he discovered that the original contract “gift agreement” between Pulitzer and Columbia included this key phrase:

“the building shall bear the name of the donor.”

Whoops. Better late than never, we guess. This press release from the J-school states that the building’s new facade will be unveiled on April 20th, during the school’s centennial celebrations.



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They serve up irony too.

CampusFood, in an apparent effort to get hip with the kids, sent out a ridiculous 4/20 email.

It’s 4/20. Do you know where your munchies are?

To make sure you’re fully supplied tonight, we’re dealing out a $4.20 coupon starting at 4:20pm EST.

Enter coupon code at check out:


Come on. Drugs are bad, m’kay? Speaking of which, look at the time!

Parody of something serious from CampusFood



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Drugs went into the making of this image.

A little bit of sour news, Columbia. Threatening precipitation has forced the good people at Bacchanal to move their Dark Side of the Oz screening indoors.

Instead of once on the Low Steps, the movie will be screened twice, at 8 pm and 9 pm in the Lerner Cinema. Run time is about 45 minutes. According to a message from the Bacchanal people themselves, you can expect ridiculous amounts of fooood:

There will be munchies available outside of the cinema provided by FeelGood, NOM^3, 4local, CoreFoods, Green Umbrella, and more.

Come by early and enjoy gratuitous consumption before the film.

For the most up-to-date updates, check out the Facebook event.

Thanks and stay green,


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4/20, yo

Bwog’s Wednesday feature, Where Art Thou?, is here to keep you posted on what’s going on in the A&E department in Morningside Heights and beyond (basically all the cool events your friends are in/on/at). If you would like your club’s event, GYPSIES presents Park Deconstruction, posted on Bwog, now you can make it happen! E-mail us at events@bwog.com.



  • NOMADS presents Park Beautification, at 8 pm in the Guastavino Room in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel. Running through Saturday. A new play by Sylvia Khoury, CC ’12. Part of the Caravan Festival. Free.
  • Las Meninas, at 8 pm in the Minor-Latham Playhouse in Milbank Hall. Running through Saturday. A Barnard College Theatre Department production. $5 with CUID, $10 without.





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http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/utter-PR-fiction-but-people-love-this-shit-so-fuck-it-lets-just-print-it-2269573.html. Oops. (The Independent)

Foner, riding the Pulitzer tide, thinks leaders could learn a little from Abe Lincoln. (WSJ)

When it comes to dining, we could have it worse. Fordham and NYU dining halls both earned a “C,” the lowest grade possible. (NYT)

Wiffle ball wreaks havoc among small children and this “risky” summer camp behavior must be regulated, according to NY State health officials. Nothing is holy. (CBS)

British MPs fear their country is escalating its presence in Libya; PM David Cameron’s people say they’re not. (BBC)

And a merry 4/20 to you, sir or madam. (But not to you, sir.)

Иллюстрация в научной фантастике via Wikimedia Commons



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Tonight at 8pm, Chewbacchanal presents a 3D screening of Coraline. The have a limited supply of 300 3D glasses, so Bwog suggests you arrive early, (or else make your own.)

Earth Co. and SEEJ will be there by 7pm selling baked goods and giving out some free things.Earth Co. has put together a short film which will be screened right before Coraline.

Bacchanal has also tipped us off that they may be giving away a limited number of pre-release Bacchanal t-shirts.



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UPDATED (12:45):

  • Chicken and Rice is coming to College Walk this evening, courtesy of CU-GEAS. Order here by noon for a 9$ platter to be served next to tonight’s Chewbacchanal event.
  • From 11am to 6pm, Students for  Sensible Drug Policy and the Columbia Iranian Students Association are hosting a joint bake sale featuring brownies and Persian music, plus free hookah with any purchase.
  • DG is also hosting a bake-sale on college walk until 5, featuring a variety of decorated baked goods, should any munchies remain.
  • Next to their stand, LionPAC is handing out free cake in honor of Israel’s birthday
  • Along Hamilton lawn in front of Wallach a long line of take out stands has a wide array of foods including vegetarian, asian and BBQ options, costing $5 for any three items.



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Columbia professors have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in the journalism, law, philosophy and geography categories.

Portable showers were provided for travelers stranded at JFK, desperate for hygiene. (Gothamist)

Doormen all over the city are poised to strike. (NYT)

Some scientists stake the claim that 3D movies are bad for you, and can cause nausea and headaches. (NYT)

Today is 4/20 (Spec)

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Here’s a trippy opinion piece called “The Benefits of Smoking” that doesn’t contain a single word. [ed: Spec has, for some reason, removed this article in the last hour.]

Pete Seeger lived through the 60’s. That must have been so sick, man. Wait, why was he at Teacher’s College again?

No one will ever suspect you if your eyes are a little red today: “everyone knows” we don’t sleep anyway.

Facebook and religion. That’s what it’s all about, dude. It’s all this massive social construct. Like, the Facebook guy just wants us all to buy into this system of organized religion. We have to fight it; we have to fight back against Facebook. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Wait, I’m so hungry right now. Cheetos? 

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