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Bwog breakin' it down

Bwog breakin’ it down (a few weeks late)

The Rules of Conduct Town Hall took place a few weeks ago, but today we’re bringing you a quick recap by the numbers of who spoke and what went down. Bureau Chief Joseph Milholland was at the Town Hall to bring you the news and to crunch the numbers.

The transcript for the town hall on possible changes to the Rules of University Conduct has been released here. For a big-picture look about what was discussed at the town hall, here are some stats about what was said at the town hall and who said it.

Groups Represented By Students Who Spoke – Some people identified themselves as part of more than one group. In that case, both groups were counted. Some people spoke more than once, but their groups were only counted once for them. All the graduate students who spoke were from the History Department and did not align themselves with any group (they were not however, tallied into the “No Group Declared” section).

No Group Declared: 14

International Socialist Organization: 6

Columbia Prison Divest: 4

No Red Tape: 3

Student Worker Solidarity: 3

Graduate Students: 3

CU Dems: 2

Student for Justice in Palestine: 2

GendeRevolution: 2

Columbia Queer Alliance: 2

PrezBo’s Freedom of Speech Class: 1

Black Students Organization: 1

Coalition Against Gentrification: 1

Muslim Students Association: 1

Everyone Allied Against Homophobia: 1

Columbia Daily Spectator: 1

Barnard-Columbia Divest: 1

More about the Town Hall by the numbers below…



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Aka pass and get a job in i-banking

Aka pass and get a job in i-banking

While you’ve been studying hard in Butler streaming Netflix and exploring this city’s myriad of cultural attractions vomiting in 1020’s bathroom, Father Time–in cahoots with PrezBo and the registrar–has been whittling away at the days remaining before finals. With Thanksgiving break so late this year, Bwog was truly surprised to hear talk of “only two classes remaining” and “peace-ing out for good while you guys slave away on those readings.” In the spirit of tradition, let’s review the stats calmly.

1 – Number of full weeks left of classes, including today

0 – Number of full weeks left of classes, actually

4 – Number of possible days for you to have classes

10 – Number of days before finals officially begin (Friday, December 13)

17 – Number of days before finals end (Thursday, December 19)

13 – Number of weeks since the semester began

62 – Number of days of class since the start of the semester

3 – Number of reading days to make up for those 62 days

0 – Number of football games won by Columbia this season

4 – Number of security alerts this semester

2 – Number of ceilings reported to have fallen this semester

In a mere 17 days, all of your worries will be gone, and you can go home to Mommy and Daddy to open up your presents and a book that you actually want to read! Until then, rip of the plastic cover of your textbook, sneak in to your professor’s final office hours, review notes from the times you did go to class, and take some study breaks with your friends. We repeat, there are only 17 days to influence your grade, tackle that essay, and participate in class for the first time. The madness has begun, but, in the words of the Ryan Gosling meme, “Hey [insert name here], good luck with finals. I believe in you.”

Maybe helpful encouragement from Leo via Buzzfeed



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When in doubt, choose C.

The results of last year’s survey of undergrads, courtesy of the CSA Assessment Team, went public tonight—and the numbers are overwhelmingly good. You can check out a more comprehensive summary here, or just skim our highlights as you halfheartedly Apple+Tab between Reddit subpages:

  • Of the 5,922 CC and SEAS students sent the survey link by email, 31% took the bait
  • 73% said that the CSA is “meeting their advising needs” and 78% would recommend their advisers to others
  • Only 51% said they’d turn to their adviser with “personal issues”
  • A whopping 96% said they like the CSA’s new digs
  • Choicest finding: “The name ‘Center for Student Advising’ connotes a hub of guidance and support”
  • 85% reported that their adviser is knowledgeable about the curriculum
  • Elusively, “some students expect quicker responses to emails”

Survey taking via Wikimedia Commons



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UPDATE: Athletics has confirmed that Pete Mangurian will coach Columbia football next year. He has an impressive track record at Cornell, Stanford, LSU and with the NFL.

Notoriously un well-versed in sports, we were intrigued by the financial details of Columbia’s football team, detailed yesterday in the Times:

  • The head coach of the football team is paid somewhere around $250,000 a year. This is comparable to senior administrators and faculty. The average salary for Columbia’s 14 men’s coaches is $94,000.
  • Last year, PrezBo’s salary was $1.5 million, 6.9 times the median professor salary of $222,000, including benefits. This was a 13% decrease from his previous year’s pay.
  • For comparison, John Sexton of NYU earned roughly the same, while Harvard’s Drew Faust, received $875,000 (a 6.4 % increase), and Princeton awarded its president, Shirley Tilghman, $911,000,(a 3.4 % increase).
  • For further comparison, tOSU just hired a new coach on the terms of $4 million annually, and the use of a private jet.
  • The annual expenses of the football team come in around $2.6 million.
  • Two of Columbia’s major donors have made big gifts to Athletics in recent years. Willaim V. Campbell, chairman of the Board of Trustees, pledged $10 million, and Robert K. Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, pledged $5 million. Both played football at Columbia.
  • Columbia’s football team has only played five winning seasons since 1956.



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The right attitude

When Bwog rolled out of bed this morning and checked iCal, we counted two weeks of classes left, so we naturally assumed we were miscounting because we hadn’t had our morning Joe yet. Upon post-caffeination recount, we still counted two, and quickly resorted to running around our room screaming like a little kid in the vain hope that our mommy would hear and come save us from impending disaster. Be prepared to do the same, as we provide you with some rather startling digits:

2 – Number of full weeks of class left in the semester

11 – Number of days of class left (9 if you don’t have class on Fridays)

2.5 – Number of weeks until final exams

19 – Number of days until final exams begin (Friday, December 16)

26 – Number of days until final exams end (Friday, December 23)

3 – Mindblowingly large number of study days before finals this year

12 – Number of weeks since the start of the semester

55 – Number of days of class since the start of the semester

5 – Number of Security Alerts sent out this semester

1 – Number of football games Columbia won this season

So, what does this all mean? It means that you have 2 weeks to: turn that B+ into an A-; catch up on a semester’s worth of reading; actually start trying to contribute in classes that count participation; learn the name of that class that didn’t have a midterm; figure out what to do with the next summer and send in an application or two; find someone with notes from that 9am that you never go to; maybe attend office hours for once.  Sheesh, Debbie Downer much? Ultimately, the amount of time a task requires is the amount of time it takes to finish it. It’ll all get done. We have faith in your abilities, man.

visual metaphor via Unsheathed

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