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(Still) thinking about these new developments...

(Still) thinking about these new developments…

Last Tuesday night, the Columbia College Student Council held a closed meeting to appoint a new representative, and the opening was not announced via a class-wide e-mail. Bwog looked into this incident and the reasons behind it earlier this week. If you’d like to know more about the appointment process, the details are discussed here. This Friday, a class-wide email was sent out by CCSC 2017 President, Ravi Sinha, explaining the situation, apologizing for any confusion it may have caused, and announcing the council’s decision to reopen the application for class representative.

Click here to read the CCSC 2017 email.



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Pondering our legislative processes in the wake of the 2016 elections

Pondering our legislative processes in the wake of the 2016 elections

Last night, the Columbia College Student Council held a closed meeting to appoint a new class of 2017 representative. This may surprise some juniors, as the opening was not announced via a class-wide e-mail, unlike the 2017 council’s vacant position last year.

When the 2017 Council last had an open voting rep position last year, CCSC President Benjamin Makansi sent a class-wide email to all CC juniors about the vacant position, with a link to apply for the position. A class-wide e-mail was also sent out to 2016 last year when Ecem Senyuva resigned. But for this vacancy, neither Makansi nor Sinha sent such an e-mail this time.

According to Makansi, a class-wide e-mail should have been sent out. Asked about this, Sinha said, in an e-mail, that there “seems to have been some miscommunication” between him and Makansi.

“I know that as CCSC we are going to be looking at a proposal to change the entire process this semester, as it is confusing for everyone it seems,” Sinha went on.

The only indication made about this in a class-wide email announcing CCSC 2017 updates, sent out by CCSC 17 President Ravi Sinha.  Under a section titled “CCE Summer Internship Program” was an offer, in the middle of a paragraph, to join CCSC: “Want to boost your resume? Join a CCSC Committee! Joining Campus Life, Communications, Policy, your junior council, and other committees are a great way to get involved in your community. Please let me (rjs2204) if you are interested in being a part of CCSC!”

While this section asks students to join the junior council, it does not specify a voting representative was being appointed, and there is not specific way to sign up, other than Sinha’s uni.


Find out more about this



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Get ready to see a lot of these around campus

Get ready to see a lot of these around campus

For the first time in forever, you’re actually excited about Homecoming! You’re less so about by-laws, but Bwogger Joe Milholland, unmoved, gives you the CCSC recap you need, not the one you deserve.

At the Sunday night Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) meeting, VP of Campus Life Kelly Echavarria announced that this week’s Homecoming activities will include a photo scavenger hunt for inflatable lions hidden around campus. Students who take a picture of themselves with the lions—or the VPs of Campus Life from the 4 undergrad student councils—and enter into the raffle will be eligible to win an Apple Watch or sweaters.

The council also made some more changes to its by-laws. The judicial board committee, which is decided by the senior class president, will be approved by CCSC’s executive board and communicated to the general body—a measure implemented for “transparency,” according to current Senior Class President Saaket Pradham.

Major changes and minor drama up ahead



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We received this video of a party in the John Jay laundry room from freshman Matteo Leibowitz. Let’s just say that this is the most awkward party we’ve ever seen (certainly not on the Grisham level)—you really have to see it for yourself:

We originally thought it was another propaganda video from CCSC, but that seems unlikely given the lack of snake-perspective shots. Besides, the student councils would never pass up an opportunity to use #OurBlue by using #HYPEMERCHANTS instead.

Why did they have a party in the laundry room, where there’s smelly water leaking from the washing machines? Why are there unrelated laundromats in the beginning? Did they throw the party just for a video? Why do only two people look happy? And finally, why the hell did Leibowitz send 17 emails to us linking to this video? So many questions. So few answers.



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2017 CCSC class council

2017 CCSC class council

CCSC’s been involved in some shady stuff lately. Last night, following other CCSC happenings, we received an anonymous (and dramatic) tip alleging that Anuj Sharma, CCSC 2017’s “successful” president, has kept his decision not to seek re-election secret, hoping to discourage other parties and individuals from running and open up the race to his VP, Chris Allison.

A member of student government confirmed the information in the tip, noting that Anuj hasn’t attended any candidate mixers—which aren’t required, however. This source continued that he/she had recently overheard a student who was tapped by the “mainly-incumbent” CCSC 2017 party “tell someone else to not spread the true information” about Anuj not running, “because they think releasing will bring challengers for their seats.”

Anuj Sharma, the current CCSC 2017 class council president, will not be seeking reelection. However, he and his current party, which includes Vice President Chris Allison, are keeping this “under raps” until right before parties are announced. Anuj is viewed as having been a “successful” president, and as such leaves himself in a strong position to fend off potential challengers, and in fact, this has led to many people even dismissing the idea of running against. If word were to leak that Allison was running instead of Anuj for the presidency (which is the plan), many more students would enter the race because the intimidating incumbency which would be advantageous to Anuj would not exist as much for Allison. As such, the two (and the entire 2017 class council) are essentially usurping CCSC democracy- which is already far too opaque- by purposefully misleading voters and potential challengers until they have no chance to stop them. It is wrong, it is a perversion of democracy, and it should be public knowledge.

According to elections rules, candidates for class president and VP must run together, whereas the E-Board runs as a unified party. Class council parties can be incomplete, meaning they have fewer than five council members.

Candidate and party registration for CCSC elections is tentatively scheduled for March 23, nearly five weeks away. There’s another mixer scheduled for February 28, and an information session on March 7. If you weren’t going to run for CCSC 2017 class council because you were worried about losing to Anuj Sharma, maybe you should reconsider.

Council via yourCCSC



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40% of CC and 55% of SEAS first-year students turned out to vote for their respective student councils.  Full results (with percentages) can be found here.  Congratulations to the winners!

2017 CCSC President & Vice President
Anuj Sharma & Chris Allison of Morningside Mojo

2017 CCSC Representatives
Abby Porter
Annette Finnegan of Morningside Mojo
Sheila Alexander

2017 ESC President
Robert Adelson of They SEAS Me Rollin’

2017 ESC Vice President
Jonathan Barrios of They SEAS Me Rollin’

2017 ESC Representatives
Harry Munroe of They SEAS Me Rollin’
Sarah Yang of Vitamin SEAS

ESC 3-2 Representative
Seth Hochhauser



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Race to acceptance

As IvyGate, Gawker, and New York Mag have picked up, some accepted members of the Columbia Class of 2017 decided to post their application essays publicly online (inciting Bwog to mutter “they’re making it too easy.”).  Unfortunately, the files have since been deleted, but you can still catch some highlights at the linked articles.  Frankly, perusing these essays has made Bwog even more excited to formally meet the incoming class–such creative kids with a broad spectrum of interests and life stories.  We can’t wait to see what they bring to campus (and the 2017 Facebook group).  We’ve reached out to Admissions for comment and will let you know if they get back to us.

Update, 5:40 pm: The Class of 2017 Facebook group has already begun reacting and they are not happy, you guys.

Update, 8:16 pm: Admissions released the following statement on the 2017 Facebook group:

We understand that personal statements that were shared by members of this private group a few weeks ago were regrettably made public and printed in the media this afternoon. Given the critical priority we place on maintaining the privacy of past, current and prospective students, we want to assure you that Columbia was not involved in the release of these essays to the public, and that the Google Drive where these statements were originally posted has now been taken down voluntarily by its creator. We are thrilled that you are getting to know one another and are excited to join the Columbia community, but we encourage you to always take appropriate privacy measures when sharing any personal information online. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Banks and America tortoise and hare via Shutterstock



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Smiles all around!

Smiles all around!

It’s become more impressive to become a Columbia student than ever. According to Admissions, only 6.89% of freshman applicants were admitted to CC and SEAS this year. That’s a record low admissions rate for the University, narrowly edging out the 6.92% admissions rate of two years ago. The University received 33,531 applications—more than last year, but not quite as many as two years ago—and only admitted 2,311 students.

Decision letters have already been sent out to applicants, who can also just log onto this handy Admissions website at 5 pm (EST) tonight to find out whether they’ve been admitted.

Newly admitted members of the Class of 2017 should rejoice. Newly terrified prospies of the Class of 2018 may want to consider Princeton, which had a much higher admissions rate (7.29%) than we did this year. (The other Ivies haven’t released admissions data yet.)

Bwog is thrilled for the latest crop of Columbians, and we look forward to stalking their Facebook group seeing them on campus next year!

Update (3:30)—Bwog was on College Walk to watch the joyous celebration as dozens of workers from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions carried out boxes of envelopes. Officers said that it’s the most exciting time of the year, also shown by their huge smiles and their rousing rendition of “Roar, Lion, Roar,” despite the light rain. A smaller batch of international decisions was loaded after the U.S. decisions into a different vehicle a few minutes later.

Apparently, the number of applicants is so large that not all of the envelopes can fit inside the Hamilton office, so many were stored on a squash court in Dodge. One member of the group loading letters also said that she was in labor last year at this time. Class of 2017 RD, you’re Columbia’s newest babies, and your birth will happen in only an hour and a half. See some pictures below of the beginning of your delivery:

Marinaccio’s statement and Ivy admissions stats after the jump



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Columbia Office of Undergraduate Admissions (artist’s rendering)

33,460 prospies applied to our fair university (during both the Early and Regular Decision rounds) this year. According to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Jessica Marinaccio:

“We have received 33,460 applications to Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science for the Class of 2017, a five percent increase from last year. We are thrilled that so many students are considering Columbia as one of their college choices and look forward to learning about these applicants over the course of the next few months as we continue with our review process.”

Since Columbia College and Fu SEAS only accept around 2,400 students each year, some 93% of these eager applicants will be rejected. Current Columbia students, on the other hand, will experience unearned pride: 33,460 applications isn’t quite as high as two years ago (when we received 34,929 applications) but it’s much higher than last year’s numbers. Since a university’s prestige is apparently proportional to how many high school seniors they make cry, this means we’re still one of the best schools in the country.

Fourth-best, to be precise.

Admissions officers via Shutterstock



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Barnard is mailing its acceptance letters for early decision applicants this week, and reports record numbers of applicants for the third year in a row.

And the countdown to the eBear renovation starts yesterday...

Admissions officers that are almost as excited as those people at Midnight Breakfast last night…

Congratulations to the Class of 2017, who now await their decision by snail-mail only. Believe it or not, future first-years, that part might be easier than using eBear.

Statement from Director of Media Relations Sun Min, below:

  • For the Class of 2017, Barnard received 599 early decision applications, a 6.6% increase from last year when we received 562.
  • This year’s number represents a 53% increase from just three years ago when we received 392 early applications.
  • Notably, this year’s applicant pool was the most diverse–including ethnic, geographic and schools–in the College’s history. There were many schools from which the College had never previously received applications, and we received a record number of early applicants from international students.

Good luck to applicants waiting to hear–we’re all rooting for you!

Joy to Milbank via Barnard College/Ayelet Pearl BC ’14.



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Class of ’17, enjoy your lazy days

Dear Admitted Students,

We’re so excited for you! We know you can’t wait to be here, and we can’t wait to induct you into our secret society welcome you. It may seem like college is too far away. In the meantime here are some tips to feel like a Columbia student regardless of where you will go to school.

1. Stop eating food your parents give you. Only eat cheese samples, pizza, and sandwiches. Then be confused when you run out of money.

2. Bitch about something called UWriting and Frontiers. A lot.

3. Find a middle school cafeteria’s max occupancy level, put twice that many kids in there, and call it “Ferris.”

4. Complain about how many classes you have that day and go to 70 percent of them. Just kidding. Go to 40 percent of them.

5. Say “heteronormative,” “phallic,” and “social construct” when you don’t need to.

6. Tell people you go to Williamsburg often.

7. Work out twice per semester. When you do, text everyone you know and say “Sorry I missed you, I was working out.”

More tips after the break



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The Columbia Admission staff gathered at 3 pm on College Walk today to send out their decisions to Early Decision applicants. It was a cheerful event, with a quick “Roar, Lion, Roar” performed by the hard-working people who got us all into this place.

Decisions come out online at 5 P.M. Eastern time today.

Good luck to all applicants and welcome class of 2017!

Update, 5:11 pm: click through for Jessica Marinaccio’s statement

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