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Bwog gets festive

If you’re still in the city and planning on going home, you should probably think about leaving right now. (Gothamist)

An early Christmas present: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are back to filming Sherlock. (Mirror)

Haven’t talked to your high school friends (or your high school dealer) in a while? Here’s a guide to scoring drugs when you’re back home over Thanksgiving. (Gawker)

Halloween was a month ago, but check out this new feminist vampire movie from Iran. (Jezebel)

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Who is this man?  What is he doing?  He is even looking at me?

Who is this man? What is he doing? Is he even looking at me?

Congress has apparently decided that it won’t be passing serious legislation on privacy for the time being.  Instead, states will be responsible for making sure our search histories deepest darkest secrets aren’t available on the web.  (NYT)

THE RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES. AGAIN.  (NYT but also do you live under a rock?)

At least one person has officially written down in an NYT piece what we all have known to be true forever: your older iPhone gets way slower when updates come out.  This is because Apple is evil.  (NYT)

A state senator from suburban Los Angeles has just been implicated in a multi-million dollar corruption scandal.  The money went primarily toward golf and Las Vegas… America is totally fine guys! (Al Jazeera America)

Finally, it’s Halloween! Don’t forget to submit to our costume and pumpkin carving contests!


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What we should actually be thinking about when it comes to asteroids.

Fro Sci did talk about this.

Watson and Crick didn’t have the full story, it appears! Scientists at the University of Cambridge have released a new study showing that 4-stranded DNA exists within the human genome. (Fro Sci didn’t prepare me for this!) It is being called the G-quadruplexes, and there is excitement over its potential to aid in cancer research. Only time will tell if this discovery will earn a place of honor among its predecessor in the annals of history. (Yahoo! News)

Deep Space Industries, a company specialized in asteroid mining, has announced that they plan to be operational by 2016. In order to mine the large number of asteroids found near our little green planet, DSI will utilize two different spacecraft known as FireFlies and DragonFlies. They know that there is bound to be some cost involved with all of this, but that’s why they’re hopeful for investors from Google and Redbull. Maybe the spacecrafts of the future will look something like this. (Time)

Nerds everywhere rejoice! It appears as if Star Wars: Episode VII has finally found a director, one that has proven himself among the pantheon of Geek Gods. I’m talking about JJ (Freakin’) Abrams! LucasFilm, which was acquired by Disney last year, solidified the long-standing rumor yesterday on the official Star Wars blog. (Wired)



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Stephan Vincenzo—oops, it’s Perez–is back on TV to discuss the “prescription epidemic” sweeping the country. Again! Dressed to the nines (again), Perez also talks about returning to New York for trial and his forthcoming graduation from Emory University.

The video won’t embed for us, but you can watch him tell his “story about redemption” here.

In other news, we can expect the brownstone decision this Friday.



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Bitch, please

Discipline and punish. (The Economist)

NoCo is saving the environment! (Sacramento Bee)

Change is coming to the Central Valley. (New York Times)

Good Guy Anonymous, stopping child pornographers. (Time)

The FBI can’t seem to keep track of its super secret spy gadgets. (TechDirt)


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I wonder how it tastes...

New York Times foreign correspondent and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Anthony Shadid passed away in Syria due to a severe asthma attack. (Columbia Journalism Review)

Jon Stewart has temporarily cornered the market on late night satire. (New York Times)

Corruption is everywhere. (The Guardian)

Never take candy from strangers undercover cops. (AlterNet)

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Fighting the war on lame hats

Drugs: Latin American leaders call for drug regulation because the War on Drugs isn’t working. (Washington Post)

Body Fat: Analysts are slaves to passion. (Yahoo!)

Tax Evasion: Society expects something of you! (The Atlantic)

Contraception: More fancy hats. (New York Times)


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On December 7th, 2010, five Columbia students were arrested for allegedly dealing marijuana, LSD, cocaine, Adderall and ecstasy. Four of the five students arrested were members of fraternities. They were arrested after allegedly selling drugs to an undercover cop. This is a story you now know well.

Exactly thirty-seven years earlier, on December 7, 1973, five Columbia students were arrested for allegedly dealing cocaine and marijuana. All five of the students arrested were members of two fraternities: Beta Theta Pi and Delta Phi. They were arrested after allegedly selling drugs to an undercover cop. This is a story you may not have heard before. Bwog heard the story from an alum who was a freshman in 1973, and found the Crimson article which confirmed the details.

The harsh Rockefeller drug laws, which had gone into effect just months before the 1973 arrest, maintained a “one strike and you’re out rule” for drug dealing. All five students spent time in infamously brutal Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York. Bwog is still digging up all the details we can find on this, but—good gravy!—history repeats itself we guess.

Update, 12/24: Here’s a Times article from December 21, 1973, on the two students arrested for dealing cocaine. Both students were on the wrestling team and members of Beta. The students—because there aren’t enough coincidences in this case—were unrelated and named Sean O’Neill and Robert O’Neill. They sold four ounces of cocaine to an undercover cop who posed as a  student and moved into the Beta house. The other three students were Richard Becker, a senior charged with selling four pounds of marijuana to the undercover agent, Nicolas Delancie who was the President of Delta Phi and sold 15 ounces of marijuana, and Roman Luis, a sophomore charged with selling marijuana and cocaine.



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Bwog found Mickey Avalon’s backstage spread rather ordinary – fruit, iced water, some Red Bull. When Zoe Camp and Peter Krawczyk showed up to interview him before last night’s show, they couldn’t detect slightest sign of illicit behavior – for all we know, it could have been Al Gore’s green room.

But then out walked the sultan of sleaze-rap himself, sipping on a small cup of Red Bull, smiling at the giddy students that walk by. Going into an interview with an artist whose biggest hits include songs about dicks, sluts and “hot dick dot com,” one would expect a certain air of crassness. Bwog found Mickey Avalon delightful backstage; onstage he had his moments.

Mickey did pretty much what we expected him to do: make out with all the girls in the front row (twice), play “Jane Fonda” and “My Dick” (during the last five minutes) and be fucked up. Overheards ranged from “I’m getting tired of trying to have fun,” to “I am so happy I go to college.” The cigarette-smoking and ensuing threats of shutting the show down, the awkward moments where kids were dragged off the stage by Public Safety and the middle school dance grinding may not have lent the evening a refined air, but we suspect that’s not what anyone was looking for last night. Mickey and his dancers were spotted at O’Connell’s, of all places, around midnight last night. They played “My Dick” in his honor. Happy birthday, Mickey! Thanks for giving an excellent excuse to actually attend an event in Roone, Bacchanal! Bwog loves you.

Bwog: It’s your birthday tommorow! What are your plans?
Mickey: I fly out for Honolulu in the morning. I play the 3rd, the 4th, and the 5th. Then I have a break before the 10th, so I can relax, surf…just chill.

Bwog: Very cool! So you did a song with Ke$ha (“Sticky Mickey”). What was that like?
Mickey: It was fun. She came on tour with me and opened for me. I knew she was going to be bigger than me but we share the same record company and they wanted to give her exposure. I’ve collaborated with others, too…Kid Rock, Katy Perry, Perry Ferrel. For rap music, it used to be all about the verses without hooks. But now, you need hooks. It’s nice to have other people – especially girls – singing on the hook.

Bwog: In songs like “What do you Say”, you go for obscure samples (King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O,  by Chubby Parker and His Old Time Banjo). How do you pick those samples?
Mickey: I like folk and country. We sample a lot of 60’s psychedelic stuff too, and I’m working on some Bob Dylan covers. Subterranean Homesick Blues especially – the way it’s structured, it’s already great for a rap song. I like samples because it helps to expose people to music they wouldn’t hear otherwise. My friend, his niece knows who Ke$ha is, but not who Keith Richards is. I don’t get that.

Bwog: You’ve spoken about being a male prostitute in the past, and it’s something that pops up in your music a lot. Now, with your music career, you obviously don’t need to do that any more. Does that mean we won’t hear about it in your music, or will we still get to hear stories of your past?
Mickey: It’s a progression. I think of each album as a chapter in my life. The next record is the next chapter. I might poke fun at myself here and there, but at the same time, I don’t want to hear 50 cent talking about selling crack all the time. This is just my job and it pays the bills and child support and all that.

Bwog: Ok, so of course we had to bring up “My Dick”. Did you – pardon the pun – know it was going to be so big?
Mickey: We’ve never done anything that’s a good business choice. I’ve always thought that it was a terrible idea, a terrible song that was so stupid. Same with “Jane Fonda”, actually. But people work 9-5, they come to these shows and they just want to have fun. When I hear people that want to get deep or philosophical, I just say, “dude, it’s rock and roll. If you wanna get philosophical, do it somewhere else.”

But I’ve heard some pretty funny stuff – the funniest was when my music publisher said that his son loved “My Dick.” I was like, “Dude, you shouldn’t be telling everyone this.”

Some people take the music a bit too seriously, though. I played this show at Mount Holyoke, and there were these girls outside protesting with these signs that said my songs were pro-rape. I’m not pro-rape – I have a daughter…That kind of hurt my feelings. It was like they were sitting there wanting to be mad at me.

Bwog: Speaking of mad, a lot of people have been getting worked up over Four Loko. Do you drink it?
Mickey: What’s that? Why, are young girls getting date raped or something? (after an explanation, a visible wince) There’s reason that hard alcohol makes your stomach lurch. You NEED that, and young girls definitely need that. Caffeine just masks that.

Bwog: One last thing: Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese?
Mickey: Cheese. Wait, as in being a vegan? (a beat.) Yeah, I like both things, but cheese.

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Mmmmmmmmmmm... pizza.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is holding a phone banking event to end marijuana prohibition in California in 501 Lerner with free pizza from Angelina’s (105th and Broadway). Apparently there’s some sort of competition between other SSDP groups nationwide to see who can make the most calls, with the winner taking home a banner. Bwog would probably totally mess up and just end up calling its dealer over and over, so watch out for that.

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Quick – get your Tamagotchi African villager avatar – lest you be trapped by your own limited, soon-to-be-obsolete pen-and-paper way of learning.

Watch out for them drugs, kids! You might end up accidentally cheating by outsourcing your work to yourself.

An awkwardly short list of nothing particularly awkward or noteworthy.

Riot grrl#~~!!*

Oh! The shame!



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1968 low policeThanks to one of the few female graduates in the early days of the law school, copyright law was blessed with the “fair use” clause.  Here’s to in-class movies and music.

Measles, mumps, and rubella are frightening now, but as a child you would have preferred putting off your immunization visits to being saved from disease.

A ‘72er (not to be confused with a ’68er) has some words of wisdom for ambitious New School and NYU “protesters.”

The adults have found out about college kids’ drug of choice.  Run!

Professors will get even less work done next semester.  The world’s largest collection of pop music since the 1950’s will be available for use by Columbia professors soon.



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Here’s a trippy opinion piece called “The Benefits of Smoking” that doesn’t contain a single word. [ed: Spec has, for some reason, removed this article in the last hour.]

Pete Seeger lived through the 60’s. That must have been so sick, man. Wait, why was he at Teacher’s College again?

No one will ever suspect you if your eyes are a little red today: “everyone knows” we don’t sleep anyway.

Facebook and religion. That’s what it’s all about, dude. It’s all this massive social construct. Like, the Facebook guy just wants us all to buy into this system of organized religion. We have to fight it; we have to fight back against Facebook. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Wait, I’m so hungry right now. Cheetos? 

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The real world media reveals that Columbia’s full of denial this week.

The Alps don’t exist.  Really?

Bananas aren’t blue.  Really!

Traylessness isn’t all that bad.  Obviously.

The drug war isn’t publicized enough.  Irresponsibly.

CU Med school doesn’t get questionable donations?  Honestly!



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An anonymous tipster spotted the pictured stack of books in the Butler computer lab. “If only my finals were this interesting!” he laments.  The books include:

Cannabis Culture


Marijuana-The New Prohibition

Sexual Power of Marijuana

Man and Marijuana

Marihuana Reconsidered

Marihuana Papers

Bitter Pill

Birth Control

From Private Vice to Public Virtue

New Concepts in Contraception

National Com. on Marijuana and Drug Abuse

It looks like there may be at least one student who’s a little less stressed than the rest of us.


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