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img November 17, 20152:01 pmimg 0 Comments

They see you.

They see you.

The world has been a mess and a half lately and we at Bwog are heartbroken over the amount of pain in the universe. That being said, we’re pretty sure someone sent some guardian angels to Morningside Heights to look out for us CU kids… the inexplicable Duane Reade bears. Now, if it was almost Valentine’s Day, we would take the bears at face value: gimmicky gifts doubling as window decor, perfect for the misbehaving girlfriend or the hapless husband looking for a gift to put them back in the green with their partner.

However, it’s the middle of November, and these bears aren’t festive in the least: no green-and-red ribbon accoutrements, no jingle-bell attachments, and (as far as we know, we are wary to poke the bears) no little speaker that plays “Holly Jolly Christmas” embedded in their stomachs. Just standard, albeit rather large, teddy bears, vacantly staring out of the DR windows onto the Broadway sidewalks.

Theories, revelations, and more product placement after the cut



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img March 11, 20136:30 pmimg 2 Comments

Duane Reade's always there for you.

Duane Reade’s always there for you.

After tripping over construction workers for weeks, Duane Reade is practically done with renovations. Bwog sent our Decoration Diva Angel Jiang to check it out, in honor of the five-aisled edifice to self-improvement. 

The first thing to note about Duane Reade’s renovation is that the entrance, formerly in correspondence to the stairs to the lower level, is now located on the north side. Thankfully, the demarcated “in” and “out” signs legibly indicated this on the uniform glass facade. It is unclear if the newly reconfigured glass entry doors are intended to alleviate a bottleneck issue, or to postpone your descent to the actual pharmacy by redirecting traffic to the aisles of temptation. I admit to clogging up traffic in the vestibule, but would attribute that to Duane Reade’s choice to place their Nice! garbage bags, designer paper bowls, and paper towels emblazoned with suns and stuffed animals in their entry hall.

In Duane Reade’s pursuit to make life as odor-free as possible, deodorant is prioritized in the first and second aisles, as are the “fragrances” safe-guarded in a locked and sealed capsule adjacent to a selection of disinfecting wipes. I would have lingered to wonder if a larger lobby contributes to more time spent browsing neon colored makeup and Easter candy, but am quickly distracted by a fridge of chobani and nesquik. I try to remember what kind of necessities I used to buy at Duane Reade but all attention is constantly diverted.




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img October 09, 20113:02 pmimg 8 Comments

With Halloween quickly approaching, a few small changes have been made both on and off campus to prepare for maximum spookage. 



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Spotted at Duane Reade. But can it rival our own?

The closest you can get to spending Flex on beer



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img January 12, 200912:52 pmimg 39 Comments

Via City Room, Bwog learns that Duane Reade has rolled out a new logo at newly renovated stores, replacing the longtime interlocking blue and red DR with a black-and-white, non-interlocking version. City Room commenters pointed out that the logo seems to draw its “inspiration” from Radio Shack.

But the store, which has been in and out of legal trouble over the past few years, may also soon become another casualty of the recession. According to the Wall Street Journal, Duane Reade is among nine retailers and restaurants that Standard & Poor’s rates as “at significant risk of default, with junk-bond ratings of CCC, or ‘very weak.'” A Duane Reade spokesman denied that the store was in any trouble, but, of the six members on S&P’s list last year, three have since filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Bwog knows one way they could improve the bottom-line: don’t roll out Christmas decorations in September.



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img September 23, 200811:07 amimg 7 Comments

Oh look, here is a depressing thing: Duane Reade has already begun stocking up on Christmas decorations. In hopes that these were actually just leftovers from last year, Bwog checked with the salesperson who confirmed that yes, these are new for the season.

So if you’re looking to start your Christmas paraphernalia collection early, at least they’re really cheap, what with this being September and everything. 



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img January 15, 20089:22 pmimg 23 Comments

movieIt’s moment you’ve all been waiting for [insert bombastic drum roll] because this spring all of you baby-blue donning lions and lionesses will be able swipe your parents’ money away in a smorgasbord of local vendors.  Because The Powers That Be want to test run the program before they expand to “any/all interested vendors” in Morningside, they asked we the people to vote for the places that we visited most.  And because all of the award shows are  being canceled, Bwog will be giving out the 1st Annual Roaree Awards to the vendors winners of the survey.  Results after the jump. (more…)



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img October 06, 20076:40 pmimg 23 Comments

Not to be outdone by Morton Williams’ preemptive homage to Halloween, local pharmacy Duane Reade is pioneering the Christmas bandwagon.

Morton Williams has the opportunity to counter-strike and capitalize on Reade’s Thanksgiving omission.

West Side Market, presumably, is too busy providing the community with fresh food at affordable prices to deign to participate.

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