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img April 22, 201110:21 amimg 1 Comments

This picture raises a lot of questions.

Why did Emma Watson leave Brown? Because every time she spoke in class, her classmates yelled “Three points for Gryffindor!” (NYDN)

Who’s that new serial killer on Long Island? Profilers say he’s likely white, charming, and “has access to burlap sacks.” But sorry ladies—he’s not single. (NYT, Daily Intel)

Which coffee cart on 43rd Street is best? Perhaps inspired by our own Cart Chronicles, An anonymous individual has posted a physical critical review (on a post) of both carts on the street. (City Room)

Is it legal to take cases to trial if you haven’t passed the Bar? Apparently so…since some Columbia Law students have been prosecuting domestic abuse cases for the Queens DA. (NYDN)

What do the kids like these days? Attorneys general across the country are trying to shut down a fruit-flavored malt liquor endorsed by Snoop Dogg because it’s “enticing young people with hip hop themes and lollipop flavors.” (NYT, CNN)

Did you expect this from the title?

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img April 01, 20119:58 amimg 7 Comments

but really, does anyone ever eat at Camille's?

Breaking news below!

Mobsters busted in raid on HamDel’s mysterious neighbor, Camille’s.

Charlie Sheen has locked himself in a reading room on Butler 4 with several female students, a suitcase of cocaine, and every book on the Lit Hum syllabus.

Student looks at Community Food and Juice Menu from a Marxist Perspective.

Emma Watson transfers to Barnard.

McBain Shaft Installs Ball Pit.

Bwog writes post without any typos.

For more staggering sub-140 character revelations, check out Bwog’s Twitter throughout the day!



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img March 10, 201110:00 amimg 0 Comments

Bwoglines, by any other name, would totally look less sweet.

Roses are red,
Brown must be blue,
Since Emma Watson is leaving
We would be too. (EmmaWatson.com)

There is nothing quite as annoying—
With our hearts cab drivers start toying,
“Where do you want to go?
Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn? Ha, no!”
Caught on tape, the act’s self-destroying. (NYT CityRoom)

Speculation ensues;
New, very low number (22).
One theory asks of homicide,
Whether it’s the weather. (WSJ)

Hawkma can relate:
Large animal bones inside?
A bird’s got to eat. (NYPost)

A couplet re: couples—our painting’s twin,
Dwight D. times two wears CU robes within. (HTR News)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.



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img July 21, 20095:29 pmimg 20 Comments

Put down the wands – a wizard will not be joining the Columbia community in the fall. Multiple tipsters alerted us (with startling quickness) to Emma Watson finally going on the record about her Ivy destination. And yes, as predicted, Brown won this battle. Guess we’ll have to settle for the White House.



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img June 29, 20093:02 pmimg 34 Comments

The Hermione-to-Columbia rumor machine continues to be more active than anything ESPN Insider has to offer (yes, that was a sports reference – just move along). Previous rumors (which we and our commenters were skeptical of) were based an entry in the Columbia University directory, but now British tabloid The Daily Mail is reporting that, in the August issue of Elle, Watson confirms that she will be headed to Morningside in September.

Unfortunately, the article, in typical British tabloid tabloid fashion, doesn’t actually quote any excerpts saying she’s definitely coming, and quick check of the local magazine racks turned up no copies of the Elle issue in question. But fans may continue to live in hope.



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img June 24, 20099:54 amimg 41 Comments

JustJared claims to have uncovered proof that Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger/face of Burberry, will be attending Columbia University. This follows rumors linking the actress to Yale, Harvard, and Brown, but, using knowledge of Ms. Watson’s many other names (“her birth name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson”), they say that the directory entry at right corresponds to her.

We know what you’re thinking: “The School of Continuing Education? That’s not an undergraduate college!” Well, yes and no: the School of Continuing Education (the youngest of Columbia’s schools) does not offer any undergraduate degrees. It is, however, open to non-matriculated students, including students who want to take classes between high school and the start of college; these students can effectively take whatever courses they want while enrolled. If this is Watson’s entry, though, she would have to enter another school to get a degree. Somehow, though, we doubt this “degree” issue would prevent Wikipedia users from claiming her for Columbia.

UPDATE: A commenter points out that there is already a Charlotte Watson on LinkedIn who is enrolled at the School for Continuing Education. Sigh.



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img October 14, 20089:26 amimg 12 Comments

More news about that Hermione Granger maybe-visit, not that you’ve been anxious about it or anything.

Earlier, we had predicted that the next stop on Ms. Granger’s southbound Tour D’Ivy would be the City of New York. One smitten commenter directed our attention to a recent Gawker Stalker sighting of our heroine, which confirmed our suspicions. Yesterday she was spotted coming out of the Adidas store on Broadway and Houston, which means she’s practically on campus already. Basically!

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