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img November 19, 201010:00 amimg 0 Comments

A cat was lost but has now been found.

The second edition of The Encyclopedia of New York City, edited by Columbia’s own NYC expert Professor Kenneth Jackson, is now available. (ABC News)

MySpace “surrenders”‘ to Facebook and announces future “integrations” between users’ MySpace and Facebook accounts. (TechCrunch)

Vuvuzelas banned at the annual Harvard-Yale football game. (NY Daily News)

With Pluto now merely a memory, Scientists discover new planet HIP 13044b just outside the Milky Way Galaxy. (Space)

Forget about finals—Facebook is “the new source of psychological stress”…and asthma attacks. (LA Times)

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img November 12, 201011:46 amimg 11 Comments

Soup and soft serve for all! More to come.



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img August 06, 201010:00 amimg 30 Comments

Mel’s Burger Bar is coming along quite nicely.

And more Morningside dining news: Kuti’s, a new takeout store on 116th between Morningside and Manhattan Avenues, just got a good review from the Times. Bwog sampled the shrimp piri-piri and it is delicious, and just $7 for a plate of shrimp and two sides. Most dishes are between $5-7.



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img February 20, 20107:56 pmimg 21 Comments

With the news that Columbia will be permanently adding 50 students to the College, Bwog has been wondering where, exactly, they’ll be putting everyone.

Last week, Columbia announced that a new brownstone will be available for undergraduate suite selection this year.  548 W. 113th Street is a cozy, eight-room building nestled between the sororities and Symposium.  The four elevator-less floors are boast enormous studio doubles (300 square feet) with kitchens and bathrooms–clearly the administrators have never been inside, or they would surely start moving walls.  There’s even a room in the basement (don’t worry; it has windows).

The building was completely renovated last summer.  Columbia installed new fake wood floors and (actually white) tiles in the bathrooms, including the shower (not those strange concrete shower floors other buildings have).  The kitchens are similar in size to those in the seven-person suites in 47 Claremont.

Unfortunately, none of the residents would allow Bwog to take photos of their room, so all we have to show from Friday’s open house is a photo of the lobby.  Housing will allow groups of two or four to pick one or two studio doubles respectively in this upcoming housing lottery.  Floor plans are not up yet and there’s no telling how this will affect the lottery, but Bwog suggests that this building will be taken by the most lucky juniors.

Registration begins March 1.  Good luck!



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img January 20, 20102:10 pmimg 29 Comments

Barnard’s brand new student center, the Vagelos Center aka the Diana aka the Nexus aka the Vag, is open and ready for business as of yesterday. Hey, ‘Vag’ sounds like ‘vagina’. Weird!

The Diana is shiny, new and streamlined. It is much, much nicer than Lerner. The Vag’s first patrons seemed excited about their new space, and the eating, lounging and study spaces were crowded today around lunchtime. There was a long line at Liz’s Cafe and students seemed to be enjoying their healthy options; Bwog noted edamame in spades. The study spaces are abundant and well laid-out, with plenty of nooks for individual or group study, and the art and architecture studios on the upper floors are spotless. There were still a few signs of construction: blue tape, a dusty smell, the ongoing work outside the entrance.

Despite lingering work, the students we spoke to were impressed and pleased with the Diana overall. Still, a group students stood a few feet back from the Vag, still puzzling over the color scheme. A consensus was eventually: it could be peach, orange, red, salmon, pink, auburn or burnt auburn. The color scheme reminded Bwog of the new Renzo Piano-desigend  NYT building in Midtown– and right across from Sulzberger, too! More pictures of the Vag inside and out after the jump.




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img November 15, 200910:24 pmimg 30 Comments

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed over the weekend, Bwog has received several much-needed upgrades to its publishing software. The renovations will allow us more flexibility in the site’s configuration as well as increase Bwog’s compatibility with third-party applications and search engines. Things you’ll particularly notice: Google Reader and RSS feeds will no longer have strange characters; comment threads will now be nested (fear not, the “track comments” button will return soon); and the anti-spam filter is no longer a test for color-blindness.

We are also excited to announce the introduction of advertising on Bwog. With more than 2.5 million pageviews from its core of regular visitors each month, Bwog is an excellent way to get your message to the Columbia community, and we would be glad to help you make that happen. You can contact us at for more information, but otherwise, you can see a screenshot of the new ad setup after the jump.


The Bwog Staff




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img March 23, 20096:14 pmimg 57 Comments

This evening, mere hours before lottery numbers are due to be posted online tomorrow, Columbia Undergraduate Housing threw us for another loop: there’s a new dorm!

Cozily-named Harmony Hall will be available for the 2009-2010 room selection process and offers eight floors of freshly renovated off-campus-esque housing. Harmony is located at 544 W. 110th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam and contains 76 singles and 7 doubles, allowing 90 lucky guinea pigs in total to grace Harmony’s hallways next year.

There are 8-12 rooms per floor, which are arranged corridor-style. Harmony residents will also find a full-sized fridge, sink and stove on each floor, and (of course) a flat-screen TV in their common rooms. There’s a laundry room and bicycle storage rack in the basement, and only two RA rooms, allowing for many opportunities to wash dirty clothes and do some hardcore RA-free partying, every Columbian’s favorite combination.



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img December 17, 20086:16 pmimg 36 Comments

CityRoom has a snazzy slideshow thing depicting the excitement surrouning the “topping off” of the new Interdisciplinary Science Building, located on 120th and Broadway. 

Look: there is Future You, in the library — exactly as you are right now. Comforting, kind of.

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