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Columbia B-School students featured in last episode of Suits

In the Uris Cafe earlier this afternoon, two gentlemen spiffed up in suits had the following exchange:

Suit 1: “If you met the perfect girl, would you ditch your girlfriend?”

Suit 2: “No way man, the sunk cost is way too high.”

To the girls lucky enough to call these men their own, we suggest you try dating outside of the Business School.

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Last week, rumors abounded that the East Asian Library was implementing a major policy change. Our Columbia-trained reactive minds got irrationally angry and readied our protest signs, assuming it was similar to the one implemented in Uris during finals last year–no undergraduates allowed.

However, a short email exchange with the director of the East Asian Library, Jim Cheng, revealed that only a small section of the library will have seating preferences for graduate students: specifically, two tables at the back of the reading room. As Mr. Cheng says, “the East Asian Library will be designating two tables in the back of the reading room as having seating preference for graduate students during the fall semester. … In addition, there is a small group of study carrels that were added downstairs last year that will be assigned to PhD students by the department.”

tl;dr undergraduates are still allowed access to the rest of the library as long as you don’t sit on the two tables with the ‘graduate students only’ markers.  Put the protest signs down.

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The Ronald O. Perelman Center for Business Innovation

The B-School announced today that they’d received a $100 million donation from businessman and philanthropist Ron Perelman.

Perelman is part of the Board of Overseers for the B-School and serves as CEO and chairman of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc., which that owns a ton of corporations—including the Revlon make-up company and Scantron, the company that makes those standardized tests that require a number 2 pencil.

Perelman’s $100 million will go toward building the B-School’s two new buildings in Manhattanville, one of which will be named the Ronald O. Perelman Center for Business Innovation, “in recognition of [his] generosity.” The other building will be named after Henry Kravis, B ’69 and co-chair of the Board Overseers, who made his own $100 million donation last year.

No word on whether either of the buildings will be restricted to undergrads. But as of this writing, http://undergradsinperelman.tumblr.com is still available.

Read the press release after jump



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wait but at least we still have Uris Cafe

“Job well done, my friend. Looks like it’s just us B School students now!”

As of Finals week, you can add Uris to the list of places that will turn you away after an ID check.

This is the first time that admittance to Uris’ Watson Library has been restricted to only B School students. The upper floor, 2M, has been off-limits for undergrads since April 15, but now the entire library will be an Undergrad-free zone from May 3-May 17.  

B School students have been complaining about this issue for quite some time, and in the most mature fashion possible. If undergrads need a book from the library, a librarian will get it for them. Comment away, readership.

B School students congratulating each other on the recent ban via Columbia.edu




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A sign has appeared in Uris warning rowdy B-schoolers to keep it outside. Bwog was wondering why a similar sign didn’t exist in Butler, until we realized the obvious (and sad) answer. When you go to a school that treats its students to a kegger, you need to make sure that the library is an alcohol-free zone. When you go to a school that treats its students to a senior playpen, it’s not even an issue. Instead, you need to be on the lookout for “ugly mugs.”

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There will be a bone marrow drive today from 6 to 8:30 pm in Uris. If you want to participate, you can have your cheek swabbed with a cotton ball to see if you’re a potential donor. Check out the Facebook event here.



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Media Luna Mexican Deli did not fare so well.

The Health Department is, as of this summer, requiring that every restaurant in New York display the letter grades they most recently received for cleanliness.

This is a nightmare for everyone; it’s rare that any restaurant will sneak away with no health violations. The grades will be assigned during the next year, when the Health Department conducts its next rounds of inspections. The grades will be issued as follows: 0-13 points gets an A, 14-27 a B, and 28 and above a C. You know, like Calc II.  This numbered rating system, however, is due to be made more lenient (after all, who cares about burned-out lightbulbs?) before the letter grades are assigned so the correlation between numbers and letters isn’t accurate just yet.

In the meantime, that Health Department has created a website that lists the violations of every restaurant in the city after their most recent inspection. The results from Morningside are occasionally surprising (Hewitt/John Jay) and generally terrifying (there are mice everywhere). Here’s a list of the most popular Columbia restaurants and bars. We note when they were most recently reviewed and pick their most notable violations. Individual links don’t work, but if you want to go through every single one of them, go here for 10025 and here for 10027 and start clicking. These restaurants will probably maybe get their shit together in the next year so that they don’t get big old fat B’s in the window once the next round of inspections starts. We can but pray.

  • As of February 23rd, Deluxe, blissfully, has a mere 5 points for its plumbing (which a friend of Bwog’s may be partially accountable for, as she got her pregnancy test stuck in the toilet. Whoops!) Mill Korean has 2 points for plumbing.
  • Brownie’s, you are angelic. 0 points as of last September.
  • Vareli and Maoz each have 2 points, Maoz because it does not have an “immersion basket.” Noobs!
  • As of January, Koronet has a dazzling, sparkling 4 points for plumbing. The Heights also has 4 for mysterious pesticide use as of January.
  • Law School’s Lenfest has 7 for bad toilets as of last November.
  • Cafe East also has 7 as of May for improper cold food storage.
  • Cafe 212 has 8 for inadequate lighting improper “non-food contact surface” construction. So, phew. Last inspected last September.
  • As of last August, Symposium has only 5 points, even though the food sometimes tastes like it has been bathed in chlorine.
  • After a rough 62 violations in June 2009, Campo bounces back with 4.
  • Strokos has 9 violations as of January, one for cold food behind held above 41 ºF.
  • Carleton Lounge in Mudd has 9 as of last December for evidence of mice.
  • As of January, Dinosaur BBQ has 10 for bizarre internal food cooling/heating measures.
  • Ferris Booth gets 12 as of last December for improper cold food storage.
  • Lion’s Head gets 11 as of last February. “Evidence of mice or live mice.” Now it begins, friends.
  • Thai Market has 14 as of March, for improper cleaning.
  • As of May, Uris gets 14 for improper food surface cleaning.
  • JTS: 15, for evidence of mice as of February.
  • The Diana Cafeteria gets 14 as of April for improper cold food storage and undated or expired milk.
  • Heartbreak: M2M gets 15 as of July, for evidence of mice, improper cleaning, “evidence of flying insects” and “inadequate personal cleanliness.”
  • Butler Cafe got 18 in March for the thermometer rule and improper cold food storage.
  • As of June 4th, Ollie’s also gets 15 for cold food held above 41 ºF and evidence of mice.
  • La Negrita, or 999, or whatever, has 15 as of July 8th, but no mice!
  • As of June, Taqueria has 17 points (coulda been worse) for cold food held above 41 ºF but no vermin!
  • John Jay Dining Hall, the would-be mother of them all, got 18 last July for evidence of mice, rats and flying insects.
  • As of last September, Columbia Cottage has 21 points for cold food storage and some weird problem with a thermometer.
  • Le Monde was last inspected in April, and got 21 points for spoiled food. Fun fact: Bwog once found a caterpillar in our salad at Le Monde, but they were very nice about it.
  • Cannon’s, which the Health Department spells “Gannon’s” gets 21 for improper handwashing, a bad bathroom, etc. Last inspected in March.
  • Max Soha has 23 points as of January for mice, flying insects and improper food surface cleaning.
  • Kitchenette got 23 last December for roaches and improper cold food storage.
  • Some actually shocking news: Hewitt has 5 more points than John Jay, clocking in at 23 as of March, for food unprotected from contamination, improper thawing procedures, and improper lighting.
  • Roti Roll, or “Roti Rill” according to the Department, gets a 25 (still not a C, right!) for flying insects and improper cold food storage. Inspected in July.
  • Tom’s, last inspected in September 2009, gets 21 for the weird thermometer problem and improper cold food storage.
  • Vine, inspected in March, stores neither hot nor cold food correctly, and gets a 22.
  • As of March, Nussbaum has 23: evidence of mice.
  • Faculty House, fanciest place in the 100-27, gets 25 for evidence of mice and improper storage or usage of sanitized equipment as of March.
  • Havana Central has evidence of mice and spoiled food as of March; 24 points.
  • Inspected in January, 1020 shocks and awes with 22 points for improper handwashing facility/toilet area.
  • Hungarian: 22 points for evidence of mice and rats as of January.
  • We knew Pinkberry was made of weird animals. Well, psych, but it is apparently made of unpasteurized milk, earning it a whopping 30 points.

More listings, while we’re at it: in the Princeton Review 2011 college listings, Columbia was listed as being in a “great college town.” Unclear if that’s Morningside Heights or New York, but you make your own guesstimate. The Princeton Review also ranked the Top 20 best college newspapers. Guess who’s missing?

Update: And we almost forgot Pinnacle—21 points as of February, for evidence of mice, milk improperly dated/expired.



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Roar, Lion, Roar! Photo via designscene.net

Here is some news: the Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2011/2012 ad campaign is public!

Here is why that news is sort of relevant: those ads were all shot on our fair campus mere months ago!

Take a look: there’s the model shrouded in smoke wearing all black next to a building that looks like Uris, the other model shrouded in smoke wearing all black on Broadway next to Lewisohn, and variations on that theme.

The Bwog listserv chattered late into the night about which buildings were which in these photos. It’s kind of impossible to tell, what with all the smoke and models, but give it your best shot in the comments.

Different, yet similar: Gossip Girl is shooting today on 105th and West End.

Different, and not similar: PrezBo wrote an Op-Ed for the WSJ, calling for public funding for the press. (Hey, Mr. President, we know you read this: do you think we could talk about Bwog getting an office? Just our own table at Brad’s or something! Much love, editors@bwog.net.)

He also writes that the priority should be expanding America’s public broadcasting network, and imagines an “American World Service,” similar to other global broadcasters like the BBC and China’s CCTV.



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Mata Hari was also a spy, but she didn't go to Columbia. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Cynthia Murphy, one of the Russian spies who has destroyed everything that is holy (Montclair, New Jersey) attended Columbia B-School, and got her MBA in May, Bloomberg (not the mayor) confirms. That means we all went to school with a SPY! The Kremlin probably has your UNI on file or something. Putin knows that you got a C in Principles!

In other news, our very own Jake Snider was one of four finalists in the College Battle of the Bands in Las Vegas this weekend. In other other news, the WSJ ranked Columbia the 19th best college at returning on investments. And that’s all for today, folks!

Update: Commenter ‘Russki’ (if that is your real name!) informs us that Columbia has a long tradition of training spies. Observe!

Update, 7/1: So turns out these jokes are kind of true! According to the NYPost (yes, we know) Murphy was instructed by “Moscow Central” to “to strengthen . . . ties w/ classmates on daily basis incl. professors who can help in job search and who will have (or already have) access to secret info.” AAAAAAAAAAAH!

Update 3: If you or anyone you know attended Columbia B-School from 2008-2010, lemme know ASAP! Eliza@bwog.net.



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New vending machines in Butler Cafe and Uris are getting macho and crunchy, respectively.
The B-School cafeteria, which already basically monopolizes the other vending machines on this campus anyway, is offering FreshDirect microwaveables: Rosa Mexicano Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas with Ranchera Sauce, Terrance Brennan Beef Bourguignon with Egg noodles, and Wild Alaskan Halibut with Wild Chile Sauce. Uris: the new Per Se!

The new Butler selections are a bizarre and frightening array of new energy drinks: some banal Vitamin Water selections, and an array of Slap Energy drinks, in Low Calorie Frost, Crisp Apple Green Tea, Blue Agave, and, of course, Full Throttle.



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Nathan Bailey, Lenny Langenscheidt and John Nordin, (bottom, middle, top of picture respectively) all CC ’12, get a lot of weird looks. 

This is due to the trio’s penchant for free running around campus as the rest of us peacefully walk to class. Free running is essentially the British and American version of Parkour, which is basically running around urban landscapes jumping over things and climbing up walls. Bwog’s official urban acrobatics correspondent Julia Barrington noticed the boys climbing up the walls of Uris a few weeks back, and today the trio took us back to the B-school to show us their moves.

Before scaling the walls of their favorite Uris nook, the boys, in true Three Musketeers style, touted the position pictured at right for its ‘all for one, one for all’ mentality. As they lined up, the gentlemen explained: “if one of us falls, we all get crushed.”

The freshmen have also climbed to the top of the dome of St. John the Divine and explored the science facility being constructed next to Pupin, although they didn’t find much besides hard hats and sawdust. As they leaped over the side of Low up to the top of the steps to survey their kingdom, a young man paused and admired them. “Man, that’s so cool” he sighed, “I wish I could do that. I’m so depressed now.” More photos after the jump.




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With the new year comes new dining policies, and none may be more threatening to freshman waistlines than the institution of “Order-by-Phone” pickup system at JJ’s. According to Dining Services, “you can order any food item from the menu in advance by calling 212-851-5801 and can pick it up approximately 15 minutes after the phone call.”

The service (which is also available for the Kosher Deli during the day) is available Sunday – Thursday from 6 pm to 1 am. JJ’s also now offers a catering service for student group events, ensuring that a steady supply of chicken fingers will make its way into our free food announcements. 

But while the actual JJ’s menu will remain unchanged, several other campus eateries have introduced new options for the semester, including new salads at Ferris, and Bento Boxes from Mill Korean at Uris. See the full list of new ways to spend your Dining Dollars after the jump. (more…)



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Spotted heading toward Uris earlier this evening: Jim Cramer, the excitable host of CNBC’s Mad Money. He was alone and talking on his cell phone. “He sounded, well, mad,” reported an eyewitness.

The reasons for his campus visit are of course a mystery, though Bwog would like to point out that he has a 17 year old daughter, who could be looking to join Blake Lively and the other as-yet-unknown castmembers of the class of 2013. Or perhaps he’s off to scream some investment advice towards B-Schoolers, who are presumably huddled together in their exclusive luxury study rooms.



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Free samples of Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, and Izze juices, in the Uris cafeteria right about now. You can also nab a nifty Boar’s Head insulated sandwich bag that you can cool in your freezer.

And also, Columbia Catering, the exclusive catering service of Lerner Hall, has free bag lunches in the Piano Lounge.

UPDATE: Each sandwich comes with an apple, Lays chips and an Oreo brownie, and you may accompany your meal with a selection of drinks including Coca-Cola, Seagram’s Ginger Ale, Minute Maid Lemonade, 7-Up, and Lipton Brisk. They have mozzarella and tomato, ham and cheese, and tuna salad. They used to have roast beef, but Bwog got the last one. – DHI

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If you have been following the news in even the vaguest capacity over the past few
waste years, or if you’ve ever tried to get a computer in Lerner around 1 PM, you’re aware of the major space crunch Columbia is experiencing. But who needs to move into Manhattanville when you have the garage below Uris, with a carport-sized space devoted entirely to old computer monitors? (Even without the old iMacs, we know that’s the purpose because of the snazzy signs Columbia made up). Bwog recommends a new freshman dorm, and perhaps a Jamba Juice franchise, for the space.

More computer-riffic pictures after the jump!


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