Bwoglines: Supply and Demand Edition

You fancy, huh?

Supply: of honey is not what it seems! (Food Safety News)

Demand: for water could lead to international tension in the coming years. (NYT)

Supply: of transplant organs in China will drop as the government discontinues the practice of taking them from inmates on death row. (BBC)

Demand: transparency in the administration. (Spec)

Chartz via Wikimedia Commons

The Aftermath

Update, 6:11 pm: McShane sent out an email advising students “to continue to use caution and monitor information sources.” And good building-integrity news: “Facilities has checked all buildings on the Morningside campus and has determined that there are no significant problems.” Most importantly, CC and SEAS ’15 move-in is on for tomorrow! Full email after the jump.

Photo by Dan Weinstein

Irene’s gust knocked down a few tree branches, but the campus remains intact. Grab your galoshes to navigate the puddles.

At least Lerner was well-prepared:

VP of Public Safety James McShane updated the community earlier today, reporting that the campus is in “good shape with only minor leaks and damage in a few buildings.” In the end, we’ve probably seen similar things before.

Update, 1:40 pm: Chris Mulligan sent in this photo of the 1 train, still slumbering near 122nd St.

If you have reports or photos of the effects of Hurricane Irene, send them along to tips@bwog.com! (more…)

It’s Just What Wallach Does

Wallach floods again! Here’s a view from the stairwell, which looks sort of like all the worst horror movies ever morphed into one. Help!

EC Weeps

Plumbing and Aquatics Correspondent Joy Jorgensen sends along this picture from the EC courtyard. There’s a big leak in front of one of the townhouses that is flooding the courtyard. If you’re braving the waters, update us in the comments. Stay dry, party people.

Free Water in Butler?

waterBlue Java Express has seen the light and joined, well, everyone, in making hot water free.  While customers once had to pay an exorbitant $.75 for a cup of hot water, enterprising students can now provide their own tea or instant coffee and find endless refills at Blue Java.  These are hard times: make sure you never pay $3.65 for a sour mocha latte again.

Happening Now: Schermerhorn Evacuated

Prolific tipster Jason Patinkin has just reported that a pipe has burst on the tenth floor of Schermerhorn, resulting in the evacuation of the building.

“Thankfully, the building is filled with environmental scientists well equipped to deal with such hydrological catastrophes,” Patinkin rationalized in this time of crisis. 

UPDATE 3:33 PM: According to a second tipster, the burst pipe makes the 10th floor of the Extension look “like a thunder storm.” Our tiptser sends reports of “guys running around in the Extension shutting off breakers, etc. and at least a dozen public safety guys all over the place.”

UPDATE 4:40 PM: The Extension remains closed, with several classes already having decamped to Schaprio and Fayerweather. Public Safety people are standing at all the doors, telling students it will be “closed for awhile.” Bwog hopes no one left anything important inside – it’s only exam period.

UPDATE 4:58 PM: VP for Public Safety James McShane announces that “all of today’s remaining classes are being relocated or cancelled.” Full email after the jump. (more…)

High and Dry

To give students a taste of those delightful pre-plumbing days, the forces of Columbia have decided to withhold running hot water from residents of John Jay this morning.  Daily Editor Eliza Shapiro reports that it’s been gone for at least two hours. 

People are wandering around with bath towels looking forlornly for an oasis and support groups have been formed for those whose laundry happened to be in the washers when the incident started.

Bwog hopes the smell of the unwashed doesn’t get too bad, and will keep you updated as the freshmen get more frantic.

The Well’s Gone Dry

This is for a very narrow section of the population, namely for those of you bored in class, reading Bwog, and contemplating a shower on your return to your dorm in EC.  Tough luck.  There will be no running water in EC for an indefinite period of time.  The reason?  Only the delightfully intriguing “emergency repairs” was given.


Barnard Facilities is going to be sanitizing and scraping the interior of the water tanks that supply many of BC’s dorms and buildings with water. While Bwog still can’t quite get past a few burning questions (Was the water unsanitary before? Scraping what off the tank? GUNK?) the real news is that Barnard isn’t going have running water during  certain designated times over winter break.

But who’s showered anyway in the past week? And who’s sat down with a glass of unsanitary, gunky water—who even has that kind of time? Not Bwog, and certainly not the students who chose to live at Barnard over break to work on their senior theses, or hold a job or internship.


New York Underwater!

Passengers are still stranded, sweaty, and discontented along nearly every subway line, as the city recovers from this morning’s as-of-yet unconfirmed tornado. People are still waiting in droves for buses and taxis or walking across the city’s bridges and Mayor Bloomberg has canceled his entire morning to no doubt assess damage to homes and trees in Brooklyn.

Send Bwog the story of your wacky commute! We want to hear it!

UPDATE 12:59 EST – Wacky commute stories after the jump.

UPDATE 10:58 PM EST – Act of God correspondent Zach van Schouwen has photographic evidence of the Brooklyn Tornado here.


Swimming in the Schap

A few Schapiro residents are regretting they stayed at Columbia to party last night.

From Ben Isham… 

flood A urinal on the 8th floor opened up some time close to midnight, putting about two inches of water on the eastern double tower there, and sending water cascading down the building (all the way to the second floor) Rooms on the floors below had water literally raining from the ceilings. The fire alarm was sounded to evacuate the building due to the risk of electrical fire (the water was flowing down around the recessed lighting on some floors) and eventually people were let back in. Hopefully everyone will be able to move out tomorrow successfully.

Bwog welcomes tales from the flood. 

The Boy in the Bubble

If you’re looking for quick 45 minute study break, Bwog wholeheartedy suggests you hop on the 1, head down to Lincoln Center, and check out “magician” David Blaine in his giant water bubble. The plan is to stay submerged for nine days, then get tied up in chains, set a new world record by holding his breath for nine minutes while he breaks out of the chains, and avoid being DROWNED ALIVE. Whatever other kind of drowning there is we don’t know.

The man will be on display 24 hours a day through Monday.

And, for all our Gawker Stalkers out there, here’s a creepy picture of Courtney Cox and David Arquette leaving after holding up their pink tutu’ed child as an offering to the Blaine himself.



Dry Humor

Bwog correspondent Yelena Shuster reports:

There is an emergency water shutdown in Carman today from 10:30 AM-2:30 PM (see official email after the jump). Some unidentified suitemates, hauling their shower gear in Duane Reade bags, are stealthily walking over to Furnald to shower in the hall bathrooms. “What if someone has bladder problems?” muttered one girl angrily, after using her Poland Spring to brush her teeth and wash her hair in the sink.

Thank god for Columbia students and their ingenuity.


Water, Water, Everywhere, and not a Drop to Drink

Bwog correspondent Sara Vogel reports that the Southeast Asian League’s Water Festival has been moved due to rain.

No further comment is necessary.