The Morningside minutiae in our little Bubble Above 110th Street is what keeps us together. The tiny parts of our neighborhood that make it both boring and wonderful would seem trivial to anyone on the outside.  Occasionally, we’ll be taking the time to share the minor details with you.

  • The Entitled Sophomores indignantly note that the price of a Brooklyn Lager at 1020 has increased from $3 to $4, and blame it on imagined gentrification.
  • Those Perpetually in Fear of Slipping need fear no more. The mats outside Butler have been upgraded to rubber ones with exquisite traction.
  • The upgrades continue inside with Blue Java now filling your cup of coffee for you, while Butler Café hosts its own new vending machine.

  • Freshmen are delighted to report a rearrangement of the frozen yogurt station and a relocation of the fruit stands in John Jay.
  • While Bwog welcomes these improvements, we regret to inform you that the hot dog machine is once again empty and off. Still, Pinkberry has re-opened after its mysterious 24-hour hiatus. Bwog took the scenic route home on Tuesday night and heard blaring techno being played as yogurt swirlers closed up for the night.
  • Pinnacle has new fridges and has raised the price of bagels by 5 cents. Complying with basic standards of health and food storage is expensive.
  • Discarded Christmas trees have been spotted dumped in the fenced planters along Riverside Drive. Department of Sanitation enthusiasts point out that trees ought to be placed on the curbside for garbage truck pick-up or be brought to mulching sites in public parks.
  • Cynics have attacked the long-standing tradition of hawking needless services via campus notice boards.