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Remember when famous prefrosh/Internet savant “Stephan” invited everyone in school to his Carman dorm on the first night of Orientation for a party? No? Well it turns out the party’s been relocated — to an undisclosed location! “Why go 2 a small dorm party, or a frat. party, when you can go to the biggest […]

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Terrible 12s, you haven’t even set foot on campus yet and already the whole Internet is abuzz with your goings-on. In fairness, this latest outburst comes not from a Terrible 12 himself, but from his embarrassing mother, who (according to Craigstlist via Gawker) is looking hire a babysitter for him, for “support” — “support” apparently […]

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Oh you kids today, with your New Facebook and AOL Instant Messager and such. The New York Times talked to a bunch of you who prefer going online to reading books that your parents bought for you. It seems that the standardized test scores of Kids Today have declined and plateaued, causing many older people […]

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While most of you are probably relieved to have exited Columbia’s campus, free of Butler and Lerner for an entire summer, there’s an entire generation of earnest young people who just can’t wait for August. They were born in 1990, their SATs were probably out of 48,000, and we’re calling them the Terrible 12s. Every […]

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The day that the frequenters of live and die by has finally arrived, as Columbia’s admissions letters to the class of 2012 have officially been mailed out, and online decisions were posted as of 5:05 p.m. last night.  Amidst a careful navigation of the daily chaos that is the post-CC or Lit Hum reunions […]

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Today, current Barnard students received an emailing announcing that last weekend, admissions mailed regular decision acceptance and rejection letters to the latest batch of Terrible 12s. Barnard has yet to release statistics of this year’s admission process and has not yet updated its website to reflect whether or not the class of 2012 includes any […]

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…to be Bwog’s Senior Year Correspondent. Hello Early Deciders, we’re interested in having you write for us as our first ever Senior Year Correspondent. Bwog, always partial to nostalgia and the goings-on of prefrosh, would like to run a series of posts about the life and times of a second-semester high school senior. All interested […]

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2012’s Facebook half-life began with Simon H.’s creation of “Columbia – Class of 2012.” Early decision applicants were notified online of their acceptance at 5pm, and by 7pm, the group’s ranks had reached 50. Mere days later, the Facebook group is brimming with 276 members—including one confused Brown 2012 pre-frosh who is “not sure if […]

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